Welcome To The DualShockers PlayStation 4 & Xbox One Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Like any other industry, there have been some intense corporate rivalries over the years, especially considering video game consoles over the years: who can forget Nintendo’s SNES and Sega’s Genesis, with Mario and Sonic competing for pop culture dominance? Or Crash Bandicoot arguing for Sony’s PlayStation over Nintendo’s N64?

But I daresay no rivalry has ever been as fierce as the one that started in 2001 when Microsoft introduced the first Xbox. While Nintendo has generally played its own marketing game with outside-the-box philosophies and accessories, the Xbox’s arrival to gaming sparked an ongoing feud with Sony’s PlayStation brand, a feud that has lasted for a dozen years, and now lives on in the soon-to-arrive next generation.

With the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One rapidly approaching–with the PS4 arriving to the U.S. on November 15th and the Xbox One arriving on November 22nd–we here at DualShockers find ourselves pouring over dozens and dozens of details, news and rumors about the systems. Some details have only recently been revealed, some have been changed since the consoles were revealed, and some details and rumors have yet to be confirmed. At the end of it all, we wondered what every other gamer has been debating for the last two years: which console will satisfy our next-gen needs?

Over the following weeks, we’re going to be laying it all out on the table: all the details we know and all of the answers you need, so that gamers can choose for themselves which console will be best for them this holiday season (or help gamers decide whether they want both!). Each week, gamers can check back here for the next installment of the Buyers Guide, which will consist of:

  • What’s In The Box?: A look at the what comes with the consoles when you purchase them, including details on accessories and availability. (9/25)
  • It’s All About the Service – Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus: A look at what services each platform will provide for premium customers. (10/02)
  • Next-Gen Launch Titles: A catalog of the games that will be available for either system from launch until the end of the Holiday season. (10/09)
  • Early 2014 Next-Gen Titles: A catalog of the games that will be available for either system during the first half of 2014. (10/16)
  • Community and Support: An overview of how Sony and Microsoft have supported their communities through previous issues, and what the community thinks of either next-gen system. (10/23)
  • What Are We Getting? DualShockers’ Staff share their opinions on the consoles they’re looking most forward to. (10/30)

With a constant influx of changing news and fierce competition, and lots of emotion (and money) running high, we here at DualShockers see it as our duty to keep you informed: so stay tuned to DualShockers for all your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One news.

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  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    I’ll save you a few weeks of effort, and give you the short answer… PS4 is the best choice.

    • Fred

      To play Halo or Forza? Geeeeez, thanks.

      • Clayton Borges

        those games are washed up. move on

        • Dameon Percival

          and the PS4 games are what, never been?

    • John Joe Silver

      Not if you want to play titanfall on a console or dead rising 3 or the halo games or any of those games confirmed as exclusive for the Xbox one. Fanboys need to get over their little issue with branding and focus on the actual games

      • jb223

        If we’re focusing on actual games, Sony still has the upper hand when it comes to variety and quantity at the very least…if someone enjoys Halo enough to buy a console for it, all the more power to them, but if we are looking at the breadth of exclusives on either system, Sony simply has more quality first and second party studios, as well as a wider variety of genres of exclusive games….as far as Titanfall and DR3, at least in titanfalls case, it doesn’t seem like a ps4 version will be that far off…I’d say a year at the most, new companies need sales and fans, and limiting that fan base to a brand new console instead of both next gen platforms just doesn’t make sound business sense…add to that the fact that almost all of Microsofts exclusives eventually came to ps3 this gen, and that trend looks very likely to continue…Microsoft has had the best multiplayer component obviously, but single player gamers are better served going with the ps4, excluding the fact that Sony seems to be going for the mp market harder this gen. It’s not about branding or company loyalty, it’s about history and what we can glean from it…if Microsoft wants to leave its mark on gaming history with the Xbox one, they need to nurture more first party studios first and foremost, and stop spending their cash on timed dlc incentives

        • John Joe Silver

          what first/second party games have been announced by the major players so far? all they’ve said is “it’s in the works” but they could turn out to be absolutely stinkers of games. The Order is looking class but there’s been little info about it and Infamous is the only reason (as it stands) for me to be getting a PS4

          and while ND killed with TLOU, their other game Unchartered did nothing for me and i don’t particularily like it. GoW is a good series no doubt from Santa Monica but i wasn’t a fan of the latest one. So to finish that ramble quality depends on the gamers personal preference, yes it may get great reviews but if i don’t enjoy it then they mean little to me.

          No doubt that Sony’s first parties have quality, whether that’ll translate for this gen remains to be seen. Also Sony are also pumping money into timed exclusives, I believe an interview with Jim Ryan he said they’ve paid activision for some timed exclusive content for Destiny and they’ve pumped money into Ubisoft for extra content for both AC4 and Watch Dogs. They’re businesses and all power to them.

          And while Titanfall may eventually come to PS4, if it takes more than a year to come out the hype of the game will be gone as more than likely it’ll be announced a Titanfall 2 is on it’s way (it is EA afterall wouldn’t expect anything less)

          It’s looking less likely that DR3 will head elsewhere now that Capcom have given Sony their own exclusive but i could be wrong.

          Either way both for me because of the exclusives.. no point limiting myself for some perceived “war” that’s going on, where’s the fun in that

          • jb223

            You’re definitely right in that they haven’t announced much, but neither have Microsoft at this point, but if we look strictly at the studios and their pedigrees, Sony has more potential to put out more great games…that could change if Microsoft start building more studios, but that will take time, the proof is in the pudding, and Sony’s pudding was generally better in the terms of quality and variety in exclusives…I personally love Uncharted, regardless of one’s personal taste it’s hard to doubt the studio as a whole, and there’s every chance that Uncharted will be given to a different studio altogether this gen. The same goes for many of Sony’s first party studios, there has been a tremendous amount of care put into those games and there’s little reason to doubt that won’t carry over into this gen. One of Microsoft’s biggest gets in my eyes is the Insomniac exclusive, and the studio has been smart to make that a MP-centric affair on an MP-centric machine. Dead Rising 3 is another get that i agree probably won’t see release on ps4, the original Dead Rising never got a ps3 release did it? Not sure, but the later games in the series did, so I’d say something similar will happen there this gen, and probably vice versa with Deep Down I’d say. Ultimately it’s like you said, it’s all down to personal preference and the type of gamer you are, Multiplayer gamers were better served on the 360 this gen and there’s not much in the way of reasons to think this gen will be different in that respect. I totally disagree w/ the people that subscribe to a console war as well, go where the games you like are, the name on the box should have little bearing unless you have a bad personal experience w/ that company’s products. If Microsoft put out some great new games this gen and I have the money, I will certainly pick one up, but I don’t have the kind of disposable income to justify multiple console purchases when i could be supplementing my music gear and other things of that nature, so for the time being I’m personally going for the ps4. Bottom line for me is that Microsoft need more proven quality first party studios, and those things take time, whereas Sony has gotten the jump on them in that department.

      • Balalaika

        Titanfall is coming to PC.. you don’t need an xbone to play it.

        • This is when i HATE owning a mac. 🙁

          • PhantomVash808

            You can still play it on 360 or install Windows on your Mac.

          • Austin Wood

            This late in the game, that’s on you, man.

          • Kostas Gkostas

            You can still install windows on your mac using Boot Camp! 😉

        • John Joe Silver

          if you read my comment i said “if you want to play titanfall on a console “… to get the same level of graphics on a PC you’d need to shell out considerably more than 500 euro

      • Jason Mounce

        You mention Titanfall, then mentioned ‘any of those games confirmed as exclusive to Xbox One.

        And you forget that Titanfall is on PC too, LOL.

        Remember the cycle of Xbox 360 and try not to make a fool of yourself, most 360 games that weren’t First-Party developed, were 80% of the time, TIMED Exclusives or got ported to PS3 and PC. So, don’t be so righteous about ‘Exclusives’ when easily down the road it may show up on the radar on PS4, you never know. Most fanboys will forget the past but I will remember all the times like with Bioshock or with Oblivion or with Mass Effect or with Lost Planet or with Dead Rising 2(Yet you think DR3 will magically remain X1 exclusive, because ‘Faith’?)

        The list goes on, and I myself don’t need to be a ‘Sony Fanboy’ (Which am sure I’d be called for not agreeing with you) to know that 360 had a LOT of games go to PS3, PS3 lost ‘Some’ games but majority case was that this generation was the era that Exclusivity in Third-party games was over and more companies took a more modernized and global-approach, all people, like yourself, who boasted about ‘This console has all of these games that are teh exclusives to this console, HUE HUE’ only scoff and boast and aren’t ready for the simplistic potential in the near-future to bite your tongue and see that it gets ported over after a 6-12 month period/contract.

        • John Joe Silver

          i couldn’t care if you’re a fanboy or not but i clearly said “on a console ” or did you skip over that part? the 360 over the generation actually had more exclusives than the PS3, they might have been crap games but an exclusive is an exclusive… also 6-12 months down the line a second game will likely be announced and the hype of the first will be long gone

          • Jason Mounce

            “360 over the generation actually had more exclusives than the PS3,”

            LOL. Never read that, but that is just rich. I’d love for you to name off all those 360 exclusive, even though I have an image itself that shows 2010-2013 on its own-exclusives in comparison. Anything before that for 360 was only Timed exclusives or games like Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable, Banjo Threeie(Which sucked) and Kinect-games.

            Case and point – You’re wrong, stop arguing 😀

          • John Joe Silver

            that’s been proven to be incorrect numerous times by numerous different sources… also generation started in 2006 not 2010… arcade games are still games not just retail games…not sure how any games pre-2010 were kinect seeing as the kinect only got released November 4th

          • Jason Mounce

            Proven incorrect eh? Coming from an xbox fanboy. That’s really hard to believe as you’re not credible.

            What you’re especially lacking? Is COUNTER-EVIDENCE. You’re more of a, Retreatist and someone who goes into Denial more often than being useful, Eh?

            If you say it’s ‘Incorrect’. HOW is it incorrect? It lists games that were released. It lists in color its metacritic score. So, what’s MISSING or what does it do wrong to make it incorrect? You can’t tell me that I’m wrong if the sky is blue and then say “You’re wrong-” and end it there. If you can’t PROVE someone wrong, then don’t talk or respond, at all.

          • John Joe Silver

            a number of games from both sides are missing actually. Also as I pointed out this only shows retail releases and not arcade/digital only releases so that’s a major flaw in it…and it doesn’t show just games released it shows some future games aswell like GT6 which I believe isn’t out till december this year… and I never said you were wrong I said that picture you posted is incorrect and has been proven to be incorrect by a number of sources… i’d recommend using your local google you’d get the answer quite quickly

          • Jason Mounce

            Then List what’s missing….

            Then List the arcade games that you think are worth mentioning. If you’re going to spam a list full of redundant little arcade titles that no ones heard about or some random Barbies’ Horse Adventures XBLA game then of course it won’t count. So again, tell me which arcade games are missing that are WORTH being notified about or that are rated well, are acclaimed or otherwise. Though the list itself in that image share the Badly-rated games too, we’re going more Quality than Quantity, anyone can spam a list of useless indie-games or apps or like Playstation Mobile games that people uploaded that are garbage or is a Calculator-game even that looks like it was made in MS Paint. With that said-…. saying it’s a Major Flaw sounds like an overstatement.

            The GREYED Titles on the bottom are clearly the ‘To Be Released’ and Presumed 2013 to add to the list, as for 360? Well, tell me what games are being made on the 360 within 2013 that aren’t on the list and aren’t going on the X1 instead. it is by that point, trying to have ‘All games to be released in 2013’ whether Reviewed/rated or otherwise, hence why it wasn’t given a color, but noted that it’s coming out in 2013 unless told a game will be delayed to 2014 which would then make it removed from the list.

            I’d rather not do a bunch of research based on a non-credible person, yourself, telling me it’s wrong where no one else had ever done so before. Telling me it’s wrong without being able to personally tell me Why it’s wrong. A person telling me that I am not wrong, but the list is incorrect for reasons unknown that you somehow cannot answer, but others upon using Google will. So you somehow remember that it’s been ‘Proven wrong’ by others/sources, but you can’t remember HOW or WHY ‘they’ proved it wrong? What if it was just some xbox fanboy trying to argue and say it’s wrong/incorrect and they themselves also said it’s been proven wrong without proving why? :/ It shouldn’t be hard for YOU yourself to tell my How/Why, I shouldn’t have to use google and telling someone you can’t personally inform them why doesn’t help credibility-factors in your favor :/ Never tell people they are wrong, or are doing something wrong, saying something wrong, using something wrong/incorrectly unless you can, ON THE SPOT, say Why and How. If you’re not prepared for that, you do not Argue your point or counter-point…. >_>

          • John Joe Silver

            read the edit i put up … i listed two games that scored a yellow on that rating (that’s better than the red just in case you didn’t know and therefore better quality than some of the games listed… if you base all your decisions off of metacritic of course) one from each side… i found those within 2 minutes of seeing that picture so god knows how many other ones they left out… and i never said indie games i said arcade games, they’re different on the 360

          • Jason Mounce

            I made a post-response but apparently its waiting for moderation -_- God damn annoying.

            In summary incase it doesn’t pass for some unknown reason.

            -The list/image itself specifies itself as Retail Games, so if you’re arguing the lack of arcade/indie games, it still wouldn’t make it incorrect when it specifies itself to be specifically aiming towards RETAIL. That trumps that argument completely that I had not looked at prior.

            -Whilst 360 has lived longer, had longer time to acquire arcade games, it’d be best that an image-list of Arcade/Indie vs Arcade/indie exclusives were made, similar to this list, but with the benefit of the doubt that only the well-known games get added and not a Quantity-crapstorm of useless Red-zoned, low-rated games get added and spammed in because Steam can do the same thing too and we don’t want that.

            -Pirate Warriors as a protip is Retail in Japan, Digital in NA.

            But again, the main argument is then lost since the image itself says ‘Retail Exclusives of’– We ‘are’ only talking about Retail, and where in other cases, Braid/Fez/Bastion which were the most well-known Arcade/Indie games exclusive to 360 are all but lost too.

          • John Joe Silver

            i believe it’s the use of bad language… while i don’t agree with the bad language (think it was the word with c an r an a and a p) as being bad language each site has their own rules.

            and my argument for the arcades was based on your original statement of “360 over the generation actually had more exclusives than the PS3,”

            LOL. Never read that, but that is just rich.”

            i was including arcade games within that.

            for that picture you included at the bottom of that same comment i focused solely on retail releases, i found two (even if one only released digitally in NA (just to point out NA isn’t the be-all and end all for gaming) it still has a retail release) that weren’t on the list. They are both graded yellow, which according to metacritic indicates better quality than those graded red which was another point you made in another comment. And I do believe on that thread were the picture originally popped up people from both sides of the gaming community were pointing out the flaws in it

          • Jason Mounce

            I didn’t use overly vulgar words am sure, just sh– or a–. Lol.

            Your fault then for being vague, you saying ‘360 over the generation had MORE EXCLUSIVES….’ that in itself implies so much more than you were chewing at the time. If you had said “More arcade exclusives—-then said why/how….then I’d likely not have made a post against it. It’s the whole ‘More exclusives’ is bullsh-tty as a whole. I’ve had so many people in my bad past in Gametrailers’ forums with sad fanboys listing GIAAAANT amounts of games on 360 (Against oppositional fanboys) in which everyone always ripped apart that ‘arcade/kinect/indie’-spammed list by laughing at how the person(s) so desperate to try to make it look like PS3-Has-No-games, was infact fueling a list of exclusives or games that were either on PC or just were complete crap that’d be worth like, a Metacritic score of 20/100, and yet still be listed because of the time-old-silliness that some people try to bluff up numbers to make something look larger or more impressive than it actually is. Blowfish-like.

            Well, whether some games were left out or otherwise, doesn’t make it flawed to me. Flaws in its design would moreso be if there are drastic amounts of ACTUAL exclusive games missing, like, Non-360+PC types, and beyond or if a good amount of 360 games weren’t listed just due to bias or flawed via if the Metacritic-scoring-color-borders were deceptive and lying to the audience so to speak. Retail-wise, I’d not really think there’d be too much missing that has recently been released that anyone would TRULY care about except for argumentative purposes :/ Whether PS3’s list loses One Piece Pirate Warriors or games of similar value or not.

            To me, the image is meant to show focus not of Quantity of games, but that as the years up to now have come, Microsoft begun showing more focus on making Kinect games rather than games for their truer demographic. Which is why PS3-wise w/ the Controller, it shows a huge list in contrast to Microsofts main/non-Kinect games as being so small because the focus was lost and aimed for Casualization rather than their hardcore market whilst Sony continued to make Green/AAA/Highly-rated and solid games and LESSER Support for Move. I don’t really see a point to nitpick the image as much as you or others have because it’s not so much of ‘Less 360 games, zomg it sucks’ but it’s the factor of Microsofts newer direction of Kinect-focus nearing 360’s end as a means of trying to garner more sales before they prepare to discontinue the 360. PS3 gamers being able to enjoy their experience from launch to now and continue enjoying more-quality games at the sacrifice of Move not really going anywhere.

            That’s also why I don’t really care if a few yellows/reds are missing, or sheer ‘Numbers’ because the image and its goal was already delivered and the wariness should only be warranted of X1-users in the future, Should they worry if Microsoft drops the ball and focuses more on Kinect users, when most consumers who buy X1 will be the ones who want Shooters/Racers/Fable/Gears-like games? Yet 75% of the games released will be Wii-catered Kinect kiddy games or Dance Central copy-pastas? That’s why I’m fine with the image even now.

          • Icedry

            error sorry, didn’t see only limited time…

        • Daniel Lawson

          On Xbox on Windows… Microsoft exclusive either way you look at it

          • Jason Mounce

            The whole part of the ‘Consumer/Company’ exclusivity. Is Boasting rights. There is no boasting rights when it is on the PC, Microsoft makes the OS of Windows, yes. However, everyone who essentially owns a console whether it be Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft, also owns a PC and then has the ability to play the game, and not need to buy the console that it would formally be exclusive to.

            It just isn’t an ‘Exclusive’. Especially, most definitions of the word EXCLUSIVE is determined by a Singular nature, a specified source or limited to ‘one person’. With those 2 points, logically, it’s not exclusive. A Sony fanboy who owns a PS4 and a PC could buy Titanfall and whereas an Xbox fanboy would equivilently go LOL U CANT PLAY TITANFALL – ….What would the Sony fanboy say? “Who needs Xbone? I got a PC, it’s not excusive, lol”

            So, Exclusive should REAAAALLY only be used when it is on ‘ONE’ Platform, just one. Some games, mostly MMO’s that Sony makes are PS-PC as well, and it of course too makes it Non-exclusive whether it’s on Windows or Linux or otherwise. It loses boasting rights because the demographic broadens with the increased platforms delivered to.

      • joe

        Rewind to when 360 launched the same bs was being said about the 360. Xbox fans need to shut up and stop being so defensive, in 2007/2008 all the forums were people with xbox hardons.

    • Dan

      there has never been anything good about sony and that will only continue.

  • Al_Zamora

    Honestly I am most excited to use the Vita with the PS4 and hopefully the PS Vita TV. It will be a big investment but I think if done correctly could bring a lot of value. Then add in PS Plus and I am pretty much on board. That being said I will wait to buy it in a store like a regular person, no need to be a fiend and pre-order

    • Rob Nevico

      Yet another exclusive Sony marvel brought to you by the fine people at Nintendo…

      • Al_Zamora

        LOL I agree, that was the main reason I bought and own a Wii U. I am a second screen enthusiast.

      • Whiskey Rye Bread

        Right.. you do realize this was capable via the psp and the ps3 right? long before the wiiU was even a thought.

        • Rob Nevico

          Well, if we’re going to be technical about it, the Gamecube and the Gameboy Advance connectivity happened LOOOOOONG before the PS3. Sure, it was primitive by today’s standards, but once again, Nintendo did it first.

          • Whiskey Rye Bread

            I had both the gamecube and the game cube advanced, the only game that really worked with was the zelda game they designed for it specifically, and the scope of that compared to this is vastly different.

          • Rob Nevico

            As I said, primitive, but the concept was done long before Sony. Also, before the PS3, the Nintendo DS was able to transmit a game from one system to a second without the software (much how you can switch from TV to Gamepad play in the Wii U). All the elements that are being used by everyone else today originated in some form or another on a Nintendo system. Vibrating controllers, use of touch screen technology, motion controllers [which date back to the NES]. Hell, even the PlayStation itself was originally an add-on to the SNES until Sony got greedy. Had they worked out the issue back in the day, the PlayStation family of consoles would have probably had a giant Mario face on the box.

  • DelphisFinn

    I wish nothing but the best for both Sony and Microsoft (and hell, Nintendo too, why not?) in this upcoming console generation. The more good systems with good games, the better we all make out as gamers.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: any “gamer” who actively hopes for the ruination of any particular gaming platform isn’t worthy of being called a gamer at all.