Shuhei Yoshida Shares More info on PS4: Download Speed, HDMI Capture, Game Upgrade Disk Requirement

SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida held his usual “twitter customer service” today, answering to some questions from the fans about the upcoming PS4, mostly raised by the latest news that left a few doubts on the table.

The  first is on the disk requirement of the upgrade of select games from the PS3 to the PS4 version. Looks like the PS4’s disk drive will have some work to do.

The second tidbit of information is on the recently announced support of video capture via HDMI. Don’t expect it for launch, as it will be introduced afterwards with a patch.

Finally, some good news. The download speeds from the PSN have never been exactly lightning fast. Looks like things are going to improve with the PS4.

How will that happen? We don’t know at the moment, but it’s quite probable that Sony will invest in increasing the server count of the PSN with the PS4, especially considering that an increase in PS Plus subscribers is to be expected, given its requirement for online games.

Still, it’s quite amazing to see Yoshida-san taking his time to answer to the fans’ questions despite his inevitably busy schedule at Tokyo Game Show. Talk about dedication…

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  • Suzaku Kururugi

    For that last one, I think it may be more of that guy’s speed or something. I downloaded The Last of Us in 4 hours while downloading the XIV beta which was like less than 2(20-30mbps on ethernet). Still good to see that they’re speeding up their servers though.

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      Alright, I’ve been downloading GTA V for a little over an hour and I JUST hit 50%. Either this guy’s speed is terrible or he’s using wireless b or something.

      • AceofSpades

        Also, Last of Us had a own “downloader” which probably boosted up things a bit.

    • QwietStorm

      It doesn’t really matter. It’s obvious PSN has low capped speeds, and it’s also obvious the new network infrastructure has already been put in place for PS4, given not only the PS+ “requirement,” but also all the new network features the system uses. I have a pretty fast connection, but I’d like to know what yours is and where you live if you downloaded half of GTA in an hour.

      • Suzaku Kururugi

        Comcast, Philadelphia PA.

        • QwietStorm

          Your connection, not your ISP, but ok.

  • Bert Malcom

    Beyond shoe!!!
    I can’t say enough on how sony is
    Trying so hard for us gamers I am
    Very happy to be a psn only fan..
    Keep up the good work!!

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      I’m even happier being a PSN, XBL, Wii U and PC fan. You enjoy your one
      console fanboyism. I’ll enjoy any game I want to play on whatever
      console I want to play it on.

      • AceofSpades

        Thats like holding on both teams during a football-match – where’s the thrill? ^^

        • wraith88

          The thrill is in the games. Not the plastic and silicon boxes. The games 🙂

        • Megaman

          so i cant like more then 1 teams???or player???its the games that makes it thrilling not the hardware…being a fan boy is not cool….its ok to prefer a system but stupid to not play an amazing game like titan fall just because its on a different system….your missing out on the thrills…i play more games on the xbox but i dont miss games like god of war and that is why i get all systems …nintendo i get for mario …..this game industry would profit soooo much more if there was no fanboys….peopel wouldnt miss out on alot of great games …so sad

          • Axe99

            Exactly – I may have a favourite footy team, but I appreciate good footy by whoever plays it :). Personally, I prefer Sony’s approach to console gaming to Microsoft and Ninty’s, but there are great games on all their systems, and I’ve never gone a generation owning only the Playstation. PC is also great, but with no platform holder, it lacks an identity, per se.

      • Megaman


      • QwietStorm


    • dwezel

      it’s shu, not shoe

  • Steven Then

    Needing to have the PS3 version of the game inside your PS4 to play the $10 PS4 upgrade version sounds like how I imagined Gaikai to work with your currently owned library. Lets say you already own a game that Gaikai service is going to offer via stream (ie: God of War 3) all you have to do is insert the PS3 version of God of War 3 and it will stream it from the Gaikai service.

    • Raul Juarez

      No!!! omg!!! how can people be so dumb. Honestly…
      Gaikai is going to work the same way Netflix works. You dont need the previous game to play it. It is a STREAMING SERVICE. You are playing the game off a server that who knows where it is.
      Your comment has just made people in here dumber.

      • Steven Then

        First of all I am not dumb. Secondly, if I own a ps3 disc based game I would like to play on my ps4 I would not be able to. If I need to pay extra for the service in order to play the game I already own that would be ludicrous. What I am stating suggests that this may be a way to allow us to play ps3 games I own as I mentioned above without having to pay extra for the service. I know how the Gaikai service will work if you don’t already own the game. This is all speculation as we do not know exactly how the Gaikai service will operate. Will it be included in PS Plus or is it a separate charge.

        • cell989

          Steven I completely agree with you, I dont think the guy above understood what you were trying to say. Its a good sign of how they will handle backwards comparability, hadnt thought of it that way, but you bring up a good point of view. Be able to play any existing PS3 game you own on your PS4 through the cloud, as long as you own the disk. Great Idea

        • Raul Juarez

          Read the Q and A. You dont need a disk. It is a streaming service. The only thing we dont know is if it will be separate from psn+ or a its own payed service. The fact you need a disk for a ps3 upgrade is so you don’t trade in your ps3 copy of say cod ghost, bf4, ac4 and watchdogs. This is why you still need the disk for those particular games. For all future games you dont need a previous disk.
          If you did that would make gaikai pointless and redundant.

          • Steven Then

            Again, I understand how the service works and I am not referring to the upgrade incentive they’ve just announced. I am referring to the fact that I already own a PS3 game, I should not have to pay extra to play it via Gaikai. I would not be surprised if Gaikai is a separate service and it is not included in PS Plus. Just look at music unlimited and videos unlimited. Those services are not a part of the PS Plus package, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Gaikai follows the same structure. As a Plus member we may receive a discount but Gaikai will not be free.

            Let’s use the following example to help clarify my point. Let’s say Gaikai costs $30 a year. In order for me to play GOW3, I will have to sign up for Gaikai even though I already own the game (physical or digital). Now, with Sony’s track record with them being all about the gamers as of late, I think allowing us to insert the PS3 version of the game we own and playing it via Gaikai for free would be the right course of action. This would benefit them in two ways. 1st, people who like to purchase physical copies of games would benefit from this and Sony would benefit from a sale. 2nd, people would not have to keep their PS3 and PS4 out in order to play their PS3 games. It has been stated that Gaikai’s vision is to have ALL PS3 games available but we all know at first, it will be their top rated games, ie: GOW, Uncharted, etc. What If I wanted to play a game that isn’t available in the service but I have in a disc form?

            Yes it may sound pointless and redundant but there is no way for Sony to acknowledge the fact that we own the physical copy of the game without it being registered. The only way to register the game is to have it inserted into the PS4 and registered to our PSN account.

          • Raul Juarez

            Ok…, Good for you… You are getting close to the point of gaikai.
            Gaikai is a service intended for people that are not keeping a ps3 or switching from 360 to ps4. If you have a ps3 there is no need to sign up for the service.
            Take me for example. I am willing to trade in my ps3 in order to have enough money for both xbone and ps4. I would personally pay extra to get gaikai streaming service to play Beyond 2 souls. I dont mind doing that.
            Sonys music service doesn’t hold up because there are tons of better alternatives. Also cheaper. There are no other services like Gaikai at the moment especially if they will only play ps titles. OnLive doesnt count because it was a service that took a chance but regrettably was not given a fair or good chance.

  • kreator

    Haha, in other news.. XBO FTW!

    • jdp12


      • kreator

        Haha, in other news.. XBO FTW!

    • cell989

      xbone isnt winning anything dude-bro, nothing but bad unfriendly news come out of that box

  • satam55

    :smh: The slow downloads speeds are because the PS3 has an outdated wi-fi chip that Sony never bothered to update to the newer wi-fi standard in hardware revisons or slim re-releases. If you connect your PS3 via Ethernet, you won’t have these issues.

    This won’t/isn’t be an issue on the PS4 or Vita.

    • Sean Mesler

      I download via Ethernet and it’s slow as hell.

      • Matt Berial

        I download via wireless and wired and it still downloads pretty fast in my opinion.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Is he only limited to 9 characters per reply? At least he gets spaces for free!

  • Noni

    Sony better make sure PSN evolves….and fast. Its a second-rate online service. I was stuck downloading a 4 gig demo that took hours and hours last night. I had to manually pause it and restart it for it to kick in at a half way decent speed. Hardcore/competitive gamers aren’t going to turn a blind eye. We aren’t fan boys. We just want the console that will allow us the best opportunity to compete against the greatest talent pool. If online matchmaking is full of lag and the online services are like they are now for PS3 then the ceiling is going to cave in on PS4. Its time for Sony to step up.

  • BrothaDave

    So no using the code then selling the game back? That’s good I guess, one of the biggest things I’ve been fighting with is waiting to buy certain games to get the PS4 version instead. I’m still disappointed there will be no GTAV for the PS4, at least that’s what they are claiming. I’m still confused as to why they wouldn’t have made GT6 for PS4 also but maybe they will surprise us

  • ali

    i used to get slow speeds at psn.. but i found out a work around.. i download now only at night.. i get full speeds.. during day time i dun get good speeds.. btw im from pakistan… i normally download after 11pm pakistan standard time.. and the speeds are fantastic.. before i used to download during day and evening and i would get really lousy n shitty speeds.. i download normally from uk psn.. but any psn works around tht time.. tho.. since i also downloaded things for my friend on his ps3 from us psn..

  • Sean Patterson

    It’s seriously ridiculous that people care so much about internet comments.