Phil Spencer Refuses to Compare Xbox One and PS4 (but he Kind of Does), Has Great Respect for Sony

As the Head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer is at the forefront of the upcoming power struggle between Sony and Microsoft to determine who will win between PS4 and Xbox One, and as part of an interview on he was asked to compare the two consoles:

We’re focusing on what we’re doing ourselves. While I won’t make a comparison, Sony has a long history of success with PlayStation, and I respect them from the bottom of my heart.

When talking about the Xbox One, what’s most exciting is the line-up of games. At the time of launch and between the first two holiday seasons the content is very rich. AT E3 we announced the line up of exclusive titles, led by Titanfall, and we won many more awards than any other platforms. It was the record number of awards won in the history of E3.

The number of both existing IPs and new IPs is considerable too. We’re also reviving the old IP Killer Instinct. I believe the title line up will become very strong, especially for the first two years.

It’s kind of funny that Harrison refuses to compare the two platforms, but then goes on to explain how Xbox One games won the most awards than any other platform at E3, but everything is fair in love and war, and as a jab it’s still quite mild. It’s actually refreshing to hear a Microsoft executive talk of respect for Sony, pretty much echoing what SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida said a few days ago.

It’s not so surprising to read about them expressing similar thoughts, considering that they’re pretty much exactly in the same position in their respective companies, working more on the games and less on the corporate babble. If only that kind of attitude was a bit more widespread…

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  • Bennie_Hair

    That’s because these guys are gamers too. The console war was created but us and the media. I know Shu has a WiiU because he’s on my friends list….well before I sold the U

    • Dexter Morgan

      Really? that’s great, i love that he has a WII-U, it warms my heart to see the companies respect each other, i remember seeing Myiamoto playing Tearaway at the Sony Booth, it was great

      • islan

        I wonder what his thoughts on it were.

      • NarooN

        Stuff like that was pretty common, it’s actually been common for a long time.

        I remember back in the day, when the fanboys had that little Killzone vs. Halo 2 war going on. And I used to regularly talk to Guerrilla Games back then, and several of the devs told me about they were fans of games like Halo and Half-life, and they even had some friends at Bungie. Some Bungie devs also said they played KZ and enjoyed it.

        It’s really just the fanboy delusion that game devs have “allegiances” and such. Everyone always forgets that they’re “gamers”, not “players of a certain console/company”.

        • neomahi-217

          Playing your owns games can get pretty stale over time. Especially when you know how the game turns out or that you already know the strategies. There’s no learning up the ladder. While in a different area, or field, of work, I can see why J.J. Abrams (as a Star Wars fan) didn’t want to have anything to do with Star Wars. But, now he’s trapped as Disney made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

          But it also gives idea’s to devs that are maybe stuck on an area of the game and learning from another helps. Naughty Dog talked with Bungie, Infinity Ward, and others and the two would trade tips and tricks. You’d think Sony would get huffy about letting company secrets out but that’s just it. Sony let’s Wells and Balestra run the company and trust them to make Sony money and they do! As well, if Naughty Dog can teach them something about developing better on PS hardware or not being so intimidated by it, everyone wins. Naughty Dog and Bungie friends? Bungie helping them with multi-player maybe? Do you find it odd that Bungie quickly responded to Sony as giving them exclusive content? Naughty Dog shows them how to work all the angles of the PS3. (The PS3 being a tricky bugger.)

    • Robbyfishersora

      He does?

  • vicfermino

    That’s kinda cute. Respecting competition is a first step into getting competitively better and more interesting.
    That’s why Microsoft Game Studios is so good (and I say that as a really rabid Sony fan).

  • Escopablobar

    Smart statement. There is nothing wrong with lauding one’s own accomplishments but the classy more humble approach never does it at detriment to the competition. So 1 gold star for MSFT for saying something right for once.

  • PhantomVash808

    Microsoft’s seems to be talking more about the PS4 than Sony is lately.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      he’s been asked about it. Let’s be fair.

  • Synthetic Construct

    People from Sony should stop the back & no-forth, they should be aware that both consoles are some what equal now with the exception of a bundled camera and a 100 dollar difference, and maybe “teh clouds”.

    • kreator

      It won’t happen, cause Phony are some snakes! They have been hiding in the shade while MS has been getting scorched over policies that Phony them self was going to use as well!

  • rendermonk

    Anyone notice how twice he mentions the the first “two holidays” will have a strong lineup. Isn’t that just what happened with the 360??? The first 2 or 3 years were really strong with games, then the games library steady dropped off, year after year.

    Looks like we just learned MS strategy. Push all games they have for the system in the first two years to garner gamer cred and attention. Then once fever pitch is at an all time high on the gaming front, swing all available assets back into TV/Entertainment (with the occasional big name game release to appear hardcore).

    • alchemistx24x7

      Which also means that Sony won’t have any games for the first 4-5 years as they have said it won’t be 4-5 yrs down the line till the ps4 reaches its potential..Explains there weak lineup the first year of PC ports and indie games.

      • Geoffrey Davey

        They had Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted 1, and Ratchet + Clank in the first 12 months. That’s a perfectly respectable first party line-up. They just didn’t have a mass market monster like Gears of War. Epic hit a home run for MSoft.

        • Collego

          Sony has an ok line up and even though I will be buying a PS4 at launch they don’t have a game that I’m really excited about at this point. I do plan on buying several X1 games at launch. The new IPs is mainly where its at for me and sorry but I am more impressed with MS’s showing this far. I’m looking for more innovations instead of just more updates to the same old great games. Don’t get me wrong I do like updated classics but these are not making me want to rush out and buy games. Different strokes for different fokes. Hopefully, Sony has more in the long run but again only time will tell (and I still think Gran Turismo is far better the Forza series). Also since I already have an Xbox LIve subscription and there is not yet a compelling game exclusive on PS4 that makes me want to spend another $50 on PS4 PSN subscription, I would just assume buy the updated cross platform title for Xbox1 and use Live. Now after stating the above you may be asking why I am buying a PS4 at launch with no games…well it’s next gen and I just want one. Only time will tell if I keep it.

          • Geoffrey Davey

            I was talking about last gen, but I’d argue neither upcoming platform has mind-bending exclusives… yet.

            That said, I DO think that they both have a very strong launch line-up when you take into account 3rd party games. Though most of these are existing, annualized IPs.

            Can’t wait for the next gen IPs to start rolling out.

      • rendermonk

        Ya, you clearly missed the point. And, MS has clearly hoodwinked you into buying the Xbone like their marketing strategy was aiming for. Let me say it again, MS plans to blow you outta the water with all the gaming budget dumped into games the first 2 years. So you Xboys will believe “X1 has all the best games, gotta have it.” And while they may have decent support for a year or two, the drop off will be dramatic and significant in the years to come. Sony on the other hand, may not have the strongest launch lineup, but just like they’ve done with the PS3, the PS4 will have a CONSISTENT long term compelling software lineup that will continue for the duration of the PS4’s life cycle (10 years). The 360 became a netflix/jukebox after year 3. With only a select few titles worth owning over the remainder of the decade long life cycle of the box. But hey, to each his own right.

  • yojoesmoe

    tired of talk… bring on the launch date and games!!!!!!!!

  • neomahi-217

    Wow. Get your names right; otherwise you’re confusing me. Its Phil SPENCER! Not Phil HARRISON you’re talking about. “Its kind of Funny that Harrison (should be SPENCER) refuses to compare the two platforms….” Just saying. Gotta watch out for that. Great writers always re-read three times. Remember what they taught you in college?

  • dirkradke

    He is acknowledging the Sony built a competitive console. The technical information of the PS4 vs X-Box One is really only understood by a few people in compared to the numbers that will buy the consoles. What he is trying to say in an easy to understand format is “Yes, Sony built a console with 50% raw performance, but that isn’t everything”. So, how do you explain the cloud and other achievements that are more intangible, but over the life of the console generation will probably amount to better games, which are the only thing that matters. The exclusives on both consoles look just as good graphically as what could be there closest counterparts.