Robin Williams Betrays Nintendo, Looks Forward to Xbox One, Still Hasn’t Seen PS4 or Wii U

on September 25, 2013 4:02 PM

Remember all the Nintendo commercials with Robin Williams? He even called his daughter Zelda due to his love for Nintendo’s prominent franchise. Well, today he revealed as part of a Reddit AMA that his next generation choice may be something entirely different.

I’m playing a game called Battlestation Pacific. I’m looking forward to the next Xbox. I can’t imagine the graphics being any better. It will be like these characters are living in your house. I’ll have to be doing duck and cover just to get to the bathroom!

For the WiiU or the PS4, at this point I haven’t seen them yet but I might have to check into the cyber wing at Betty Ford.

Will he change his mind once he sees the Wii U or the PS4, or maybe Williams will call his next son Master Chief?

Below you can check out his commercial for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, filmed together with his daughter Zelda. You’re allowed to shed a tear, as it might very well become a thing of the past, just like the epic beard he sported at the time of the picture displayed at the top of the post.

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