Battlefield 4 Gets a Brand New Trailer Showing Multiplayer Maps, Vehicles and a Lot More

EA DICE just released an action-packed trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 4, this time completely dedicated to multiplayer gameplay.

The three minute long video showcases the maps that have been revealed so far, dynamic environments, plenty vehicles, spectacular war assets and of course a whole lot of shooting and explosions.

You can check it out just below for a glimpse of what’s waiting for us in little more than a month.

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  • Infinidecimal


  • theodor70941

    Activision take notes… Oh wait only Bots and 12 year olds buy cod!

    • beLIEve

      Also people that have real friends or family and like to play spllit-screen. I prefer Battlefield but I can´t play it with my friends in old-school split screen parties. So I buy both games because I´m not a fanboy, I am above that.