SCEJA President Explains that Sony Was Surprised by The Positive Reaction of Gamers to PS Vita TV

At times, when you introduce a product to the public, things go better than expected, and that seems to be definitely the case with the PS Vita TV, as expressed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano in an interview on 4Gamer.

Kawano-san explains that Sony expected the TV-based spin-off of the PS Vita to appease those that don’t normally play games, but the reaction of actual gamers surprised them.

However, when you look at the reaction from gamers, it was unexpectedly positive. Examining the data from the PlayStation Store, very often the new PS Vita is preordered together with the PS Vita TV.

Apparently [the reason] is “We want to play Vita games on a big screen.” There also seem to be a lot of people that want to purchase it together with the PS4 in order to enjoy the remote play feature.

It’s also because the price is affordable, but the quantity initially allocated is all preordered. This was unexpected.

To be completely honest, I’m almost tempted to say¬†“No s*it, Sherlock!” Gamers have been asking for a while to be able to play PS Vita games on their TV, so I’m actually surprised by Kawano’s surprise. Sure, the PS Vita TV can definitely fit in the casual market as well, but it’s hard not to see its appeal to core gamers.


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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Yeah like me. Except I’m hardcore. I want this now!

  • Cubx

    I was and am still excited about this. I wanna play Killzone Mercenary on my tv!

  • PS Vita Roundup

    Incredible how companies will ignore, even deny or disparage tidal waves of user comment, until it suits them.

  • Anime10121

    No duh, been waiting for something like this since Vitas release. PSP had it, so why the hell didn’t Vita?! Still would’ve preferred an option similar to the PSPs (a cable instead of an entirely separate box) but I’d GLADLY take this.

    • xbox oneR

      sony want more money , dumbass

  • GaySkull

    Sometimes Sony under estimate us gamers. Ha ha !

    Demon’s Souls, anyone?

  • Carlo

    I think their goal of an ecosystem of hardware working with each other is completed with this. Good job Sony. Though I might not get this since I prefer my vita games on the portable. Its still a welcome option at that price

  • rpgmaniac

    This is a must have for those who prefer play games on their big screen & never play on handhelds so if there is any good exclusive for Vita that interest them but they don’t want to buy a Vita in order to play it now they can, & I’m one of those guys that don’t like playing on handhelds PS VITA TV now give us the option to play any game not available in PS3/PS4 on our big screen exactly what we want, good job SONY for release something like that but this things must come west this is more needed in US/EU because here we have more console gamers & less who play on handhelds compare to Japan so yeah bring it here SONY!

  • Aristides

    I want to play PSP/PSV games on my TV! 720p without the heavy cable purchases on the original PSP.