TGS 2013: Final Fantasy XIV Has Over a Million Players: Info and Relevant Screencaps from the Live Letter

During the first Letter from the Producer Live held at Tokyo Game Show, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Naoki Yoshida Gave some interesting information about the state of the game and its future.

First of all, Players will be able to transfer their characters to a world of their choice from early October, for a limited time only. Secondly crossover contents with Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XI are coming at the end of the year (you can check them out in the gallery)

Version 2.1 will include the following content: Good King Moogle Battle, Extreme Titan, Garuda and Efreet, one new dungeon (Pharos Sirius) and two hard mode dungeons with different mechanics for the bosses, player housing for all three city states, the Wolves’ Den PVP Arena,treasure hunting, hard modes against special bosses, beastmen daily quests and content finder random matching.

Some hard data has been given about the game’s population as well. The game has 1,080,000 total unique logins (IE: unique players) since its release, 617,000 daily unique logins, and 344,000 peak concurrent users (IE: users connected at the same time). This is pretty impressive considering that sales of the game have been suspended for two weeks in order to solve the congestion of the servers. We’ll have to see if they’ll increase further now that sales are open again.

Below you can see all the relevant screencaps from the livestream, that also show the distribution between jobs, roles, races and genders of the characters created so far.

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  • RovCal

    really happy for square. i hope it continues to sell well.

  • Quincy

    This is good news. Now let’s hope that 1mil actually sub. but I’m not too worried. Can’t wait on updates.

  • Sharess / Liono Dragonstar

    This is amazing news. We here @ TribeGaming ( are very excited for these changes and these transfers. Tribe is established gaming community for the past 12+ years over many MMOs, Tribe has a large Free Company (200+ Players) and have many characters still on different realms waiting to join the Tribe Free Company on the Leviathan server.
    If you’re looking for something more than a guild give us a look at today! We also do sever events such as Scavanger Hunts and Chocobo Races (First 2)

  • Michael Norris

    I am waiting for the Ps4 version..played the Ps3 version seems a bit ”slow” to me.Not saying the Ps3 version is crap because it’s not just i been gaming on my Pc as of late and not used to low FPS.I really want to play on an MMO on a console again.