Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Gets Leaked on Videos Showing City, Gunfights, Driving, and Mating Dogs

Update: If you’re still looking for more leaked assets from the game, you can find a whole 300 leaked screenshots showing a whole lot of different things (fighting, driving, flying, sniping, a trip to the highest place  game’s world, a strip club and a whole lot more) right here.

We’re less than a week away from the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and people are obviously starting to get their hands on copies of the game. Youtube user JackzahGames took a couple videos of the gameplay and posted them online.

The first gives us a glimpse on a stroll through the city, some gunfights, a bit of driving and… mating dogs, from the Xbox 360 version of the game. Yes, mating dogs. The second focuses on driving.

You can check the videos in the playlist just below (Beware, as they may contain spoilers). They’re shaky and the quality is quite bad, but hey, it’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Update: added a third video showing Michael’s house.

Update 2: added a fourth video. If the videos were to be taken down from Youtube, you can find them all on the uploader’s Vine gallery here. Apparently the man just had his Xbox 360 banned, courtesy of Microsoft and Rockstar.

Update 3: more videos are appearing on vine. Youtube equivalents are at the bottom.

Update 4: even more videos added, one of which shows the in-game cellphone. Also found a video that has the content of the first four conveniently gathered in a single package. Replaced the first four videos with that one.

Update 5: further videos added, including an arrest scene and a meeting with a couple street workers.

Update 6: added more videos at the bottom showing car damage and more. Apparently banning our friendly neighborhood uploader wasn’t the best idea, now he’s determined to upload as many videos as possible.

Update 7: The videos have been taken down from Youtube. No biggie, as you you can find them in the original Vine gallery linked above. It was a good ride, wasn’t it?

Update 8: Apparently our leaker got himself a video capture card, and released some new videos in much better quality. You can find them here.

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  • Thaze Culprit

    Franklin: It’s just a flesh wound.

  • Jukakke

    Were these filmed with a potato?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Apparently with a cellphone.

    • Al_Zamora

      A Potato Phone 5S

  • Dennis nagel

    hello 😀 what weapons are in gta 5 ? are there katanas? :D:D:D
    More videos please !!!! i love it 😀

  • Quinten Morris

    yea i fuckin wit da videos keep em cummin cars,clothes,houses,guns and shootouts

  • AMD

    Why is it that not a single person who gets a game early and leaks footage online has proper capture equipment…

    • ChubbySquirrell

      Because no one wants to go through the trouble of capturing and editing a video that will inevitably be taken down.

  • Dennis nagel

    i need more infos and more videos !!! 😀

  • ManuBiggs

    ive been through really bad breakups that were easier than the wait for GTA 5

  • sgt wade

    more leak videos here

    • Frankie Bíg F Smith


  • Niklas Griffiths

    The driving mechanics sucks so bad, I cry hard ;(

    • DarKSoldier

      The GTA:San Andreas car physics are better xD

      • Niklas Griffiths

        GTA IV physics are 1000 times better than both.

        • david

          the drving in gta 5 sucks???!! WHAT???

          • sfsdg

            you’ve seen like 4-5 seconds of driving, just wait

          • Niklas Griffiths

            Not really I’ve saw several live streams of the driving, if you guys didn’t have your head stuck in your arses you would know that a lot of guys is playing the game, even people in china rofl.

          • sfsdg

            so what do you think of the driving now?

          • Niklas Griffiths

            The driving sucks and is made for noobs with no skill that coulden’t handle IV’s.

          • Niklas Griffiths

            The boat physics is great, but motorbike, ATV’s and sport cars have the most ugliest physics I’ve seen. Very dissapointed but it will be fun anyway. There’s already more than 30 gameplay videos out since some people got the game early and there’s already a torrent on piratebay for xbox 360 that works. as people all around the world is streaming the game.

    • Andrew Morris

      I’m glad to know that you’ve played the game so please tell us more about how bad every detail is.

  • naxeteone1

    It seems captured with a calculator,.

  • hzf


  • Big Bobby

    I paid for GTA 5 on 10th September (online), I got an e-mail today (12th) saying it’s been despatched. Contacted the company today and it’s been despatched, so I could get it tomorrow (13th) or the next day. I remember a few years ago, someone went into Asda and came out with a game that was accidently sold to them early (can’t remember which game it was). I got my Dreamcast 6 days before it was released (from an independent retailer). Memories of playing SEGA Rally 2 and Sonic Adventure early. I also remember playing on a GameCube days before it was released. It’s one of the perks of being at the top of a company (a friend was a regional manager). All in all, heard and seen it all before. Not a big deal.

    • Jaroslav1991

      Can I ask where did you order it? Thank 🙂

      • Big Bobby

        Tesco Direct.

  • Marcus

    LOL @ ban what a sucker!

  • thwolf94

    You can’t judge the car physics from 4 second videos!

    • thwolf94

      I 100% guarantee there better then all of the games.

  • IHaveSeenItAllIGotTheGTAVURL

    How is the font still the same from IV?

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    good effort 🙂

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  • Chinoy Gio

    This part V of GTA should be R18 lol, look at the image 103. 😀
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