Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Hopes to Bring Gears of War to Xbox One, but it Depends on Epic Games

on September 17, 2013 10:51 AM

Many have been wondering if a Gears of War game will appear on Xbox One, and Microsoft Studios Honcho Phil Spencer made an interesting statement about it today as part of an interview on

Gears of War is developed by Epic Games, and they’ve been our partners for a long time on Xbox 360. You should ask Epic Games about what they want to do. We haven’t announced anything yet about Gears of War, but we hope to bring it to Xbox One in some form. However, there’s nothing more I can tell you at this time.

The statement sounds quite cryptic. Does he know something we don’t? Well, of course he does, but are there plans specific to Gears of War already in place? We’ll have to wait and see about that. But if Phil Spencer hopes to see Gears of War on the Xbox One, there’s no reason for us not to.

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