Famitsu is Going to Pitch PS4 and Xbox One Head to Head For the First Time Tomorrow and Livestream on Nico Nico

Tomorrow a special episode of Famitsu Live will be aired at 8 PM Japan Time (7 AM EST) on Nico Nico, and this time around it’s a juicy one.

Not only the hosts will give information on Sony’s and Microsoft’s booths at Tokyo Game Show, but a PS4 and a Xbox One will be brought to the studio for some “raw” gameplay before the trade show opens.

This is the first time in which the two upcoming consoles are pitched head to head in the same live broadcast. What games will be shown? and who will win the heated duel?

You can check out the stream for yourself at the link below, and call your own winner.

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  • islan

    Two Consoles Enter! One Console Leaves (unbricked)!

  • foureyes oni

    this will not end well.

    • Shango Thomas

      hahahaha this will be a disaster if they bothh will run the same game

  • benbenkr

    In the land of Japan… where the previous 2 Xboxes didn’t even fare better than aging previous consoles (PS2, PSP… lol), go figure how this will end up.

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4
  • Reality check

    Xbox one> ps4

    • xjumper

      lol why? weaker hardware and shitty Kinect is better? lol

  • Rocco


  • tilt

    Bias and favoritism will be thick in the air as viewers toon in to see the opposing products fight for Dominance. “In the end, there can only be one”.

    I look forward to this. It won’t end well but I want to see it anyway 😉

  • jdp12

    PS4>X1 easy

  • louis

    Paymetsu: Good new, the check cleared … don’t worry I got this now.
    Microsoft: Thanks man