Square Enix Shares Details and First Screenshots of Dragon Quest X’s Upcoming Expansion

on September 23, 2013 11:54 AM

Today Square Enix Shared some details and the first official batch of screenshots of the upcoming expansion of Dragon Quest X titled Sleeping Heroes and Allies on the Road Online.

Players will be able to sail on the Grand Titus to the land of Rendasia, that was previously surrounded by impenetrable fog (this sounds familiar).

New characters will also appear in the story. Zankrone is a kind warrior with a warm heart. Mishua is a mysterious girl that lost her memories, while Crows is a strange man that will give the heroes advice time and time again, but his purpose is shrouded in mystery.

As previously revealed, players will be able to unlock the Monster Master job, and become friends with the critters they’ll fight in order to use them as personal Pokémon. Initially there will be 10 different pets, and they will level up by fighting. They’ll also be able to use emotes.

Finally, the casino named Rakkaran will open in Astoltia. The casino will feature roulette tables that can host up to eight players each and slot machines.

Below you can check out a nice gallery showing off the characters and content described above.

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