Atlus Promises Continuity and Looks Forward to New Challenges Under New Sega Ownership

Today Sega announced the acquisition of Index corporation, and with it of the Atlus brand and its intellectual properties. Following that announcement Atlus released a statement of its own by Consumer Software Director Naoto Hiroaka.

Here’s a summary of the relevant points:

  • After thanking the customers for their support, and apologizing for the concern caused, Hiroaka-san explains that Atlus has a very good relationship with Sega and a considerable business synergy. By using Sega’s solid distribution network he expects the company to expand further.
  • This new relationship will allow the two companies to complement each other’s niche in the consumer game business, and Sega’s Know-how will enhance Atlus’ brand.
  • The continuity of Atlus’ business is considered to be in very good shape.
  • At the moment all the employees of the consumer game department of the company are focusing on the development of future titles, and Atlus is looking forward to tackle new challenges in the future.

There you have it: not only Atlus is going to continue its business as usual, with its whole staff hard at work on upcoming titles, but it’s ready to face new challenges in partnership with Sega.

Now all we can do is to wish them the best and to wait and see the results with our own eyes.

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  • vicfermino

    I just ask for four things: Persona 5, Valkyria Chronicles 4 being made by Atlus, no contractual forced exclusivity to any platform, and Raidou Kuzunoha appearing in an Yakuza game.

    • Roper

      nope , we are screwed. SEGA sucks so bad. be lucky to see another game come west.

      • PrinceHeir

        Sega US/EU you mean.

        Sega Japan rocks, tons of amazing games(despite still not on par during their console making days, but it’s getting there)

    • ArcanaWiz ∩

      i ask only one more thing, that these games come to west.

  • Panda83

    I honestly just don’t think we’re going to get the same level of titles released in the west that were not developed by Atlus but published by them. Sure, we’ll get the Personas and the Shin Megami games, but you can say goodbye to stuff like Code of Princess 🙁 At least I hope I’m wrong.

  • tilt

    So Sega won’t interfere with how Atlus does things? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Galen Nycroft

    R.I.P. Atlus…couldn’t have gone to a worse company. SEGA ruined all it’s properties over the years and hopefully it leaves the brands under the ATLUS banner alone. This is NOT a good thing!

  • Dany Rioux

    Nobody can deny Sega can be arseholes sometimes, but wait and see before judging people.

  • Balalaika

    Sega and Nintendo have been very friendly with each other recently and Nintendo went so far to help saga publish a game or two before this buyout happened so its almost guaranteed that Nintendo will make a contract like they did with Crapcom and Only release persona Games on the Wii U and 3DS and no games on the PS4 and Vita. I loved persona 4 Golden on my Vita but it seems thats the last I will get to play of the franchise coming to the English market and on a playstation system.

    • I don’t think that’s gonna happen though. Sega for sure must understand first where the players of that game are.

      But of course, Persona can go multi-platform. 🙂 But wait, when the 3DS was first released, Persona was listed as one of the games that will come to the platform… so…

    • PhantomVash808

      Sega has good relationship with both Nintendo and Sony. In fact most of their TGS line up is made up of PlayStation games. (PSV,PS3,PS4)

      • Balalaika

        Those were games Sony made contracts with Sega for. Crapcom also made games for the other consoles but made Monster Hunter Exclusive to Nintendo for the next three years, whats stoping Sega from doing the same with Persona.

        • PhantomVash808

          Monster Hunter is still coming to PS3/Vita. Nintendo just got MH4 exclusive which is most likely timed. Besides there are several reasons why Sega would most likely not make Persona 5 exclusive to Nintendo.
          1. All main Persona Games release on console 1st this means if Nintendo did do a Capcom type deal the game would be on the Wii U which isn’t doing well anywhere compared to the 3DS which is the opposite.
          2.The trend based off TGS right now for the major 3rd Party Japanese companies seems to point that everyone will be releasing their games on both PS3 and PS4 because thats where the console market is strongest. These same companies are pretty much giving up on supporting the Wii U.
          3.Atlus made most of their console games on PS3 including Catherine which was running on a early engine they were building for their next Persona game.
          4. When Persona 5 is revealed it more than likely is going to be either a multiplat PS3/360/WiiU game or just a PS3/PS4.

          • Balalaika

            I wish that game companies CEO’s and the people in charge of public relations were as straight forward and reassuring as you.

  • rpgmaniac

    Let’s hope SEGA wont interfere with localizations of smaller titles but all these is just wishful thoughts, we all can guess what really is going to happen in the end… :/

  • PrinceHeir

    hope to see good things Sega!