TGS 2013: Check Out 32 Great Pictures of Xbox One, its Smallest Details, its Controller, and Microsoft’s TGS Booth

In a previous post we have shown you some very detailed shots of the PS4, and some great pictures of Sony’s booth, including its life-sized Knack statue, but of course we have to be fair, so here comes the opposing force.

In the gallery below you can check out some really unprecedented pictures of the Xbox One directly from the Makuhari Messe, including the ports on the back and some small details that aren’t normally that visible in the promotional bullshots. In addition to that, there are some pictures of Microsoft’s Tokyo Game Show booth, including the quite awesome Titanfall statue that greets visitors at the entrance.

There are also some great shots of the One’s controller from basically every angle you can imagine (pictures are courtesy of 4Gamer, Nikkei, Famitsu.comGpara and Twitter user Hosiken and Tetsuro Yoshizaki).

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  • WSPD Super Ninja

    Better than Indiestation 3.5

    • Ritsuko Blue

      you know it!!

    • spideynut71

      The funny thing about that is, Sony is spending so much money with these indies, their games are no longer true indie projects. Most of the high-profile indie exclusives on the PS4 are partially funded by Sony in some way.

      • theddor

        Like rapture. Used to be made by an “indie” developer, supported by PC community. Now funded by Sony + went ps4 exclusive. Independent my arse 🙁
        In about 2 years the Indies are gonna be soo casual because of the bucks and influence of nextgen consoles..

    • Dexter Morgan

      that’s an insult? i mean games like Last of Us are indies?

      • spideynut71

        Just how retarded are you, Dexter? Naughty Dog IS NOT an indie dev….far from it, in fact.

        • Dexter Morgan

          it was sarcasm

    • ex-xboner

      please continue to unleash your butthurt feeling .. .. it make you feel a lot better right ?

    • PhantomVash808

      Indie games are great and why are you calling the PS4 3.5 when most of XB1 exclusive launch games are games originally built for the 360(Ryse, DR3, the Panzer Dragoon game). Both systems have great games its just a matter of taste that gamers have. Gamers criticized Microsoft for not having many exclusives so they are improving on that for XB1 just like gamers criticized Sony when it came to arcade/PSN titles because Sony would get games like Limbo & Castle Crashers really late compared to the 360 so Sony are improving on this area. Both are just trying to improve areas for their fanbase that they lacked last gen.

  • Ritsuko Blue

    I hope. More JRPGs lands on Xbox One than Xbox360!

  • Reality check

    Looks good cant wait till November 22

  • spideynut71

    Where are the closeups of the Asian chicks and their details?

  • Erik Jacobs

    They can keep their xbox. Regionfree ps4 all the way for me. ( allthough I’ll wait for the big AAA titles to start kicking in )

    Do like the boothbabe on left of the first pic. Might consider buying the box if they include her.

  • benbenkr

    Microsoft finally did something right in Japan; Hiring good-looking booth babes!

  • PrinceHeir

    gallery not working?

    booth babes!!!!