Check Out the Mighty No. 9 Documentary: Episode Zero; 2.55 Million Mark Reached with New Stretch Goals

on September 26, 2013 8:05 PM

As the crew at comcept USA promised, they’ve revealed a documentary for Mighty No. 9 in the latest update. The campaign has also managed to reach a new stretch goal for an Extra End Stage and Boss and two additional stretch goals have been added.

This preliminary documentary, titled “Episode Zero,” delves into the filming of the original Kickstarter pitch video in Japan and gives viewers a backstage pass into the world of Japanese video game development. It’s 30 minutes long but I highly recommend you watch it.

The campaign has broken the $2.55 Million mark, which gives Mighty No. 9 an Extra End Stage and Boss:

Mighty No. 9 (82)

We also get two new stretch goals:

$2,900,000: Intro Stage and Boss– This mark adds an epic introductory stage—complete with a closing boss encounter—that players will take on before facing any of the Mighty No. boss levels. This will help ease everyone into the world of Mighty No. 9, and serve as a nice primer on the basic game systems and controls.

$3,100,000: Support Character– Beck will get a faithful sidekick to swoop in with special powers at his time of greatest need. The exact form this character will take is not decided yet, so we’ll all be able to see it get conceived and designed together—but it will be some kind of assistant that will drop in for a limited time, help out in some way, and then zoom away.

If you’d like to support the game, go here to make a Kickstarter contribution and over here for PayPal contributions. Meanwhile, check out the documentary below.

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