Grand Theft Auto V Smashes Sales Records with $800 Million at Launch

Grand Theft Auto is always guaranteed to make a big entrance, but in the sales numbers from the launch of GTA V this past Tuesday, it came out swingin’.

Sales reports and numbers from GTA V‘s launch have been revealed and show that Rockstar’s latest crime epic has already shattered records in the (less than) 72 hours since its release. Take-Two Interactive has announced that total sales (pre-orders and new) for Grand Theft Auto V have topped over $800 million in 24 hours – the highest day one sales of any video game in history, the fastest-selling Rockstar title ever, and the new record holder topping last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II ($500 million in one day). Altogether, the estimates track about 13 million units sold for Grand Theft Auto V so far, making it the highest launch day sales for any GTA title in Rockstar’s history, and surpassing Grand Theft Auto IV‘s impressive debut back in 2008.

Grand Theft Auto V seems to have pulled off a major heist on its launch: can it keep up the momentum into the holidays for more fat stacks of cash? Let’s see how Michael, Franklin, and Trevor hold up over the next couple of months.

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  • Never expected anything short of record breaking. I think this game is 100x better than GTA4 was. GTA4 felt like just a graphics increase but a step back in game-play since San Andreas had way more content. I’m glad to see they added everything that was missing from gta4 and more.

    • Ryan Meitzler

      Totally agree – I’ve only been able to play the first few hours of GTA V so far, but only a few missions in it already feels like a big leap from GTA IV

      • the stealth has been vastly improved to. I just did a stealth mission on a rainy night with Trevor and stealth mode with quick walking, silenced modified weapons, shooting out lights, stealth take downs, viewing cones etc. its was like a whole other way to play the game. dont even get me started on the car customization… just so nice to have again.

  • Dalton

    May I use your image DualShockers?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      If you mean the one at the top if the article, it’s not really ours, it’s rockstar’s 😀