Sony’s SVP Gives New Info on the PS4’s Noise Level, Power Consumption, Media Performance and More

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice president and Director of Business Unit 1 Masayasu Ito isn’t as well known as Shuhei Yoshida between PlayStation fans, but given his technical role he’s the best person to ask about some of the most technical aspects of the upcoming PS4. Today he gaver some extremely interesting information about the console as part of an interview on the Japanese tech site AV Watch.

Here’s a summary of the most relevant points:

  • While being always online is not necessary, a network connection is important to fully enjoy the features of the PS4.
  • The PS4 will initially act as a stand-alone web server for the PlayStation App. In the future there’s the possibility of this to be expanded through the cloud, with the PS4 and PlayStation App interacting through the cloud, allowing cooperative play between multiple players.
  • The secondary chip for ultra-low power operation will mostly activate at night from 1 to 4 AM and download any required update automatically. It will also activate when software is purchased through external means like the PlayStation App.
  • Power consumption will vary greatly depending on the performance of the game played.
  • The noise level of the console during operation is generally much lower than it was on the PS3.
  • The PS4’s cooling fan has a low noise level and stepless speed control (meaning that it will increase its speed to match heat smoothly and not in sudden steps like the one on the PS3).
  • Since the Blu-Ray player is 6x instead of 2x (like the one on the PS3 was), the spinning noise is actually louder. Ito-san feels it’s not annoyingly louder and it will be countered by caching data on the hard disk drive. It’ll be mostly audible during the initial spin-up.
  • The Audio/Video performance (for movies and music) of the PS4 will target PS3 levels at launch, but will be improved through updates, for instance with the addition of 4K, as Sony is also an Audio/Video company.
  • The theme of the PS4 is “Personalization”, meaning that it will offer an experience tailored to each individual.

There you have it: looks like quite a lot of thought has gone into making the PS4 easier on your ears (the stepless fan controll is a big improvement there) and on your power consumption. We’ll have to see how this will actually work in real life, but the data provided by Ito-san is definitely interesting.

(thanks Kamuymintar for the tip)

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  • jdp12

    Good news all around

  • craig

    what video formats is it supporting

    • jdp12

      4K/3D blu ray, dvd, 4K/HD streaming

      • usrev

        think he means file formats.. like .avi .mpg. etc. the ps3 can’t play .mkv (which is a very common format that became popular somewhat recently) I hope ps4 can run it

        • bigevilworldwide

          Thats cause they don’t care about those who steal mkv is the format that everyone who pirates movies wants to download them in

          • Balalaika

            .MKV offers better compression of files.

            Its open source software player/tools support is pretty good due to specifications and libraries

            Quality-wise, better GUI for muxing tools and more idiot-proof.

            Support for almost any codec. MP4 does not support AC3 streams out of the box

            You can use multiple audio tracks, chapters, subtitles with advanced typesetting and embedded fonts, etc.

            Oh and so you know the most pirated and used formats are .AVI and .MP4 since almost every device play those files. Ignorant people are the ones ruining slowing down and criticizing progression.

          • Daz

            MKV is a container x264 is the codec they use mostly but you can put what ever you want into it

    • Greeny

      Das wat I wanna know

  • PhantomVash808

    Good news about the noise level because my PS3 has been getting noisy this year.

    • usrev

      buy canned air (basically compressed air in a can with a thin straw nozzle thing) and blow it into the back of the ps3 (unplug it first.) blow through the air vents and stuff as well. it should help a lot.

      • iMixMasTer

        All that does is just blows the dust back inside the ps3. If you don’t want to 1/2 ass it open up the ps3 and do a full clean. Or you could even use a shop vac to pull the internal dust out

  • benbenkr

    Now, if only Sony allows h264 and mkv playback on the PS4 it’d be the perfect console… unlikely it’ll happen of course.

    • bigevilworldwide

      They don’t care about pirates who steal and whats most convienent for them

      • Bob Saget

        Pirates? I rip my Blu-Ray movies into MKV format so that I can keep my collection digitally as well. It’s a great video container.

    • quinten488

      Yeah, that’s a gripe I have about mkv videos too.

    • The Truth

      h264 is completely supported by the PS3. h264 is AVC or the standard bluray codec. What matters is what container the file is in. Mkv is not suported because it is a pc only container, meaning, you need a pc for it to work. PS3’s run on linux. Linux HATES MKV files. That is why it isn’t supported.

      • benbenkr

        That’s what I said… h264 AND mkv. The PS3 only supports h264, not the mkv container, everyone knows that.

      • mortenslotthansen

        Linux loves mkv – as it is an open container standard. Everyone can implement support for mkv if they like. Even Android plays mkv with the right player app.

      • ali

        my samsung tv plays mkv just fine.. dunno wat your talking about.. ps3 should have played mkv and i hope ps4 plays mkv files..

        • WolfyZA

          Here here to that!!! Saying MKV is a PC only file is absurd and just plain stupid just about every media player on the market has it as a standard!!!

          I have a strong feeling MKV will be one of the media files for the PS4 this time around. It is a more popular if not replacement to the avi file format.

        • Bri

          Yes, my LG TV will have more media playback functionality than a PS4. Hurray for progress!!!

    • Suzaku Kururugi

      Here’s hoping. I pretty much had to stop watching anime once subbers switched to mkv. Crunchyroll ain’t getting shiiieet from me.

      • Ryumoau

        i wish there was a dub version of crunchyroll that wasn’t a lame scheduled programming like Neon alley is. Hopefully netflix will pick up some more anime in the future.

    • Ryumoau

      yeah, that would be great.

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  • TristanPR77

    The theme for PS4 is personalization! I like that.

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  • usrev

    I hope I can stream movies from my laptop to my ps4 and watch them on the big screen like ps3, I also hope I can stream them to the console and SAVE them so I can watch them with no lag.

    also, if ps4 could play .mkv that would be great.

    • The Truth

      If you can pirate movies, I’m pretty sure you could figure out how to set up a media server. I’m also pretty sure you could figure out how to convert a media file. PS4 uses LINUX. MKV WONT HAPPEN.

      • mr right

        but i stream mkv through the ps3 media server as long as the codec for it is installed on my pc

        • null

          Yeah but that requires both the PS3 and the computer to be on and working. Why is this necessary when MKV is an open standard and can be done on the PS3 alone?

      • Balalaika

        Why does wanting to stream movies from One’s PC equate to pirating? Theres also the fact that even people who know how to use a computer for things besides going of facebook and youtube doesn’t mean people know how to set up a media server too.

        • Kamille

          because the only ones that use MKV files are pirates. When you buy digital copies from a place like Amazon, the media container works on virtually any device that can play movies.

      • null

        You do realize, “The Truth”, that MKV is an open standard is very widely supported on Linux, right? In fact, it’s one of the most popular formats for Blu-Ray rips.

        • WolfyZA

          I guess he never heard of openelec then…

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  • Megaman

    Lmao an nobody caught that???You guys are so blind its not even funny anymore…Bios is at a all time high

  • Megaman


  • Saul Martinez

    Id like to know what type of media files will PS4 support.

    • Ryumoau

      do you mean like videos? i am as well. Hopefully at least every video file type that ps4 supported but i’d also like the ability to somehow import subtitles when i copy videos from my pc to ps3.

      • Saul Martinez

        Yea its really not that hard, its just language translation. All I want is MKV support lol

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Getting the Xbox One on launch since it has the best games right now, getting a PS4 if it’s available early 2014

    • killer of morons

      the ps4 release 15 november this year

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    I will hold off on buying this for a while. I’m waiting for the certain hardware failures this thing surely will have. You can’t expect to have that much horsepower in a small case with an internal psu and think it will be okay..

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Hello, meet miniaturization. It’s 2013, not 1993 😀

    • iMixMasTer

      Clearly this one has a short memory of the launch 360 hardware failures. Don’t you remember that 33% rrod fail rate?

      • da Boss

        Yes, but Sony is actually good at making hardware. Unlike the complete amateurish, morons down at MS HQ

        • iMixMasTer

          yup thats the price they pay being primarily a software company.

  • Ryumoau

    All of this makes me happy. Glad to hear that aside from the disk spinning, the console will overall be much quieter than the ps3 was.

  • shimme

    Hope he means the ps3 slim and not the fat. Being quieter than the fat is not saying much

    • da Boss

      Hopes hes talking about the super slim, my old slim could still get pretty loud sometimes. The knew slim is much quieter, though the disc is a bit louder. Still overall quieter.

  • JesusTheDestroyer

    The noise levels of all the PS3 models never bothered me at all. I had an intercooler on my 360 to keep it from dying and that was like a 747 engine spinning up.

    • TooSwift

      1.5 years ago i had a slim and a cooler on the top yea after it got hot so many times. it goes out of whack especially on its side did sound like that switch to ps though.

  • da Boss

    That last personalization bit has me excited. Wonder what they’ll let us personalize? And the secondary chip is also pretty cool.

  • Wanderlei

    HAHAHA they basically saying the ps4 is always online or they will gimp features and will even have updates pushed without user consent.

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    “The PS4 will initially act as a stand-alone web server for the PlayStation App. In the future there’s the possibility of this to be expanded through the cloud, with the PS4 and PlayStation App interacting through the cloud, allowing cooperative play between multiple players.”

    uhhh, what does this mean exactly? could someone explain, please =D

  • RealityCheck2013

    All sounds COOL:P

  • Jessenia Lopez


  • MattS71

    I just want to know how hot it will be…my PS3 can heat up a room and in the Summer, its very very unpleasant

    • foureyes oni

      sounds like my gaming computer i just leave it on in the winter time to keep my room warm lol.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    So the 6x means how fast the PS4 will read discs compared to 2x on PS3? Hence the louder noise when it spins right?

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  • FanP89

    Any idea if it support dual voltage?

  • Bri

    Whatever, no DLNA and likely no MKV. Sony can go suck it. I’ll just play PC games forever.

  • Pablo Ferreira

    I am going to trade my ps2 for a
    PlayStation 4 in August 2014

  • Pablo Ferreira

    I am going to trade my ps2 for the PlayStation 4 in August 2014