Alleged PS4 Version of Grand Theft Auto V Removed by Amazon Germany

Earlier today an interesting listing was discovered on Amazon Germany by NeoGaf user Sn4ke_911. Yes, that’s exactly what you think: A PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V, including a picture of a cover. Unfortunately the listing was almost immediately removed by the retailer, marking it either as a mistake or as a leak happened too early (but it’s most probably the former, or even a prank from an affiliate seller).

For the posterity, you can check out the cover below, together with a screencap of the listing itself before it was uncerimoniously pulled. It’s worth mentioning that the cover itself is a pretty evident (and rather bad) Photoshop work.

But hey, you can draw your own conclusions from it, as Rockstar is probably not going to utter a word besides a “no comment”.



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  • Krakn3dfx

    Countdown until this gets pulls and disavowed starts…now.

  • germandude

    This is not an official listing. Does also not show up when searching for it normally. The company shown is “Rockstargames” (also lists the xbox one version), the official one would be “Rockstar Games”!

    • ih8yh

      i just pointed out the exact same things. and it ONLY lists the next-gen version, so its pretty obvious its set up by some dude simply to cause rumors and nothing else.
      The cover even has a label on it that normaly only shows up on Handheld games i think? (never bought a handheld game though, so i COULD be wrong but i never saw that label on settop-console game)

  • Anthony

    theres a 1080p on the top right.. that wouldn’t be there on a normal case..

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