Sony Considered TV Connectivity for the PS Vita, Then Scrapped the Idea and Made the PS Vita TV

Many asked for the possibility to connect their PS Vita to their TV, and that possibility almost became a reality but was ultimately discarded, as explained by Sony Director of the Second Division of Software Development Muneki Shimada and Hardware Planning Division Manager Kiyoto Shibuya in an interview on the Japanese tech website AV Watch.

The question was prompted by the revelation by Shimada-san that the upscaler used by the PS Vita TV to adapt games to 1080i resolution for display on a TV screen is already included in the current model of the PS Vita. At that, the interviewer asked if the original PS Vita was supposed to feature TV connectivity:

Shimada-san confirmed, and Shibuya-san clarified further.

With the PSP, connection with a TV was available since the PSP-2000. At that time there was a discussion on whether it was good to have a cable attached to the back of the console going to the TV with motion controls.

At the end of that internal debate, we decided that splitting between the “portable Vita 2000” and the “PS Vita TV” was the ideal solution.

Personally, I would have preferred the option to attach a cable to my Vita, with no real care for motion controls, But I guess I’ll take the Vita TV. It’s much better than nothing.

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  • theodor70941

    They should make TV on vita since that would make people who aren’t into games to maybe buy the vita just because of the TV features and it’s cheaper then a phone/tablet and then as a end result maybe they’ll buy games from PSN as a extra!!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Eh, for those kind of people the Vita TV is exactly the ideal solution, as they won’t really care to carry it around.

      • GaySkull

        With lots of cross platform games PS Vita TV is a poor kid’s PS3 that acts like a PS Vita TV adapter.

  • Dollow Rlance

    I only see TV connection good for Reviewers and “Let’s Players”, other than that I don’t really see the need for it, I have every version of the PSP and I had the cables to hook it up to a TV, but I never found myself needing to use the feature, and with the PSVita I see it even more pointless.

    Sorry if I am missing the point to the idea of loss TV connection happening, :-/

  • ruefrak

    I guess the best of both worlds approach would be to connect the Vita to the TV and then play games using the Dualshock3. That way you get the benefits of the VitaTV without having to buy another device. Though at this point you would at least need an adapter that plugs into the mystery port on the Vita.

  • Anime10121

    This doesnt make sense…PsVita TV STILL doesnt have motion controls does it? Or is it just touch screen gaming that doesnt work?

    • Michael Norris

      Well when DS4 is out everything can work..also Sony can remap some of the touch controls to the controller.

      • Anime10121

        I agree about the DS4, but to hope for Sony to remap the touch controls to buttons…I dont think their willing to do the extra coding 🙁

        • jdp12

          you hold down L3 / R3 to use touch controls, 34 vita games will work at the Japanese launch, many more when PS4 is released

          • Anime10121

            Let us hope 😀

          • Dollow Rlance

            I honestly think older games, such as Uncharted GA & Gravity Rush, will be unplayable as I do not see Sony or any developer wanting to go back just patch a game for PSVita TV, I think it will the same thing with early PS3 games with no Trophies, some get them other will be out of luck.

          • Anime10121

            And that, is my initial fear, and thusly, my hesitation towards getting a Vita TV…

          • Dollow Rlance

            If you have a PSVita I don’t see the problem, just play them there.

            The PSVita TV I don’t see it as a mean of playing Vita games on TV, that is pointless, It is for those older game that you have such as the PSOne classics and PSP games, and when it comes out and works like a charm, Gaikai to stream the whole PS library of games. It just that Sony decided that they would use the PSVita UI to make it so that did not have to create one, that’s why it could play PSVita games, it was just the bonus not the reason.

          • Anime10121

            Dont have a Vita, was waiting for them to come out with a way to play on a tv. Dont really use handhelds unless i absolutely have to, as they are hard on me eyes…

            You may not see a purpose in it, but many others do. I myself think it’d be pointless to play older games and PSP games this way when there are other (cheaper/better valued) alternatives. This so far, is the ONLY way to play Vita games on a large screen.

          • Dollow Rlance

            I will be up front, I do not believe the PSVita TV is for you at all.

          • Anime10121

            Explanation for your reasoning behind your statement?

          • foureyes oni

            these handhelds aren’t hard on my four eyes but i do hate staring at the tiny screen so this is exactly what i’ve been waiting for for the vita.