The Latest Mighty No. 9 Update Swoops in With a New Podcast Featuring Artist Kimo Kimo

on September 20, 2013 8:09 PM

It’s Friday and you know what that means–another update with another podcast straight from the development team for Mighty No. 9. This week, the special guest is one of the crazy talented artists for the project, Kimo Kimo. The podcast itinerary has been posted below:

00:30 – 05:15
Last Week In Review 05:16 – 15:24
PayPal 15:25 – 19:11
Kimo Kimo Interview 19:12 – 39:44
Becker Skype Questions & Answers 40:20 – 1:01:15
Becker Twitter Questions & Answers 1:01:16 – 1:02:30
Closing Comments 1:02:31 – 1:06:05

And the podcast itself can be found here (click on the link to listen or right-click to download). If you want to contribute to Mighty No. 9 directly, go here to do that (or over here for PayPal). There’s also a neat little gallery below featuring some cute sketches Kimo Kimo drew of Mighty No. 3 and Beck.

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