TGS 2013: Check Out 31 Detailed Pictures of the PS Vita TV, a Yellow PCH-2000 Vita, Its New Mini Charging Station and More

on September 20, 2013 2:34 AM

If you live in the west, this may be the closest and most detailed look you’ll get on a PS Vita TV and on the new PCH-2000 PS Vita for a while.

The two incarnations of the new style of the Vita by Sony Computer Entertainment are being showed at Tokyo Game Show and in the gallery below you can see some very detailed shots of both, including the new mini charging station, which is basically just a standard USB cable with a cradle for the Vita to stand on it, the fantastic Gundam Breaker Starter Pack, a couple shots of the PS Vita area of Sony’s boots and a few bits and bobs.

I have to say, that neon yellow vita is tempting but the pink version is the most fetching. Have I gone crazy? It isn’t even the first time I feel the pull of a pink console. I almost bought a pink PSP once…

If you want to see the PS4 and the Xbox One with the same level of detail, don’t worry, we got you covered here: PS4, Xbox One.

(Pictures are courtesy of 4Gamer, Nikkei, and Twitter users David Shimanski, Tadosuke and Ruttan)

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