PS4 is the Most Desired Gaming Item on Amazon Japan, Beats Monster Hunter 4, PS Vita TV Also Up There

Now that the PS4 has a release date and the PS Vita TV has been announced, things are really starting to get heated in Japan.

The local branch of Amazon ranks the items that are added to users’ wishlists the most, creating a nice list of the most desired products. The chart for the gaming category sees the PS4 triumph over all kinds of competition, including Monster Hunter 4 that is expected to take Japan by storm when it’ll be released tomorrow.

The PS Vita TV is also highly sought, as it’s currently ranked 4th in its standard package, and 6th with the Value Pack including a DualShock 3 and a memory card. Pokémon X and Y is only ranked 5th, standing between the two PS Vita TV options.

Apparently the new PCH-2000 PS Vita models aren’t considered as desirable. The most popular color is (who is surprised?) black, ranked only 29th.


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  • Dollow Rlance


  • MyBodyIsReady

    Can’t say I’m surprised. The conference the other day was pretty epic

    • Tom

      PS$ FTW!!! With Microsoft constantly shooting themselves in the foot, the demand for the PS4 worldwide, including Japan, is just phenomenal, expect Sony will not be able to manufacture them quick enough.

  • xboner

    i think the reason why PCH-2000 PS Vita is not even in the top 10 maybe becoz people know they can buy at the store/gameshop/sonycenter at japan without worried about stock sold out .. well hopefully that the case ..

    • jujubee88

      The king is dead, long live the king

      (see: VITA TV)

      • TheExile285 ♜

        Implying current Vita is dead? Yeah no

    • Vsin

      It’s a mixed bag. Many arguments about the PCH-1000 claim that it’s superior to the PCH-1000 in every way, so it’s unlikely that any 1000 owner would even consider a 2000. Additionally, the 2000 is technically getting cannibalized by the TV because they can both play *mostly* the same game.

  • KuchikiSentou

    All I can say is Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin.
    If I can, I will import that baby day friggin one; I’m good with speech just not so good with writing, but I can force myself to learn.

  • TheExile285 ♜

    GT6 is #3? Wow 0.0

    • Splintee

      It’s Gran Turismo. Do you have any doubts on that game?

      • TheExile285 ♜

        Didn’t know it was popular in Japan

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