Hideo Kojima Is Tired of Being Involved in the Console War

Hideo Kojima has been the focus of a lot of discussion lately, especially between those that often try to pull what he says towards one side or the other of the console war. Finally, he decided to speak up and say that he’s sick of it, and he did as part of an interview on Dengeki Online when asked for the millionth time about his plans for the various consoles.

I’m already exhausted from being involved in the console war (laughs). Metal Gear Solid V is being basically developed on PC. That’s the meaning of multi-platform, multi-generation, multi-device. It was originally planned to be made for the current machines.

I can’t help but feeling the same way. I’ve been tired of the console war since the era of the PlayStation 2 and the GameCube. Of course it won’t go away, ever.

One thing slightly irks me, though, since Metal Gear Solid V is developed on PC, maybe Kojima-san should take the idea of a PC version in more serious consideration. And he isn’t the only one.

(Featured picture courtesy of Official PlayStation Magazine UK)

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    • foureyes oni

      i prefer the gif with him looking at the PS4 lol. but yeah the console war is getting tiresome but thats mostly cause its still 2 months away.

      • Ω GUNTZ

        Oh, the blood bath to follow

  • Escopablobar

    Amen. All u fanboys need to CUT IT OUT!

    • Kamille

      why? The world is not black & white. People do whatever the hell they want.

      • Escopablobar

        why? Because it just looks stupid. Fanboyism is petty and only promotes disunity. Keep it simple I always say. Be a fan of the medium and if a person has nothing nice to say then they should just shut up.

  • tubers

    Hopefully he’d consider even a late PC port.

    • Leo Garcia

      MGS never sold on pc so no reason for another attempt

      • Nicholas Perry

        They are making a PC version of Rising though. And MGS1&2 had PC versions

        • Nigg

          That why he said it never sold on PC. As in it didn’t sell enough copies.

  • Gamehard

    How can this guy feel tired? Nobody respects his opinion or his games anyway. This guy is totally overrated.

    • Infinidecimal


      • Kamille

        is just his opinion bro. Everyone has their own version of the truth.

  • KuchikiSentou

    It will go away after this generation.
    Microsoft or Sony will leave the console business after this generation.
    My money is on Microsoft.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Bring it out on PC then. Come’on!!

    • Junior

      Unfortunately, on PC it wouldn’t sell enough to make profit LoL

      • BlastHardcheese

        Yeah, because you are an expert on this stuff, right? I bet you still believe that Piracy is killing the videogame Industry thanks to Studies that, by the way, were funded by publishers.
        I bet those numbers are totally legit, bro!

  • Josué B. Hernández

    The War has change…

  • Starsailor

    multi-platform titles have killed what was good about console-wars. That is competition. Now there is not so much difference anymore between consoles, they all run the same games…it just got boring.

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