300 Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Show Fighting, Driving, Flying, Sniping and the Top of the World

Grand Theft Auto V is only a few days away, and quite a few people already have their hands on the game. Some are even streaming it (before they get inevitably caught and banned).

From one of these livestreams come more than 300 screencaps of the game, showing all sorts of things, ranging from heists to gunfights, gun trafficking, sniping, a lot of driving, the inevitable strip club, a bit of the story (you most probably won’t spoil much just by seeing screenshots, but you’ve been warned), Trevor’s place and closet, and even a trip to the highest place in the game’s world.

We also see a character returning from a previous “game” of the series, but I won’t tell you who he is, as that would definitely count as a spoiler. If you want to know, you can hit the gallery below. Again, you’ve been warned. Quality isn’t the best, as they’re screencaps from a livestream, but they’re good enough to see quite a lot.¬†Enjoy!

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  • Kyle Jackson

    Can’t wait for this to be released on PC, then the modding community can do their magic again, a little better than Rockstar have down with the vehicles in this. All in all, it looks great.

  • mus1CKFps

    No words can explain how happy i will be in the next few days….No words