Hideo Kojima Visits His “Hero Friends” at Sony, Feels That the Future He Imagined is Becoming Real

While he recently built a solid relationship with Microsoft, Hideo Kojima’s true raise to fame started on PlayStation, so it’s not surprising that he’s fond of quite a few people at Sony.

Apparently today he visited Sony’s headquarter Tokyo to be reunited with some of those friends, also sharing a rather stunning shot of the building (Kojima-san is really a good photographer).

What did he discuss with his old “hero friends?” (I actually checked his equivalent tweets in Japanese, as they often show some slight differences, and he uses the more poetic definition “natsukashii eiyuu,” that can be translated as “nostalgic heroes,” but both tweets come from Kojima-san, so you can pick your favorite version) We don’t know about that, but the visit must have been thought-provoking, as Kojima-San tweeted further:

Looks like the creator of Metal Gear Solid is always thinking ahead, but what is the future he imagined 5-6 years ago that is now becoming real?

Here are a couple relevant quotes from his interviews from that period that might shed some light on what he’s talking about.

In MGS4, yes, I put everything in the cut sequences, which I kind of regret to some extent, because maybe there is a new approach which I should think about. I’m always thinking about it – making it interactive but at the same time telling the story part and the drama even more emotionally. I would like to take that approach, which I am still working on.

If this works, I think I could probably introduce a more interactive storytelling method.

(from Kikizo)

When entertainment becomes digital, there can be a great collaboration between games and other kinds of entertainment like movies or even novels. All these things might form together to form a coherent medium.

I can’t really predict precisely that this will happen in two or three years or whatever. But the trend is there, things are happening and I believe that convergence will happen sooner or later.

(from Reuters)

That was also the time in which he was talking about passing the baton of the Metal Gear series to younger members of his staff, but quite obviously that’s not what he’s talking about here. What is brewing in Kojima-san’s genius brain for the future 5-6 years from now? He did not say, but I can’t wait to see it.

(Featured picture courtesy of PSU.com)

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  • Majd Helou

    Playstation is the house of MGS and kojima-san

  • Hung_real

    Amir0x is fat and ugly

  • You are flat out wrong

    Bet he feels dumb sucking up to Mattrick now.

  • Dexter Morgan

    does this mean a PS4 exclusive 5-6 years from now?

    • PhantomVash808

      Doubt it since FOX Engine is a multiplat engine.

      • Bristow9091

        So is the Unreal engine yet Gears of War is XBOX exclusive 🙂

  • TristanPR77

    Sorry Kojima but after all that paid talk you said about how wonderful the xbone is and then the xbone fiasco since E3 and how bad it has turned out to be I have lost respect for you.

    I know this is business but if it was me I would have paid some respect to the platform that catapulted my career and in your case that was PlayStation.

    • rendermonk

      I agree, I don’t understand why budgets can’t be set and properly adhered to, so that you don’t have to port your game to every system under the sun to make a profit. Metal Gear is a PlayStation franchise. It should have remained there to continue to be a system seller. Just think about this past generation, how when someone mentions Sony exclusives, they say things like Uncharted, Gran Turismo, and Metal Gear Solid 4…..Metal Gear will never again be that “stand out title” that you can only have if you purchase a PlayStation. That’s why exclusives DO matter. I personally believe the loss of exclusivity will be what kills consoles. As we get closer and closer to “hyper-real” game graphics with every title, soon there will be no point in having a console, as it will be available multiplatform on PC as well. It’s the games that can only be played on said console, that makes you HAVE to buy that console. Just look at all the boo-hooers about launch lineups. They’re waiting to buy a console until “the games they are interested in” are available…..meaning they buy the console for the games they wanna play. I can’t spell it out anymore than that!

      • Alex Brown

        I agree and disagree. I disagree that Kojima should stay exclusive to any one system because, in this day and age, it is in every developers best interest to go multi-platform. Games are a hefty investment now, and the price for developing a game is only going to inflate over time. The absolute easiest way for any developer to make the most profits is by making their game available on as many consoles as possible.

        I do agree that consoles are going to become less and less about the third-party exclusives they offer (because there won’t be many) but more about the first-party games. This is where I feel Sony and Nintendo have always shined. Microsoft has some great first-party games, too, namely Halo and Forza Motorsport, but the majority of their exclusives are actually outsourced to third-parties (like Epic), which does not bode well for those games being exclusive “forever”.

        Also, just to add a little something: I really think Sony should start making their first-party games available on PC as well, like Microsoft does for quite a few of theirs. It makes sense from a business standpoint as they would be able to maximize their profits. The most important thing is not how truly exclusive something is, but that those developers we have grown to love, like Kojima, are able to keep making games that we can enjoy.

        • rendermonk

          See it’s that idea of “maximizing profits” that I feel will be what leads consoles to their eventual extinction. I won’t be so foolish as to try and predict the time frame, but it’s the notion that releasing games on as many platforms as possible, in order to achieve the highest possible profit, that will result in there being no distinction between one another. Look at Nintendo…It’s clearly the platform right now, that has a clear distinct software library that you simply can’t get ANYWHERE else. This is why they have thrived for as long as they have. Sure they’re making some poor choices as to when and how those games get released lately, but hopefully they’ll rectify that mess soon.

          I get the business standpoint, of more is better, because it’s more (games on all systems that is). But the lack of definitive software for a single platform, as a platform identinty is falling off. Has been since the end of the PS3 era. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the consoles stagnate and fall off in sales this gen, or only match the current gen, instead of far surpass it. (think PS1 to PS2 console sales, and exclusive software)

          • Alex Brown

            You guys both make some great points, but to rendermonk: If you look at industry trends as any indicator, more people have actually been getting into console gaming as opposed to less. I’m making that statement based off of sales of last gen hardware and overall attach rates. Gaming is becoming incredibly popular and it’s something that all different types of people are getting into now, and I just don’t see that changing anytime soon, especially when you consider how these companies are all trying to appeal to the “casual” market.

            Exclusives have always been a big reason why I game on consoles, and I think they always will be, but that’s why first-party studios exist. As long as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft keep their first-party exclusives in tact, we’ll still see a sense of identity among the consoles. If I want some Halo action, I know it’s Xbox time. If I want some Naughty Dog excellence, PlayStation it is, and so on…

            Now more than ever I feel like the console manufacturers are trying to differentiate from one another more-so by the features they bring to the table that the other consoles don’t. A lot of those features like TV, video chatting, strong indie support, voice interaction and motion control largely appeal to the casual market more than the hardcore, and I personally think that’s smart. Even though I consider myself a “hardcore” gamer, there’s no denying that the casual market is massive, and I can’t begrudge the console makers for each wanting a piece of that pie. We can only hope that, as the industry continues to grow it doesn’t forget it’s hardcore roots altogether. That’s my greatest fear, but given the current lineup of games coming to XB1, PS4, and Wii-U, I think it’ll be a long time before that happens, if at all.

        • nitro_feen

          Sony first party games do well and compared to many other AAA games have a smaleler budget then most so they dont erally have to add it to pc. Plus sticking with just one platform is one reason why sony makes great games. Its all about the graphics engines. They are designed from the ground up for the ps3 and only the ps3 and now ps4 which means they can make the most out of the hardware used. If they started putting these games on pc it would most likely hurt the console versions.Remeber pc games are not just built for the top of the line rigs. if tghey were trust me the games would be much better but would never make back the budget due to limited number of enthusiast gamers compared to the rest

      • nitro_feen

        Thin kabout it. He said he put everything he had into the cut scences with last game and that it hurt his visoin of what the game could have been . I think he decided to go multi plat so he didnt have to make sacrifices with the next one. Keeping the cut scenes awesome but improving gameplay ten fold. I just dont see how we would have gotten a open world metal gear done right if he hadnt. Not sure about everyone else but I will be playing this game on playstation 4 where it will probably be the best vesrion.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Just DUMP MS Kojima!!! LoL:D

  • foureyes oni

    the future game i imagined won’t come about for at least 15 to 20 more years.

  • nitro_feen

    I see a movie and a ps4 exclusive game . Thats if these old quotes have anything to do with what he was talking about in the first place but think about it he mentions media convergence.

  • None of your business

    Kojima…the most overrated guy in video game business

  • Fanboy Buster

    Geez, it’s been 4 years since Metal Gear Solid Rising was announced and people still complain about MGS games being on Xbox?

    I hope you guys remember that Metal Gear originated on the MSX2, a Microsoft computer, back in the 80s. Heck, MGS1 was even gonna be on the 3DO like Policenauts did, and MGS2: Substance actually got an Xbox release before the PS2 and PC versions.

    Point is, MGS will never be PlayStation exclusive. Get over it.

    • johndoe

      lol you know that substance was just another edition of sons of liberty that was a ps2 release a year before right?

  • redaxis

    The only MGS I love and also my all time favourite is MGS 1. The later releases were trash to me.

    • Sudarsan Ragavan

      im pretty sure u didn’t even play MGS3
      did u run away from MGS because of raiden
      MGS 2 showed how pethatic some gamers can be

  • neomahi-217

    Oh. We’ll, that easy. Why would you go to Microsoft and their developers when they’re not lauded by the gaming community. Bungie left and went to Activision but, developers at Sony are synonymous with quality and innovation.

    It wasn’t long ago that Hideo Kojima was kicking around Naughty Dog trying to figure out how the Western Developers did what they did and come out slightly confused. It was all about lasers.

    Kojima was the cream of the crop at one point. I loved his Metal Gear games. But, lets face it, the Japanese development market have lost their ability to innovate like they once did and Western Developers have taken it back. Japanese developers are trying to figure out what exactly is the new thing and then try and duplicate that but, its difficult when winning over the mass market requires you to let go of what you hold so dear. American’s want guns and cars and women that are designed that make sense. Not swords, bouncing all over the place, and women that look like they’re going to have back problems. Not all women are human barbie dolls.

    Kojima is trying to figure out the market and learn the tricks that have always put Sony ahead from within Sony’s internal studios. He then hopes to take that over to the Xbox One and make a fortune off it. Let’s face it. Kojima has abandoned his fanbase and the company that made him him. He’s found this new infatuation with Microsoft and is happy there giving them plenty of attention. What he doesn’t see, is that he’s not going to get what Microsoft promised him. They said: “Kojima-san. Look at the past. We beat out Sony with the Xbox 360 and its popularity. Xbone… (I’m sorry they would have said Xbox One) is going to do just that.” Then what happened? Well, I don’t have to tell you. PS4’s marketing and growing interest pretty much say it all. There’s something up here that just doesn’t mesh well. If Metal Gear Solid V gets any additional love on PS3 and PS4, its not what Kojima would have done in years past. Maybe a additional skin for Snake but, wouldn’t work about anything great.

    Business, is business. Kojima and the future for Kojima seems to be his infatuation with the now extinct Don Mattrick and Microsoft. And its a relationship that’s gonna abuse him.

  • neomahi-217

    As well, loyalty isn’t a bad thing. Fanboyism is an issue but being loyal isn’t. (You can figure out the rest with fanboyism) but with loyalty, you’re showing respect and gratitude to those that helped make you a success however you can. Microsoft didn’t make Metal Gear. Nintendo didn’t either. I bet Sony took the gamble and made the sacrifice to take something nobody else wanted; Just like they did with David Cage when he approached them with Heavy Rain. He’s now with Sony that took the gamble and made his game and he loves them and the fanbase that supported him SO MUCH! that he’s now almost finished with Beyond: Two Souls. I mean, Microsoft tried to demolish Gears of War’s one thing that made it what it was. It was the Lancer but, Microsoft thought they knew better and sent in their execs and tried to tell Epic Games it wouldn’t work and families would hate the idea. Epic had to fight tooth and nail (and somehow managed to keep working with Microsoft). What happened at E3!?! The crowd LOVED it! Next thing you see is Bill Gates in the parking lot asking Cliffy B. if the game will be ready by November. It’s on the Gears of War Limited Collectors Edition Bonus Disc. MICROSOFT ARE MORONS! that and David Cage prove. They’re not gamers! They’re businessmen. Xbone manifests Microsoft’s mentality while PlayStation 4 represents Sony Computer Entertainments. Its a marketed media device vs a marketed gaming platform. Plain and simple. You stick with and are loyal to the ones that take care of make you the success you are, not abandon them for someone that thinks they can do that, but are unable to stand on their own feet.

    • Sudarsan Ragavan

      first MGS was in MSX and ported to Nintendo, MGS was never a ps exclusive
      There are couple of portable versions on nintendo as well
      MGS 1 was on pC
      MGS 2 substance was on xbox
      MGS3 is on 360
      and so does Peace walker
      These corporate slaves are embarrassing themselves
      I and millions own PlayStation brand solely because of MGS series, MGS1, MGS2 and MGS4 are system seller, i would have bought xbox if MGS was a xbox exclusive

  • Nicholas Perry

    Sdfajlskdjflaksjdflkajsdlfkjasdfkjasdfk More like he’s just listening to the people whining about not liking cutscenes finally and not paying attention to all the people who actually LIKED it that way.

  • starscream01

    Metal Gear was on Nintendos system before Sonys….The creator of Metal Gear doesnr owe his allegiance to any one but Konami

    • Imnus

      No, it was on the MSX platform, Sony was one of the main manufacturers of MSX PCs. The NES version of MG was a shoddy port that Kojima refused to make, but nevertheless Konami went above him and made it anyway.

      There have been many MG games that have been multiplatform, however the original MG games aren’t one of them. MGS2 was on XBOX and MGS:R was on the 360.