Sony Japan SVP Talks about the PS4’s Design, New Colors, USB 3.0, difference with Xbox One and More

Yesterday we published a summary of an interview to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice president and Director of Business Unit 1 Masayasu Ito about the technical specifications of the PS4, but there’s a second interview on, and this one is just as interesting, talking about the PS4’s design process, possible new colors, the reason why the USB 3.0 technology was chosen, what he feels about the difference with the console’s most direct competitor and more.

Here’s a handy summary of the most relevant points made:

  • Affordability was an important goal when developing the PS4, since even if you make a great hardware, it’s hard to sell if it’s expensive. However, performance had to be high as well. It wasn’t easy to strike a balance between these two factors.
  • A number of different designs were considered, but the final design was adopted because it felt “new” but it also shown the DNA of PlayStation, especially from the PS2 era.
  • Ito-san pushed for the adoption of USB 3.0 technology. While 2.0 was commonplace while the console was being designed, it was argued that 3.0 will become mainstream after the console’s release.
  • The USB 3.0 technology is also indispensable for the PlayStation Camera. While the connector has a special shape, its technology is still USB 3.0. The PlayStation Camera’s resolution could not be achieved with USB 2.0 tech due to lack of bandwidth.
  • Playing Full games on the PlayStation App will be difficult (today Shuhei Yoshida actually outright denied that possibility) due to the controls that are significantly different from the DualShock 4.
  • The evolution of the DualShock 4 controller is the result of a long trial and error process. It’s been fine-tuned due to the feedback from user tests repeated many times.
  • The L2 and R2 buttons received some pretty delicate adjustments to their resistance to pressure due to developer feedback. Their angle was also improved. Materials and shape of the controller were reviewed from scratch to increase the comfort and grip.
  • The release of different colors of the DualShock 4 (which will available in blue and red as well as black) was due to a strong request from the marketing department.
  • Designers were made aware of the possibility of color variations of the console itself from the beginning, and were first asked to design freely and then narrowed the amount of designs down. They were asked: “I want you to to this assuming color variations”.
  • Ito’s impression of the Xbox One is that it tries to be an entertainment device, on the other hand PS4 focuses on games. of course PS4 also does entertainment, as Sony is an Audio/Video company after all.
  • CD Playback was not included because the idea is to enjoy a variety of content by connecting to the network, so for music you can enjoy it through Music Unlimited. In addition to that when you take photos and videos you can save them to the cloud and enjoy them from there. The PS4 expresses its true value by connecting to the net.

So there you have it. So, what colors would you like for your PS4? Personally, I’m sticking with black. My only non-black console is my Ice White 3DS at the moment, and I plan to keep the same trend, at least until the PS Vita TV gets released. That one does look awesome in white.

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  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    do people actually own CD’s these days? lol =P

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I actually have quite a rich collection, but honestly I don’t plan on using the PS4 for them.

      • Pyrotek85

        That was my thought too. Anyone who has a big collection of CDs probably has a better system to play them on.

    • Michael Quiroz

      People who care about good sound do but its normally because digital playback tends to lack over the quality of files instead.

    • vicfermino

      I collect them, even though I rarely open them to listen.

      • OMGitsSexyChase

        yeah, I did that until about last year when I started using the Amazon mp3 store since it connects all my devices

    • Patrick Lee

      Normally no, but I did just recently buy Daft Punks new album on CD on account of me driving a different car without aux input

  • Nicholas Perry

    LOLWUT. NO CD Playback? What the ?!

  • PrinceHeir

    would have love a CD playback

    then again you can just extract the files onto a USB and load it there to be stored on PS4 😛

    • gamerguy

      We still don’t know if we can use external HDD to access music, pix, videos…I asked Yoshida, but didn’t get an answer….

      • isarai

        trust me you can, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t especially since the PS3 did it just fine

        • gamerguy

          I know, but if they don’t actually say so, then I can’t take it as gospel 🙁 when I saw the interface I saw nothing for HDD like it would be on PS3. Fingers and toes are crossed though! And still no confirmation on Netflix….

  • da Boss

    lol a CD, what is this, 1994?

  • gamerguy

    What I wanna know is, will we still be able to use our External HDDs to listen to music, watch films etc…and/or copy them to the PS4 hdd. I need to know this!

  • mantas

    Two tone silver and black alternating would be cool…

  • old school gamer

    no CD playback??? internet connection 90%???? nah skip ps4 stick with my offline ps3 which also playback CD’S with 4 usb ports USD,MICRO ports for digital pictures. anyone kno ps4 have bluray drive?? if not im SERIOUSLY not buying ps4.

    • Bristow9091

      You’re a whole different kind of retard, aren’t you?

    • Kayoss860

      Dude went full retard.. you never go full retard.
      You’re eliminating the PS4 due to the lack of CD playback? The PS4 have Bluray drive a 6x. Currently the PS3 have a 2x speed bluray drive.

  • old school gamer

    so far PS4 line-up is not impressive. they say ps4 will be like ps2 all over again with variety if true then we should see more side scrolling games coming and lest bullsh’t first person shooters then. how LONG can you play CALL OF DUTY and its clones?? battlefield company,halo, haze,metal gear solid,beyond 2 soldiers,destiny all the dang freakin zombie games REALLY?? this generation of games is nothing but killing, blowing body parts off. even NINJA GAIDEN has changed to bloody blood bath feist. what is wrong with these developers??? and they say illuminati is not behind this manipulating people mind to kill.
    all the non violent games you lucky to hear about them. a game like MIGHTY # 9 good game but im sure CAPCOM will try to block the final development.

    • James

      Did we learn nothing from the PS3 launch?

    • brad

      You should love indies then I have no idea what you are complaining about

  • BrothaDave

    No cd playback? hmmmm there’s something else going on with that if you ask me

  • MrZweistein

    For a company that claims their console is first and foremost about games the launch lineup is weak. Indie games are good but most of them are also available on PC after some time. More AAA titles instead would prove their commitment to games.

  • Bitekr

    My ps3 is a workhorse. it only broke down once and it was blu-ray player which it cost me $80 to replace. I also changed dual shock 2x. i watch movies, play games stream movies etc. my first console was x360 but i sold it for ps3. ps3 is way better. this is orginial PS3 80GB piano 🙂

  • dissapointed playstation fan

    i am highley upset that the system will not allow cd playback or mp3 format so sony is telling me if im playing a game and want to listen to music during a game i have to pay them a monthly fee and listen to the music they have im thinking of canceling my preorder and getting a xbox thats crazy i play alot of fighting games and i love custom sountracks hello sony you dont have all the music i have very dissapointed you could have at least allowed me to play my own music in some way digital or cd

    • cozomel

      Umm, you do know that they are gonna put it back in a patch right?