Ryse: Old and New Builds Compared; 150,000 Polygons vs 85,000 and Better Shaders

There has been a lot of talk about the “downgrade” of the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome, that now sports less polygons per character than previous builds, while shaders have been upgraded and the use of LOD has been removed.

The discourse has even reached Crytek Founder and Ceo Cevat Yerli that tweeted about it to explain that it was a deliberate choice. But how do the two builds stack against one another? We don’t have much material for a comparison, but we do have two relevant screenshots that portray basically the same scene, in the old build with 150,000 polygons per character model and in the new build with 85,000.

Below you can see a through comparison of the two screenshots, and draw your own conclusions (Note: the newer screenshot comes from a livestream, so it’s a bit more blurry. resolution isn’t important towards our comparison though, as what we’re looking at is polygon density and shaders).





The removal of some polygons is somewhat visible (but they mostly look like spurious ones, like the clipping gold part on the armor’s shoulder pad on the right), but we can also notice that the overall feel of the materials is now more realistic and textured, especially on metallic surfaces that now don’t look like polished plastic anymore, and on the skin, that shows more detail (check the neck of the character on the right for instance), while normal mapping also seems better defined with no visible jaggies, as shown by the etching in his armor. That’s most probably due to a higher resolution or less compressed normal map texture.

Which version looks better? That’s for you to decide, as it’s mostly a matter of taste here. Definitely let us know your opinion in the comments. In the meanwhile I leave you with a brief clip showing a dynamic passage from the old version to the new one.

Update: If you want to read further on this topic, and on why raw polygon count doesn’t always tell the whole story, you can find out all about it in my newest article.

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  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    Old looks much much better… it’s a shame they had to downgrade, although the new is still good, 85k is still have an impressive triangle count, also a shame it only runs at 900p

    • Jason Mounce

      The old does look better, although the deceptiveness remains and the secretive. misinformative nature of Microsoft doesn’t make many even want to give them their money let alone games like Ryse.

      85K isn’t good at all, think of it this way as the game is trying to be a showcase for X1 and 85K is ONLY so far spoken about the main character as they had said before that the 150K Poly was the Main characters count alone. By contrast for instance, Nathan Drake on his own and some other main characters in Uncharted 2 were 80K polygon count…. So we have to ask ourselves, “Is this even a next-gen attempt? A PS3 exclusive had similar poly counts, it’s nothing to boast” the only difference is the fact of course that the hardware ‘HAS’ to be better than current gen and so that leaves room for PS3-visuals + Better resolution and calculations, speed from more RAM than its predecessor.

      And yes, with time as developers work on a console more, they’re able to pull out more power out of a console….but, not in the style that Microsoft and their launch-developers are handling it, it’s deceptive, idiotic, boastful only as a means to try to stay head-to-head with Sony who’re being legitimate with their consumers at all times. That and hilariously even though the X1 hasn’t launched yet, the Forza 5 team felt the need to boast in a manner that is Opposite of progress and say this:


      ^ That’s a bad thing to say… and people are already waiting to see if Forza 5 will be the next game to get downgraded. Ehn.

      • Dameon Percival

        You Sony trolls are everywhere worst than cockroaches!

        • Jason Mounce

          I said the old looks better and complimented it, then gave a rational opinion with statistics and facts.

          How does that make me a fanboy, unless you’re admitting to being deranged and irrational? I’m a Troll for using facts and speaking the Truth? You easily-defensive ‘Xbox fanboys’ are clearly not the worst if not prejudgmental and half-witted 😮

          See what I did there?

        • Josiah Grey

          Typical, “If you don’t blindly love this game like me then you’re a fanboy!” pathetic, you’re the real cockroach.

      • HyperionLight

        And what does “around 40k polygons for the higest LOD” say about KZ then?

        And this is a comment from someone that was trying to prove that KZ is so much better, but instead

        “Oh wait, Killzone is a f…. first person shooter while Ryse is a
        3rd person action game. No f… s… Ryse should have higher quality models.”

        So by his account KZ being a FPS should have lower character models anyway, but if that’s the case why is it that the superior ps4 has so many problems running the game at 30fps? And Ryse that is a “3d person action game” should run at what? 1080p60fps?! But isn’t everyone
        saying that the x1 is the inferior console anyway?

        And have you noticed that most of the KZ character models are mostly mechanical which is way easier on the hardware instead of having organic (which Ryse has in abundance) models and still 30fps in sp?

        Not trying to discredit KZ because it is a visually stunning game, but everyone bashing MS and how they lied to everyone – which btw how were they lying exactly, they came out and said that they were having problems keeping the game at 30fps and opted for 85k POLYGONS with no LOD and better shading and stable 30 fps – but how about Sony and deep down because the new trailers ARE NOT what they were showing the first time, so why isn’t anyone bitcching about Sony “lying” about that?

        • Jason Mounce

          Who talked about Killzone before? I haven’t :/

          I’m not sure what you’re honestly rambling about.

          • HyperionLight

            And who exactly was talking about Uncharted or Nathan Drake before?

            As you used Uncharted to compare it to Ryse I used Killzone and guess what “around 40k polygons for the higest LOD” doesn’t sound that good for a showcase game..and that’s by your own accord.

            And btw Sony being

            “legitimate with their consumers at all times”

            You’re not being serious… are you!? Talk about rambling.

          • Jason Mounce

            Killzone wasn’t a showcase :l…. It released in the middle of PS3’s Lifecycle, whereas I’m talking about Launch/Power/Intro showcase. Using Uncharted 2 which was a Current-gen as a means of comparison that it’s just barely scraping what Uncharted 2 had managed to do. Whether you use other comparisons or other games means nothing :/ What Killzone 2 or 3 or whatever it was you were comparing didn’t do in model design, it made up for in atmosphere, level design, shaders, volumetric lighting, etc etc. Models didn’t need anymore for gurrent-gen. You’re derailing the original point of my argument by trying to defensively use other games to bring to light that other games aren’t as high and thus, makes Ryse’ Underwhelming and reduced-boast to be ‘Fine’.

            Well, saying at ‘All times’ was a stretch. I’d not really be serious with that line of wording – but are more legitimate with their consumers ‘Most of the time’ or at least, ‘Moreso’ than Microsoft ever has been.

            Still, your posts have no counter-argument. Nothing can really change that. I said X has similar polygons to Y and X is current gen, Y is next-gen and that, it’s nothing to boast. There is no ‘What ifs’ no Buts, no anything to either counter or go against it, it just is what it is :/ Which is why I don’t even know why exactly you’re trying to argue.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            You do realize he is referring to kz on ps4 right? And is 40k poly’s for it’s models, yet you complain about more than 2x that amount?? … you are just making less and less sense as you go.

          • Jon

            lol @jasonmounce:disqus got owned

          • Jason Mounce

            You wish. My post that is ‘awaiting moderation’ destroys it.

            You’re pretty pathetic though since you easily conform to information about a DEMO.

          • Jason Mounce

            So yea, I’m getting the Xbots trying to argue with me about a game where its DEMO has 40K Polygon characters, yet the full game runs at 1080p and 60FPS and trying to mock it and think it’s a counter-argument against Ryse and its, what was it again?

            900p at 30FPS? LOL I ‘totally’ got owned. What game has the superior visuals, resolution and framerate? Yea, Not Ryse. Ontop of all of that, Killzone Shadowfall is aiming to have 24-player multiplayer ontop of the OWL Drones they may all use collectively all being rendered.

            Anything else?

          • Whatthehecklol

            You really are the one grasping at straws or trying too hard to prove a point.
            Oh I’m sorry is it because you’re blind and think only your opinion counts? oh yes.. you’re one of those people but guess what it doesn’t people have different opinions, go for what you want but that
            I’ve seen NOTHING that’s exciting about killzone it’s a boring arse game with lame ass graphics to draw you in.

          • Jason Mounce

            I’m sorry that you feel that way.

            Although I take no pleasure in seeing how much you’re Struggling. The only thing I can do is pray that you don’t end up hospitalized by attempting to think too hard.

            May Dog be with you.

          • DreadJasper

            ummm…you do know that only the Multiplayer will run at 60fps. and the devs have stated it will have lower levels of detail then the singleplayer. you think they can get 60fps out of the multiplayer when the singleplayer is limited to 30? SUUURE xD
            so yeah…40k polygons is WAY lower then what i would consider “next gen”…unless we are talking about the Wii U here LOL

          • Jason Mounce

            “you think they can get 60fps out of the multiplayer when the singleplayer is limited to 30? SUUURE xD”





            Yes, little fanboy-Brony, I am sure? Though I don’t get how you ‘Tell’ me it runs at 60FPS, then tell me that you’re skeptical about it running at 60FPS? Make up your mind.

            As for 40K polygon count. PS4 hasn’t even launched yet – It’s a Launch game, you can OBVIOUSLY expect hardware and visuals to improve and if you look at the models in itself, you really can’t pick out out them and go “OMG LOOK, BLURRY PIXELS!” – KZ’s models look damn good at 40K :/ and that 40K is distributed to ALL enemies on-screen as far as we’re told. Whilst say in contrast, Ryse has the main character at a high-Poly-count whilst enemies or thugs/fodder-enemies or the like are so far unknown in contrast to KZ having ‘Everyone at 40K’.

          • DreadJasper

            thats because i was never questioning the games ability to run at 60fps in multiplayer. i was stating how it WONT look the same as singleplayer. there is absolutely no way they can double the framerates and still output at 1080p without HUGE scale backs in graphics.
            in regards to your second paragraph, that also means Xbox One games will look better as we get further and further into the generation. and unlike the PS4, the Xbox One actually has hardware and other features that will take time for Devs to fully utilize, such as the ESRAM, Tiled Resources, and the Cloud(that is a huge one which will only get better over time). then there is Kinect, which will add unique gameplay experiences for the Xbox One. so in reality, the Xbox One has more room to grow than the PS4.

          • Jason Mounce

            Saying “the Xbox One has more room to grow than the PS4.” essentially nullifies any credibility you ever had.

            Especially where your reasons for saying that are completely grasping at straws which derive from PR talk and whimsical-wishful-thinking rather than concrete, grounded logic…

            TEH CLOUD WILL MAKE IT LAST LONGER! I bet you don’t even know how ESRAM operates, what it is or its complications outside of what Wikipedia would tell you but you’re certainly crediting it as a means of ‘Its not what PS4 is using and there’s potential, thus it WILL be used and it will be better?”


          • Jason Mounce

            “you are just making less and less sense as you go.”

            Or making enough sense that it confuses your miniscule brain. I fear you’ve been brainwashed by Microsoft and your head is….

            ( •_•)>⌐■-■

            In the Clouds.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            Yup good argument…

          • Jason Mounce

            You mean; “Good Counter”.

            The rest of my points coordinated to you did enough of the counter-points to nullify your own which is why you only responded to THAT one post and not the others.

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            Yes you explained perfectly how 40k polygons is acceptable but 85k is some how attrocious…

          • HyperionLight

            From the moment he thought KZ 2/3 had 40k polygons per character (which by itself tells you all you need to know) and argued how Ryse is no good with only 85k polys even though it had no LOD, better textures, cloth based physics, subsurface light scattering, stable 30fps etc. It became apparent to me that no matter what I say or what link I post, it will always end up in him “proving” anyone – that doesn’t agree with him – wrong…so if you would allow me?

            Mr. Mounce,

            I do hope you will enjoy Killzone SF, – that’s if you intend to get a ps4 and KZ SF in the first place – as much as I and many others will enjoy Ryse and the x1.

          • Jason Mounce

            I’m only really wanting to buy MGSV on PS4 atm and Deep Down. Nothing else really interests me. That and I’m waiting for majority of Sony’s first party studios to show their projects (Outside of Infamous).

            I couldn’t really care about Killzone, it’s like Crysis on PC, it’s like….a Visual-benchmark and that’s it, it’s eye-candy. Eye candy can be measure, it can be tasted, but not everyone will care about it, as it doesn’t to me outside of it being some kind of benchmark if an argument arises about specs or contrasting differences -shrugs-.

          • Jason Mounce

            the 85k is redundant and is a mathematical means of boasting Polygon count that solves nothing in this kind of situation, as I told you. So, what?

            – You have stale and unoriginal characters (Until proven wrong since I don’t know the whole cast and if there’s any real development) that are super-detailed which may only look better because of Armor-styles.

            – That the ’85K Polygon count’ is JUST for the main character and not all models.

            – That it’s an 85K polygon model at the COST of. 900p Resolution, AA/Smoothness, fidelity and at the other cost of it being locked at 30FPS. These are sacrifices that aren’t a proper balance, it’s compensation.

            If it is a boast that the main character is super-looking and if all characters are 40K on Killzone, as the main focus is never really on the main character since it’s not Main-Character/story driven as Ryse likely isn’t as well. We won’t be busy staring at our model except his Back or if we see the camera twist via the cheap little QTE’s that are in the game to show his face go “RAAA” when he slices people.

            It’s….trivial. Unnecessary, and feels like a glimmering light surrounded by a gloomy, dimly lit canvas of every other technical and visual feature of the title. I’d rather have a game that looks fantastic on the TV or Monitor WHEREVER you look because:

            1,440,000 pixels on-screen at 900p and 30FPS and
            2,073,600 pixels on-screen at 1080p and 60FPS will look cleaner.

            Ryse will have a ‘Cleaner’ main character as compensation. Honestly, who SHOULD care except obsessive fans and fanatics who’re desperate?

          • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

            Hmmm … werent you the one who said anything about poly count? You said in your first comment “85k isn’t good at all.” We simply asked why is 40k ok but 85k is not and 100% of your last comment is speculation (or wrong aka 60fps on kz is not true even in mp the game creator admitted it couldnt stay at 60fps) not to mention every poly count is taken from the main characters… like nathan drake from uncharted 2 is 30k (in cutscenes)and he looks no better than any other character in general. It’s just a base definition. It’s not like one will be 85k and the rest are 10k… not to mention they decreased it from 150k to increase shaders lighting and detail levels. So a highly refined 85k vs 40k (highly refined or not) is still better. But you feel free to think they just made one high poly character and the rest are gimped nes models….

          • Jason Mounce


        • Serious Joe

          Uh this guy obviously forgot that kz isn’t struggling with 1080p 60fps on the ps4 lol. They did 30fps cap when they debuted because they knew not the entirety of hardware they were working with. Also their multiplayer is Running 60 fps they did campaign 30 fps for cinimatic feeling. Same reason why movies are not 60 fps…

      • Blazed Up

        I’d say your half trolling with you link that the guy clearly states that while they may be using 100% of the console they will get better with optimization over the coming years (See Forza 2 – Forza 4).

      • Crusina .

        Crysis 3 had 60,000 Polygons per Character…you telling me that uncharted 3 looks better then Crysis 3?

        • Jason Mounce

          That’s the worst comparison I’d ever seen being used….

          A PC game that’s built on an engine and game that’s essentially a PC-Visual Benchmark game annnnnd a console game.

          Well, I could say that characters in Uncharted 2, not 3(lol) looked better….’Looked better’ aka subjective opinion in which the characters were creative, were more than ‘eye-candy’, had personality, weren’t random-faced Koreans to be butchered….but I won’t say that Uncharted 2’s models had better textures, polygon-count, Facial-animation/controllable-muscles, although the Uncharted series and The Last of Us definitely had a superior art style and had superior Animations overall aka Movement and the transition of movement.

          But yeah, doing Console vs PC games isn’t really smart?

      • ThisMan

        Sony troll nice try. Do you know how stupid you look to unbiased observers when you say that the old looks better. It is clear that you are trying to bash anything that comes out of Microsoft. The emperor has no clothes dude. The new “downgrade” looks way better. Do you understand that the number of polygons is way higher than anything on your precious PS4? Even after the supposed downgrade?

        Sony is so legit. Especially when they cover up the massive hacking of their online service and the theft of their customer information for a week before coming clean. So legit.

        • Jason Mounce

          Your comment is so incoherent and blatantly idiotic that I feel I don’t even need to argue or condescendingly think of anything to say to degrade you beyond what you yourself could have possibly done to yourself.

          Only thing I’d scoff and point out is: “Especially when they cover up the massive hacking of their online service”…. WHAT COVER UP?! LOL. They had an internal investigation of their systems to completely and legally find out what had happened, what was taken and what was not taken before making an official statement and you call it a COVER UP? My god, take off the tin foil hat, do you even see what stupidity is flowing through those fingertips of yours?


    • Megaman

      HOW do u think the old one looks better???they made fun of the old look saying it was ugly and the colors were off and bad shading…Come on man GET REAL …i dont care what the counts are the new version looks waaaaaay better stop this nonsense please its not health ….i dont understand why you PS fans cant just be humble and respect great work…I buy all systems so dont call me no troll or fan boy cause your just making your self look worse : )

      • Brian Paquette

        you can not be serious

        • Megaman

          What system are you getting comes November ???

        • Joe_HTH

          He is serious you blind idiot. It’s clear to the see the new looks better, with far better facial detail and skin shaders. The armor now looks like armor instead of tin foil. Lighting is better as well.

      • totheoldschool

        They old one has richer colours and greater detail

        you are retarded

        • Whatthehecklol

          The new one looks A LOT better. the old looks so poor in some pictures if you can’t see that then YOU can’t see or just trying some poor lame attempt for an arguement

          • totheoldschool

            Crytek lied to you morons XD

            ya the one with more detail looks worse

            the one with better textures look worse

            your lame attempt at damage control is noted

    • Joe_HTH

      You’re a blind shill. The new looks far better. But what should you expect from a site called dualshockers.com

    • soap

      it’s not a downgrade it’s a trade off, this wasn’t “the xbox isn’t powerfull enough we need to lower polly count” this was “Oh if add more details remove LOS we have to lower poly count some” The poly count shows NO descernable difference at that number, the differences you are seeing are all things they ADDED to make the game look better.

    • ThisMan

      Ha. Another kid trying to justify his choice of console. the new looks miles better. Look at the wrinkles in his neck. The rain in the background. The better shadows. Better shaders. Just looks better all around. But what do I expect from a site called dual shockers. Sony fans out in force.

  • KuchikiSentou

    That is such a shame. I’d expected big(ger) things from Ryse.
    Is this the latest in Juan80s?

  • Ana Helušić

    Impressive lamebox failure hahaha

    • Eagles83

      Do you purposefully come to comment on an article that features a game for a console that you don’t like? That level of douchebaggery is impressive.

      • Ana Helušić

        another lamebox user

        • Sony Ponies be EVERYWHERE

          Another Sony Pony, trolling it up with all the spare time they have in life. Well done sir. Well done.

          • Ana Helušić

            Yep still 85 000 and a lamebox user ahahhaha

          • Whatthehecklol

            Geezus if you’ve got nothing else better to say brat then don’t say anything else. “Lamebox user hahaha” got to be the lamest attempt yet.

          • Ana Helušić

            Ouu it’s a lamebox user again, hello loser

  • PhantomVash808

    Still looks really good. In my oppinion Crytek always release great looking games but thats all there games really got.

  • truthtellerdealwithit

    Another ugly disgusting xbox exclusive ‘sigh’ QTE and ugly 🙁

  • Guest

    I’m curious why they choose to remove the usage of LoD? Are they running out of time/budget?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No LOD means no pop in, and better quality of distant characters and objects. That’s actually a good thing.

      • Nekrim

        But wouldn’t that put a hit towards peformance ?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Yes it would. Which is why they reduced the polys, or one of the reasons. According to Crytek, it’s a tradeoff.

      • Guest

        Yes, that’s true, but no LOD means it’s not efficient. Why would you want to render 80k for a character far in the distance? You would never see the full details because that said character is only represented by a limited amount of onscreen pixels.

        Making LOD for meshes would be more efficient for rendering but adds more work for the dev team.

  • Oni

    Still looks WAY better than anything the PSO4 is pumping out at launch.
    Enjoy your Indies and that cheesy Whack and shadowfail.

    • Marcus Roue

      You really must be blind to not see any of PS4’s exclusive titles looking way better than Micro$oft’s crappy games.

      • Evildantheman

        you are obviously blind im getting both systems day one and Ryse already looks better than any ps4 launch and so does forza 5 and KI and dr3. Name one ps4 game i should be getting excited about at launch that xbox dont have and not killzone as im getting bf4 and cod. None! Not one

        • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

          Planetside 2 rules all shooters and PC rules all consoles

        • cell989

          you almost made a good point, but you had to mention COD, so I cant take you serious. How are you going to put COD over KZ SF? your credibility is lost. Also, putting your faith on a game like Ryse really shows your lack of gaming experience, have you even seen the gameplay in action(if you can call it that) smh….

          PS: Im also getting BF4

        • Amit Gomes

          resogun bitch !!!!!!!

        • Marcus Roue

          You’re a clown. Infamous, DriveClub, KillZone SF, are all launch titles that’ll blow Ryse away. Don’t even forget titles like Deep Down where the XBone won’t even have the hardware to render and play this beautiful game.

          You lost all credibility.

          • John Smith

            Xbox One cant handle Deep Down? You’re obviously an idiot. The game is nothing but caves. My computer from 2008 can run that game at PS4 quality, if not better.
            Game is nothing close to “beautiful”.
            Enjoy your free to play, microtransactions *poke poke poke* game lmao.

          • Marcus Roue

            I’ve seen NOTHING from the XBone lineup of games that can match the visual quality of Deep Down. You need to take your head out of your ass to see this clearly.

            As for the free to play games, they’re beautiful and run far more smoothly on the PS4. So much variety yet so little time to play.
            Can’t say the same for the XBone.

          • Whatthehecklol

            okay? it’s your opinion Xbox looks better to me but that doesn’t make me any better. so go away in your little hole kid.

          • Marcus Roue

            XBone already has problems with developers trying to get it run 1080P games at 60 fps. The hardware is weak.

            Of course you being moron would obviously sidestep that fact.

          • Whatthehecklol

            You’re the moron, obviously you care too much about the specs and not the games.

          • Will

            Xbox could easily play Deep Down if it wasn’t for the fact it is PS4 exclusive, you are delusional if you think otherwise, graphics are on par with Dark Souls 2 currently and the physics need alot of work, Drive Club is week compared to Forza, Ryse can be comparable to both Killzone and Infamous, lets be honest you really have no idea about the power behind each console you just say PS because of some numbers on paper which are not an indicator of final performance and you decide to get in line to chant along with a bunch of your other Sony fans because they tell you you have to. But what it really comes down to is I will get an Xbox you will get a PS but you know the difference? I don’t have to continually justify my purchase to the internet.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Perhaps, but you did just attempt to justify the Xbone’s weak launch games and your own bad opinions. ^_^

          • Marcus Roue

            You sound like a rambling clown. It already shows your desperation when you try to compare Ryse with Killzone. That’s a joke in itself.

            I sense jealousy but don’t worry about it. You’ll be on the outside looking in as everyone with a PS4 will enjoy enjoy better exclusives and better gaming.

            Proof is in the pudding:



          • Whatthehecklol

            another joke post, proof is you only care about the specs and not the enjoyment of the games. I sense some need to “attack” people who likes xbox because you’re so blind to the fact everyone can choose what they want.

          • Marcus Roue

            You’re the joke here with no punchline.

            I’m here to expose the truth and shoot down the lies.


    • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

      Ha, Planetside 2 is better than all shitty MS games combined. Enjoy your kiddie fest Kinect games

    • cell989

      the butt-hurt is strong on this one

  • Jessenia Lopez

    The X1 Version looks like Crap

    • Benjamin Anson ツ

      “The X1 Version looks like Crap”

      As apposed to what version, all of these screenshots are from the Xbox One, as Ryse is an exclusive to the Xbox One…

      • RandomUser2yr29387

        What we saw before was a PC build.

      • cell989

        um no… the old version was a PC VERSION genius, the new version is from the XBONE, sigh*

  • Saad Nawaz

    xbox one preorder cancelled, ps4 pre ordered

    • And now reverse that since the new news is that killzone has P2P instead of dedicated servers right?

      • Matt

        Yep… Time to get a Wii U

      • LonDonE247

        no killzone has dedicated servers, it has been confirmed, just like killzone 2 before it!!!

      • cell989

        LIES!!! try harder

      • andy
      • You are flat out wrong

        Only an Xbottle would seriously think that online multiplayer is more important than a single player campaign that isn’t awful.

      • Saad Nawaz

        so? Killzone is a better game. It is 1080p. And Sony has Naughty Dog!!!

        • Who’s Naughty Dog?

          • Saad Nawaz

            Who made Crash bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted and The Last Us. They are the best developers!!!!!

          • I know who ND is.. it was a joke. They had a great game this year. Too bad Rockstar rocked their world and made the awesome GTA5 that will win game of the year.

  • Matt

    Crysis 3 maxes out at 70,000 poly’s per character on PC… I don’t see what the fuss is. You’d get by with a high quality bump map on a 40,000 poly model and no one would be the wiser.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    Was there a reason for the downgrade?

    • Edonus

      Downgrade is a harsh term designed to get the Sony Droid Army to give the sites hits. Its not really a downgrade. It looks like they just found another formula to get better results. The skin textures look batter the lighting is more realistic the weather effects look better, there is actually tons more happening in the background, and you can see their faces better. Not to mention it will make the game run smoother.

      they could have left it the way it was and no one would have been any wiser but they went with an actual upgrade if you are being honest.

      • Evildantheman

        Agreed first thing i noticed was the effects in the background were better!

      • cell989

        it looks “better” because what you saw from the PC version was pre-alpha code vs the newly posted, lower resolution pics that have been heavily optimized to hide the hard blemishes. Can you imagine how much prettier it would actually look if the XBONE could really handle the old specs, with the heavy optimization of the new pics? then you’d have a serious graphics beast

        • kftgr

          But the old specs never called for better shaders and no LOD.

        • Edonus

          The dev said the game has always been native 900p with a 1080 screen buffer. Its never been presented running at native 1080p resolution.
          You dont judge things by what they could be you judge them as they are. because you can always make something better. Imagine it running on 2 titan graphics card with 32gb of ram and a i7 intel cpu… it doesnt stop. The game looks gorgeous and is easily a bench mark for visuals launching this gen.
          The new one looks way better, that shininess was cool but the new one has a much richer look to it.

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      Xbox One is weak as hell.
      The E3 demos we saw were running on PCs with the best GPUs out there.

      • Evildantheman

        well ps4 is using its gddr5 for indies at launch so who cares about specs!

      • Mick

        E3 was running on the X1 devkit.

      • Whatthehecklol

        Well that means PS4 is weak as heck too. both could have done better for this next generation.

        • RandomUser2yr29387

          PS4 > Xbox One
          There’s about a 50% advantage in raw power, including any optimization.

  • Eagles83

    I honestly couldn’t tell a difference in the poly count to my eyes and I much prefer the new look as far as the texture appearance. I bet a lot of this “I can tell the poly count has decreased” talk is because they actually know it has before reviewing the screenshots. If it wasn’t mentioned before hand I’m willing to bet no one would have noticed the difference.

    • Matt

      The main difference is the clarity of the 1080p screen caps compared to the 900p which give it that blur effect.

      • Evildantheman

        no it clearly ssays it was in motion thats why its blured and the new version had better clouds also! better background textures.

  • edddyyy

    New looks like piece of S**t Bye Bye XBONE hello Playstation 4 ! Oh wait no.. hello my new graphics card – no console !

  • Megaman

    Reading the comments on all these sights kill me and my friends…we come on here looking for the idiots fanboys and trolls an omg i see so much….How in the world can you PS4 lovers say the new built look worse….it looks way better even a 70 year old im asking right now can tell the difference…hahahahahahaha SwappingFrom360toPS4 your a tru idiot…JUST BUY YOUR PS4 and be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY…WHY are you trolling….All of the peoplee that say the old looks better are true haters and need a life …it is very sad what the sony fans have become…IDIOTS with NO BRAINS or POOR POOR JUDGMENTS ….

  • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

    Ha, the fanboys think that the new one looks better. Talk about self delusion. The old one looks up to standard with max settings PC. The new one looks like current gen

  • Next-Gen Ondra

    New looks a lot better. Good job I think.

    • themuIe

      how are you typing this? braille?

      • Next-Gen Ondra

        Calm down. If you take a look at the first picture the new one with longer distance drawing is much better.

        • themuIe

          So you’re going to sell me lower res and lower detail is better because of a particular picture on a website? LMAO, just no.

          • Darrius

            Why not? They are already trying to sell you the idea that paying more money for less power and fewer exclusive games is better.

          • themuIe

            LOL, you’re right.

  • Sarblade


    Video to debunk every fanboy saying that Ryse was running better on PC at E3….
    How was it running on max setting on a super charged PC at E3 but still get Frame rate dips below 30 fps? The video proves it was running on Xbox One at E3.
    I agree though the new build looks to have more realistic textures and still looks great.

  • Ali Yashar

    come on guys, there no need for this argument, the video games are intended to have fun and this slight downgrade is not much of a deal in my opinion

  • Ilovegoogleglass


  • redavutstuvader

    why are you comparing a rainy image (new) with a dry image (old). this is not a good choice of representation in my opinion.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      rain doesn’t magically wash polygons away, mate.

      • redavutstuvader

        I was referring to atmospheric perspective because the atmospheric weather effects caused by rain (though very realistic) bring a naturally strong fog effect to the image, this automatically drowns out a background even in real life. I just thought it would have been better to have a comparison shot with dry weather verses dry weather. I made no mention of polygons, there is no need to, for even with the character model triangle count cut in half, there is still no other “game” that comes close.

        Ryse before and after

        was 150,000 triangles now 85,000 triangles per character model

        Killzone 40,000 per character model (single player), multi-player reduction amount unknown triangle count.

        any way for those that don’t know

        Aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective refers to the effect the atmosphere has on the appearance of an object as it is viewed from a distance. As the distance between an object and a viewer increases, the contrast between the object and its background decreases, and the contrast of any markings or details within the object also decreases. The colours of the object also become less saturated and shift towards the background color, which is usually blue, but under some conditions may be some other color (for example, at sunrise or sunset distant colors may shift towards red).

  • redavutstuvader

    haters remember R9 280x modified fatalities to the PS fanboy.

  • Travis Rice

    Forget the commenters, this entire article is trollolol.

  • watcher278

    The newer version has better shaders and better textures but it’s obvious the older version had more detail, see the fine groves in armor, all the accent pieces of the original armor and also the higher resolution ( the newer version looks like it has a blur filter on it or something ).. imo. If the older version had the same texture and shader improvements it would far outshine the current screenshot.

    • foureyes oni

      i agree this game would look unbelievable if they hadn’t taken anything away from it while improving it . The problem right now is the pr mess , it still looks beautiful its just the amount of polygons is what has been touted this whole entire time, only for it to be nearly halved.

  • Edonus

    This would have been a good topic but the Sony circle jerks had to show up and exploit themselves. Coming from someone that is going to buy this game…. I am happy with the change, I see better textures and a more vibrant world at the sacrifice of some shininess. I will take it.

    You see the characters facial features better it really on a whole looks better, and more realistic. You can focus on the changes and over exaggerate them because something is different like the Sony circle jerks will do but the new build is a lot fuller.

    And for the Sony droid army remember this….. It’s still more than double the polygon count of the highest character count on the Ps4 and the highest polygon characters ever put on a console. It’s one thing to argue about what could and should have been but it is undeniable that Ryse is a gorgeous game and easily stands up against and in many ways best any other game you can compare to it.

  • played BF4 on xbox1. the graphics looked like BF3 with max settings.
    i saw no dynamic moving trees or any special effects Fostbite engine 3:/

    • Zohak Diaz

      Stop drinking before you go to those events

      • awww. xbot butt hurt?
        tell Microsoft to make the damn console stronger so it can pull off dynamic frostbite wind reaction!

        and the controller sucks! i never felt any vibration around the triggers.

  • Abhishek Jauhari

    To be honest, I think the game still looks fantastic. Although it being next gen console, I would prefer the resolution to be 1080p. I dont think Xbox 1 is done like people are stating, the console has not even launched. I am getting a PS4 this holiday because I liked the approach Sony had showing off Ps4 where as MS had a very self centered approach ( $$). But in the end they (MS) did fix their issues and the xbox one does look like a console I would pick up in the near future, But guys keep in mind, weather its KZ Shadow, Forza, Ryse, Knack, these are just the taste of what we will be getting in the future. And if you love gaming, you should know that a gamer loves Games, not the console. Gaming isnt about only graphics, its about game play and connectivity. I think botch consoles will sell well and birng new ideas and games as exclusives.

  • Crypt0117

    New looks better, more realistic. 85000 poly count is more than double that of KZSH character models and they look awesome. I think some of us are not being fair and are overly critical because its Ryse.

  • James

    Because the ‘old’ version was running on a high end PC. This is hilarious, how both companies pulled this BS on console gamers who don’t know better. Running their builds on high end PC’s that will look nothing like the actual version.

  • shinningserpent

    This site is owned by ps 4 fagboys.

    • Zohak Diaz

      Yes sir this is gaystation at its best. Lol. I can’t wait to get my Xbox one and play this amazing game!

    • John Smith

      Well, they do play on a GayStation, so its not surprising at all.

  • Cleiton Santos

    Like the new build better. Models looked like plastic before but now they look realistic.

  • Josué B. Hernández

    Better Shaders? it doesn’t even have proper Shinning effects on the armors anymore…

  • Peter Zwackert

    Sony fanboys, Microsoft fanboys, the whole comment section is full of them. All I wonder about I how you guys don’t feel stupid about yourself. You fought the last months and probably fight the next years for your preferred product of plastic and talk crap about everything not on your future console and hype everything on your future console just because you feel the need to fight for a company which is only trying to get your money. You guys are just laughable for “normal” gamers or people who are not gamers.

  • Clarence Thompkins II

    Never a fan of shinny anyway =P not that ‘realistic” if it shines like it was in the sunlight under moonlight or grey skies

  • Gamehard

    Why don’t they just dump those extra polygons in the cloud…..Isn’t that what its for?

    • chimpmeister

      LOL that whole “cloud” stuff for the X1 is total BS, it isn’t going to make much, if any difference for games.

  • lovetobethatguy

    to me the newer one looks better but I am still disappointed in crytek if your gonna boast poly count you should hold up on it. I just wish they never boasted in the first place if we found out afterward it would be different in fact it happens in most games but still makes crytek look a little bad imo.

    • lovetobethatguy

      also why are they not showing the arms in the second image?

      • Valcari

        They downgraded the resolution as well. It went from 1080p to 900p meaning the frame will be more cropped in.

        • lovetobethatguy

          pardon my ignorance but how exactly does resolution affect frame size?

  • dirkradke

    It looks good regardless. People are too caught up in the numbers game. Whether 85k or 150k polygons it gets the job done and immerses you in the world and that is what is important.

  • BlKPrydeX

    Left clearly looks superior this is next gen for gods sake no reason why it shouldn’t be able to push 150k triangles

    • redavutstuvader

      so where are the other games that push 150,000 polygons per character model then,(remember everything else is the same or increased) It seems everyone is being overly critical about the game that has shown the most power administered so far in the next gen consoles even with poly’s cut in half. What these people don’t realize is if you throw the top dog under the bust, everything else shown so far also must go with it.

    • Daniel Lawson

      The total poly count probably didn’t decrease by much… what they did was make a choice to have more shaders and to remove DOF and LOD to have a more enriched environment. What I’d like to see is the difference this has on gameplay where the environment is actually a little more important then the characters and if they’ll be able to add some detail to some of the set pieces.

  • shadowhedgehogz

    Looks good but to be expected, you don’t want a game to run like crap.. i believe sacrificing a bit of detail for frame rate is usually worth it, the same goes for PC games unless said game already runs 60+fps with medium/high settings on a good graphics card.

  • Orlɛanž

    WOW!!!!!! That’s a major downgrade. That’s not a small downgrade, thats for sure.

    • Daniel Lawson

      you’ve got that backwards… sure superficial details were removed from the secondary character’s armor, but the removal of LOD and DOF is what they wanted and so a design decision was made. I think they made the right choice.

  • Nicholas Perry

    At least they fixed those awful looking textures.

    • Daniel Lawson

      They chose the clock speed upgrade over having 14 CUs… *shrugs* a few more compute units would make 1080p reasonable on this game. If they pushed it out half a year I bet they could probably hit 1080p

  • Joe_HTH

    “The reduction in the polygons is quite visible”

    This is straight up bullshit. You can tell any difference in polygons from those two shots. None whatsoever. You might also want to know at DICE Crytek said the game is Full HD.

    • Ritsujun

      Xillyblindb0ts are the best, aren’t they?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Ryse looks like red hot garbage. God, I can’t wait for this game to flop and all the Xbottle excuses to come rolling out. Only thing Crytek is good at is bullshots and tech demos.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    If you guys think 85k polygons looks bad then you will really be disappointed in kz shadowfall’s at 40k…(but probably not because you are hypocrites…)


  • Ahmed Abd El Salam

    the old one has much better graphics … now we see with our eyes what xshit one can’t do

    • Ritsujun

      Xillyblindb0ts got Xbone180’d, AGAIN.
      How many times now?

      • You are flat out wrong

        Unfortunately for Xbottles, Wryte-Off: Son of Flop is the only game they have, and even that’s generous with all the QTEs, so all they can do is try and hype up this junk.

        • Sony Pony be EVERYWHERE

          Sure this there sony pony. Ride off into the sunset and trollollolloll.

          Enjoy your 40k poly models and indies. Hope that light bar on the controller reflects on your screen all day and night.

          • You are flat out wrong

            You sound upset. Unsurprising, really. Wryte-Off 900p LMAO! Ridge Racer Revolution looks better. ^_^

    • Daniel Lawson

      wow Sony Pony… hold your horses… this was design decision not a system limitation decision

  • Da GeeZ

    Bhahaha… the comments are hilarious. sonyfanboys don’t know their arse from their elbows. Let me hold your hand, and talk down to you as I walk you through the finer points of the blatantly obvious IMPROVEMENTS from old to new.

    Ok sonyfanboy start by looking at the guy on the right(I hope you know your right from your left, if not go ask an adult). Now as the image scrubs from old to new you will notice these IMPROVEMENTS shown in the new version…

    1st Skin
    – There are many great additional details over the neck and face. The neck for instance now has clearly defined and believably lit wrinkling. This is obviously an enhancement.
    – Notice that the shadowing is very even now and also in the right places(no harsh black patches under the helmet (neck and forehead are good examples). This is obviously an enhancement.
    – The skin colouring is way more life like, with small life-like fluctuations in colouring (rather than the over-redness displayed in the old). This is obviously an enhancement.

    2nd Armour
    – Now examine the shoulder and helmet armour. The new armour has no ‘texture jaggies’ which are noticeable on the old version. This is obviously an enhancement.
    – You will also notice that the specular(reflective properties of the material) is more believable. You will see that the chest and shoulder armour shines more on the right shoulder in the new, rather than all over the armour with the old shader. This is obviously an enhancement.

    Wanna look at the guy on the left now? Do I have to walk you through this as well? I’ll cut it short… please just look at the face on the guy on the left compare old to new using the points highlighted above… and you will see obvious IMPROVEMENTS everywhere… so in essence this is QED… or in more common vernacular… STFU sonyfanboys you know NOTHING!

  • paul rolland

    solid 6 out of 10 game

    • You are flat out wrong

      That’s a bit generous.

  • dranzer1

    I like the new one better due to the fact when i started looking at tiny details the armor in the old looked to bright in gloomy weather while the new one looks matched to it. I also noticed the characters face and neck. They seemed to have improved the detail on it versus the old one. I rather choose the new realistic one rather than the old bright one.

  • f474l

    Um, hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but it’s quite obvious that the reduced count makes it better. You don’t need a bazillion polys to make something look good. I mean, Uncharted looked pretty sweet, and Drake was only about 30,000. Battlefield 4 characters are about 50,000….PC or console, the counts are the same, the only difference really is particle effects or in some cases the size of the maps they use on meshes…

    • Stranger On The Road

      And all of that won’t matter when you are few meters way from the TV 🙂

      Heck, a consumer study found out that most people can’t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p screens from few meters away!

  • Jack Slater

    The difference is clear:
    We move from a CGI like movie to a blurred videogame.
    That’s the only difference I can see.

  • travis1987

    actually looks better

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 WINS

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  • redovan21

    que quereis que os dga, se ve mejor el nuevo que el viejo, pero vamos, xbox one deberia tener todos sus titulos a 1080p y 60tps, para eso es una consola de 7ªgen…….

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  • YourDad

    New one looks much better, you have to be pretty retarded or a blind Sony fanboy to state the opposite. Armor looks ridiculous, like plastic, in the first one. The skin details, the expressions, the background has much more details as well. Really, it’s day and night. Ryse still makes KZ SF look like an old gen game with it’s 40k LOD … which is pretty ridiculous for a “next-gen” exclusive.

    • John Rambo


  • Chad Munn

    I’m sorry, but this is complete nonsense. How can you say ‘blurry doesn’t matter’ when comparing screen shots?? There’s almost no logical way we can look at these and judge what looks better, polygon or texture or lighting, and have one be a rendered shot and one be a screen capture from a video. The ONLY way to compare these would be on totally equal footing, equal output. OF COURSE the ‘old’ is going to look better if it’s a still screen shot render! How could it possibly not??

  • GameUpGeneral

    I’m a man of detail and the old count was a seller for me. This new downgrade is the reason why I might cancel my preorder.

  • GameUpGeneral

    If the armor was left alone may the downgrade would work for more people.