Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About “Millions” of PS4 Preorders, Feels Like the “Challenger” in North America

The console war for the next generation is heating up and SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is quite optimistic about it, but he doesn’t underestimate the competition, as he expressed in an interview on the Japanese website 4Gamer.

First of all, he mentions that the team is very optimistic, as there are “millions” of pre-orders worldwide for the PS4.

On top of that he made a couple of very interesting statements on the relationship with the competition at Microsoft when asked about the proportion of pre-orders between North America and Europe:

It’s a little hard to talk about specific numerical values, but the proportion [between North America and Europe] is pretty much the same we had with the PS3. However, because of the large number of people in North America and the size of the market, I feel the market share there is a little low [compared to Europe].

I’m not saying that the PS4 is losing at the moment, but the Xbox 360 was very strong in North America. That’s why we’re working there with the mindset “we are the challengers.” I think that when you have a strong rival, it’s good for the market as a whole. We want to do our best so that we won’t be defeated (laughs).

It’s really hard not to notice the difference in attitude between Yoshida-san and western professionals in similar position. His humble demeanor is downright refreshing, and even if sometimes he won’t spare a pointed joke, he always delivers it with a smile.

I can’t say I wouldn’t like quite a few others, on both sides of the console war trench (including gamers, why not?), to learn how to handle this kind of dialogue from good ol’ Shu.

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  • MyBodyIsReady

    Nice to see Sony not underestimating the competition. Let’s be honest the PS3 launch was a complete disaster because they were just too cocky, Microsoft saw their opportunity and they nailed it. Looks like they’ve learned a lot from past mistakes, because now you’ve got an easy to develop for, reasonably priced console launching BEFORE the competition with a great launch line-up.

    • zblacktt

      Yeah, Sony’s price point and little games made on the Blu-ray at the time. But also let be honest here. The other guys came out with a flawed console which became the worst fail rate in console history and that last 3 years. As far as the lanuch of the PS3. We all know, it came a full year after the XBox 360. It was not a worldwide launch like the 360 was either. Yet, looking here today we see the PS3 has outsold the XBox 360 still. The Blu-ray won the format war, so both next Gen’s will have it. So Sony has always been the leader as far as sells and innovation is concerned. I mean they already have the best and second best selling consoles of all time already. The PS4 is already stated as the largest pre-order in company history. So things are only getting better for them.

      • Collego

        Well the Xbox had a lot of bad systems at the beginning but they took care of everyone of those customers which is more than I can say Sony has ever done with any of their products (and I have owned a lot of Sony products over the years). MS had the right attitude and did the right thing. Bluray did not win the format war. Bluray did beat out the failed HD-DVD but this time around streaming services are far more popular then Blurays. Hell, even DVDs are still more widely used then Blurays and the number of Burays sold compare to what DVDs sold and continues to sell is far less. Xbox360 beat PS3 in units sold in the USA market but still can’t seem to beat Sony in their backyard (Japan/Asia). This has more to do with the culture then anything else. For this gen the most forwarding thinking console is the Xbox1 and even though Sony will more then likely have an earlier lead to truely win back their crown they will need to dominate the US market (this is why they are launching in the US first). If the Xbox1 can perform the integrated features as good as shown at E3, Sony will have a tuff time before this gen is done and will be tring to play catchup again. I plan of buying both systems but I do like to be fair when I’m posting facts online. I am more excited about the games Xbox1 has lined up then anything PS4 as to offer at this point. Time will tell and if Xbox1 can launch their extended services right they will have a huge advantage over Sony before year three of this gens lifecycle if not sooner. Just keep in mind that the gaming market has grown far beyond just the hardcore gamers and as a company in this business that wants to stay relevant…you would be “Marketshare Stupid’ to ingore that fact.

        • foureyes oni

          by year three Sony will have a massive number of 1st party games for its console already and thats with its head start in sales at the start of this next gen. And i’m not excited about either consoles launch line up its just based off of the last few years with the ps3 it feels like the ps4 will give me the games i want. I’m not into sports tv or shooters so the xbox one seriously doesn’t appeal to me. xbox1 and ps4 are both using bluray.Now i’m not counting the Xbox1 out Microsoft has a lot of money so i’m pretty sure they can buy a few exclusives and they have halo and gears of war but until halo comes out its gonna struggle. Titanfall should give the xbox1 a boost in sales as well almost forgot about that one.

          • Collego

            Time will tell and we will see. My money is on Xbox 1.

          • zblacktt

            Not sure why, they haven’t won anything on Sony. Hell, MS doesn’t even have a Game of the Year title that won over all….. like MGS4 2008, Uncharted 2 2009. In 2006 it was Zelda Twilight Princess and in 2007 it was Mario Galaxy.

            2010 RDR
            2011 Skyrim
            2012 The Walking Dead: The Game/ Journey
            2013 The Last of US ( count on it easy )

        • zblacktt

          What a crap reply, but since I’m fully aware of how everything in the industry went I’ll throw down some more words. First off, merely trying to dismiss a 3 year nightmare of 23% to 50% fail rate as just by saying MS took care of them. What really happened was MS knowingly shipped a defect product out the door. All to meet that worldwide launch. Thus paying dearly for it in the end with over one billion dollars in repair cost. Mean while your completely false statement about Sony treating customers right is just a jimmy’s rusted reply. All PS3’s have a one year warranty. The PS3 in it’s full life time as had a 10% or less fail rate and that was on the Phat models only. The Slim lines ran cooler and more energy efficient. There’s a reason why the PS3 passed the XBox on sales with such a late start and staggered launch date.

          Blu-ray Stream doesn’t matter. It’s what took over and who made it happen. The XBox chose to stay in the last gen DVD drive. While Sony got MGS4 because of it, all the GOTY editions come on one Blu-ray disc for the PS3. Not having to be downloaded to the hard drive thus taking up much space each time. Games that where made for the PS3 such as FF XIII, were drastically cut down to fit on DVD’s for the XBox 360 ( yes, look it up ). Now looks, 7 years later and now it seems it’s good that everyone has a Blu-ray drive.

          As for markets, fully aware but out sold is out sold period. The full year later and staggered launch date ( all of Europe didn’t get the console until 2007 ) only shows more proof that the PS3 was a major choice with gamers as the life cycle went on. Which as we both can see the PS4 is crushing in Pre orders this time around and it’s not even close.

          As for the X1 and this time around. Gamers should be thanking Sony for forcing MS hand to drop all that restrictive DRM, 24hr online nonsense. Otherwise the console would have been death in the water.

          As for the games, all opinionated. But it’s pretty clear that Ubisoft and Bungie went the PS way giving the PS4 exclusive content right out of the gate for Watch Dogs, AC4 and Destiny.

          I’m been in this gaming world now 35 years and I started a tad late . So I understand the business sense. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s all go on over the last 8 years. From fail rates, to bricking 1 millions XBox users for pirated content found on their HD’s, To the constant flip flop X1 has this, doesn’t have this, has the Kinect, doesn’t have the kinect, no used game, can play used games, 24hr online to ok scratch that…. To having the senior Executive staff on the X1 gaming division bail right at a time they would be needed most ( Don Mattrick ). To him being replace with a women who doesn’t like to show herself. Then to have the top man bail ( Steve Ballmer ). It just goes to show the whole thing has been a mess since the start and the PS4 pre-order are a direct reflection of that. Which btw way is the most in Sony’s history.

          Sony again already owns the top two best selling consoles of all time. They outsold MS on every gen console. So there really is nothing left to be won here. The PS3 is going to handle this gen even more so.

          Here, couple picture for a Fox Business story from today. You can the video interview up.

          • Collego

            Well it’s clear if you look at what I said above I wasn’t talking about the PS3 having a failure rate. It was some of the products they have come out with in general over the last 30 years. They are good at coming out with products/accessories to say… hey look me too and then fail to support them.

            And as for their success this gen they will have success but they will not win unless they change their support to make their console have a broader appeal. You have been gaming for 35 years and I have been for quite sometime as well. I am not so hardcore that I blind myself to what clearly as the most potiental…and thats Xbox1. Sony comes out and says they are all about the games but make no mistake they saw some of the non-gaming features that Xbox1 has and they are hard at work behind their closed doors trying to develop their version of it too.

            Now for MS. If they are to win this gen they have to make sure all the features they showcased at E3 work just as good as they demonstrated. If not the advantage stays with Sony.

            Gamers can be very fickle…myself included. Look at the backlash Sony had when they tried to sue the hacker. Now it’s MS’s turn to get it. They got it for a poor delivery message before and at E3. The eco systems they presented as a lot of potential and in some shape will be in all systems before the decade is done.

            The thing that I have learned in my lifetime is that everybody makes mistakes but it takes a big person/company to admit they made a mistake, and fix it.

          • zblacktt

            lol, the type that no matter what fact someone posts they will always dodge and move and come up with other reason to reply and try and think it’s of equal value. You state a lot of opinion and I’m stating what has happened and what is happening. Best of luck on your opinion. If anything lurkers and other well informed people enjoyed the read.

          • Collego

            Well I’m not worried and I have a habit of being right all the time. Hopefully, when I’m proven right you will be big enough to come back and say so. If not oh well.

          • zblacktt

            I just that’s the problem here. Strong mental way of thinking about never being really correct and seeing it how we want. Even when you see ” not won anything over Sony”. You are always right.

  • GaySkull

    never under estimate the darkside of the Force

    • Dragonslayer

      Never underestimate a pauper’s stupidity!

      • Counterproductive

        Charles Dickens would like his outdated vernacular back.

  • Anders

    I tried to use Google Translate and couldn’t find the word ‘millions’ anywhere.

    • Anders

      Found it on page 2.

  • Rognog

    I picture him in his brown leather chair delivering this talk laughing, and stroking a white cat

    • Dragonslayer

      Blofeld loses a lot and dies in James Bond, so that’s very fitting.

  • To win over more NA fans, I think they should include even more free games with the launch edition.

    • QwietStorm

      More than DC Universe, War Thunder, Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, Planetside 2, and a few more if you’re subscribed to PS+?

      • jack_uk88

        I can’t tell if he is being serious or not.

  • Jewy McJew

    The people demand to know what the latency will be for streamed PS4 games (on the same network)

    • Dragonslayer

      Highly dependant on your home network. But 100-150ms plus for input and image processing.

      • jdp12

        where did you get 100ms from? source please

        • jack_uk88

          Just look at his comment history. Nothing else needs to be said really.

    • Krakn3dfx

      It’s Gaikai based, it’ll be 99% seamless on a local area network. If you’ve ever played a Wii U game on the gamepad, that’s about what you can expect, except obviously with a much wider range of distance since it’s utilizing your local area connection.

      If you have at least 1.5Mbps on your down and upstreams at home with a minimal amount of latency, chances are good you will be able to play it from other locations with good internet as well.

      I’ve seen the tech a couple of times before Sony bought it out, once on a Samsung TV running a demo of Splinter Cell over Gaikai and once through an EA demo of Dead Space 2. Both looked and ran amazing, and in both cases, I would see some artifacting/texture degradation before any latency/lag problems presented themselves.

      It’s going to be pretty awesome.

      • Jewy McJew

        My concern was that Nintendo used a variation of Wifi (presumably to reduce latency) for the Wii U and MS included wifi-direct with the xbone. PS4 on the other hand is depending on the blood sweat and tears of their netcode team.
        But you seem to know what you are talking about… I am at ease.

      • eman3d

        Yeah right. It amazes me how fanboys just KNOW it’s going to be great without it even being available by Sony. SMH, fanboys… wow.

        • Krakn3dfx

          Well, it’s going to be better than the XBO’s remote play option regardless.

          You have a good one.

  • Dragonslayer

    $0N¥ PauperStation = LIES, OVERHYPE, UNDERDELIVER! Challengers? Pffft, don’t make me laugh Yoshi!

    • Krakn3dfx

      Seek help.

    • Ω GUNTZ

      What a shitbag you are

    • Ritsujun

      Oh look, another mindless sbillyblindb0t.

    • Ω GUNTZ

      This dumb fucker and his Dakan45 sure love to come on Sony Articles and suck the some of their heels.

    • Handy

      I really hope you are younger than 14 because the amount of articles you comment on referring to the PS4 as “PauperStation” is unbelieveable! You sounds completely immature and threatened about PS4. If Xbox is your console of choice, that’s great, enjoy it. We’re all gamers here, be happy you enjoy your games, and be respectful about other’s gaming choices!

    • Shu

      Don’t call me Yoshi I am not from a Nintendo game.

  • Escopablobar

    I love this guy’s attitude. For the most part Sony have taken a humble approach to their messaging this time around. I think it is endearing and inspires more love for the company and it’s brand.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Shuhei Yoshida’s confidence isn’t misplaced. Sony is in good hands this time and will come out the gate soaring at launch. He knows what he’s talking about, even if some people won’t take him seriously. There should be more people like him that are humbled by competition, not driven insane by it (cough, Mattrick, cough). GO PS4!!!

  • Jessenia Lopez

    mr yoshida i want a free PS4 plz

  • Jessenia Lopez

    mr yoshida i want a free PS4 plz

    • Shu

      Marry me then you have many playstations

      • Jessenia Lopez


  • Jamie

    The Ps4 is looking ever more a worthy buy over a Xboxone, and I’m a die hard 360 fan,

    • Shu

      PS4 is worthy of you.

  • Reality blitz

    I am still getting an Xbox one, with impulse triggers, deticated servers , biggest cloud infrastructure, unlimited cloud saves,nfl contract, dlc early for the biggest games and most importantly the better games. I know I am a minority on the Internet but Gods honest truth I don’t have a single friend buying a ps4 over an Xbox one.

    • QwietStorm


    • Shu

      So you have no friends?

      • foureyes oni


    • foureyes oni

      i’m not surprised most of the people i know who are getting one have no idea of all the xbox one drama this year.

    • Ω GUNTZ

      Get in a time machine, go back and not attempt to insult their user base by attempting to enact all of this anti-consumer policies.

      And also while they’re at it, go back and support the Xbox 360 with first party new ip releases for the 2nd half of its life.

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  • Shu

    What does Microsoft really have apart from Quantum Break? TitanFall will be on PS4 at some point as EA have basically admitted as much already. The DLC for COD will be on PS4, The Legends mode for Fifa Ultimate team is most likely timed exclusive as again it’s EA. So you have Ryse which people will get fed up from due to the quick time button fest and Quantum Break and a new Halo which is just such a brand new ip *cough cough*

    By E3 2014 we will all be excited with PS4 and Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, The Last of Us 2, Singularity and more fresh new IP.

    Playstation. FEEL THE POWER!

    • Ω GUNTZ

      Well, they could start by demonstrating a bit of honesty instead of trying put spin on every piece of criticism that comes their way. Blaming others for their own mistakes and downplaying their competition probably isn’t too wise either.

      Their PR is so obnoxious at this point. I get it, Microsoft. You’re a huge ass corporation trying to sell us a product by any means necessary. The problem is it doesn’t feel like any of the people running the show are passionate about this industry. And even if they are, they’re forced to speak in a highly calculated way intended for marketing even if it means straight up lying to consumers. Maybe they should realize that most people are capable of seeing past their bullshiiiiit.

      Also the fact that they’re congratulating themselves on their 180s is facking childish. Most people appreciate that they reversed those policies but they don’t need to be arrogant just because they made a logical decision. They have absolutely no business trying make themselves out to be a hero. They really just need to shut the hell up and show people cool games.

    • Exposed

      Respawn has talked about the reasons why Titanfall is on XBox One (and PC) and it provides insight into why the game won’t be coming to PS4. I wouldn’t be shocked if the sequel turned out to be multiplatform on consoles so it can truly compete with other multiplat FPS games but the first one will not be coming to PS4. But this is also dependent on how Sony invests its resources. Microsoft has a massive server infrastructure in place around the globe and it doesn’t matter if you are in North American, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. Respawn doesn’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to servers.

      Titanfall was built directly around the cloud and its use of dedicated servers. Sony has yet to truly invest in its own infrastructure. So whats Sony doing? Its renting servers from places like RackSpace. No different than going to Amazon or some other cloud giant. This means Sony is not operating their own servers and cannot provide the same kind of deals as Microsoft can to developers and publishers. I am not a Call of Duty supporter in its current form, but there is a reason why Activision is utilizing dedicated servers on XBox One and not PS4. From a financial standpoint, Sony simply cannot work the same kinds of deals as Microsoft unless they want to lose money. So as I said, COD means nothing to me, but the implications do mean something and it shows the vast infrastructure in place from Microsoft.

      I am uncommitted to either console. I just want the console that will allow me the best opportunity to compete against the greatest pool of talent. I hope Sony gets its act together and loses the gluttony approach that its been riding since E3 or we are going to be in serious trouble. Mediocre online performance will turn the PS4 into nothing more than a minor league of gaming with a goal of nothing more than casual fun.

      • Shu

        Respawn have already said it will most likely come on the PS4 at some point and they are already hiring people to develop it. They obviously cannot confirm that it will as they have a timed release contract with Microsoft. But is will be out in 2014 on PS4.

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  • Exposed

    From PC to PS3 to 360, we have all experience the same inadequacies in online multiplayer. Microsoft has been proactive with the XBox One in utilizing a massive server infrastructure to help benefit online stability and to allow access to dedicated servers no matter how large or small a game’s population is. Microsoft has also given developers and publishers access to the cloud to do as they see fit.

    I have been disappointed with Sony’s actions regarding this. They have been complacent. They have an agreement with RackSpace to use their servers when applicable. But this is not owning an infrastructure. This is no different than paying Amazon or some other cloud giant to use their servers. Sony can’t give the kind of deals to developers/publishers like Microsoft can. Simply put, Sony hasn’t invested in a server infrastructure to benefit multiplayer experience. Microsoft has invested billions and billions of dollars into this domain to create a global infrastructure of servers. Want to know the cost of a server farm? Recently in Iowa/Virginia (USA), Microsoft spend 700 and 800 million dollars respectively to build server farms. These are just two tiny examples of many that are cropping up around the globe from North America to Japan to Europe to Canada, etc. This also doesn’t take into account the pre-existing infrastructure in place from Microsoft’s investments going back in time due to being involved in enterprise and other computer services. Sony can’t just blink an eye and expect to build this kind of infrastructure. It takes heavy investments and it takes time.

    Hopefully Sony snaps out of their recent gluttony and gets to work on this aspect. Or we as gamers are in deep trouble, left to simply deal with mediocre multiplayer on PS4.

    • Exposed

      Don’t get the wrong impression… I, speaking from a hardcore/completive gamer perspective, just don’t want the PS4 to be the console of (only) simple casual fun. in essence nothing more than a minor league gaming console. If Sony is content to act with gluttony and stay status-quo then that is what we are going to get. They will run a profitable business, but without investing in a global server infrastructure, we as hardcore/competitive gamers are going to suffer. Is that what you ladies and gentleman really want? No its not and its not what I want either. We want the console that is going to provide us with the best opportunity to compete against the greatest pool of talent. Sony, please get your act together.

      • Junior

        Dude… Honestly… Its so easy to you to write this BS… Thanks to Sony that Micro$oft has changed everything,,, You are just a Micro$oft fanboy and nothing more…

        • Exposed

          Thats why I have a PS4 Launch Day Bundle preordered. Makes sense.

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  • NeoMahi

    IN RESPONSE TO COMMENT MADE OF KEN ‘BIG PAPPA’ KUTARAGI: I’ll go ahead and quote ADAM BOYES as he said: “The table was set”. Ken Kutaragi IS the FATHER OF PLAYSTATION. He’s contributed a lot the gaming ecosystem as well as helping the industry thrive and evolve. He’s been an integral part of the gaming community and ought to be respected as such. I believe SEGA (pretty much Sony’s twin brother) played a similar role though I’ve always seen SEGA as the big brother. He’s the father of PlayStation. He was the one that went to Sony Execs and said: “Hey, let’s get this done. Give me the tools to build an ark and I’ll take you to the promised land.” And he did. He developed the PlayStation and it was a major success destroying SEGA in sales as well as Nintendo.The PS2? Again, his design. The PS2 had a flood of software no matter how hard it was to develop for, Kutaragi made a success and outsold everything that was more powerful than it was. The PlayStation 3 was a little bit of a misstep that Sony should have looked at and said: “Ya know, its a great machine and we know that. Its POWERFUL! It just had a bad launch.” You could blame that on Phil Harrison whose now set out to destroy Microsoft (and succeeding at that).

    Ken Kutaragi will always be THE FATHER OF PLAYSTATION. He did in fact set the table. He made PlayStation what it was yesterday, what it is today, and what its going to be tomorrow. Mark Cerny is just filling his shoes and I’m sure Cerny has a mass amount of respect for the guy. Like SEGA, Kutaragi was just ahead of his time plain and simple. He was a really smart guy that nobody could keep up with. Even Nintendo thrived having him around. Look at comparisson of most SNES and Genesis games. What does everyone brag about, graphics? No way, its always the sound chip, yes! Developed by Ken Kutaragi at Sony Corporation, the FATHER OF PLAYSTATION.

    Just saying…