Crytek CEO Confirms Ryse Always Ran in 1600×900, 1080p Framebuffer, Polygons Reduced in Invisible Parts

There has been a lot of talk about the alleged resolution downgrade and about the reduction of the polygon count per character in Ryse: Son of Rome, and Crytek Founder and CEO Cevat Yerli took to Twitter to shed some light on the whole hubbub, explaining that no change and compromise has been done in the game’s resolution (that remains the same of the build showcased at E3) and quality.

There you have it, straight from the lion’s mouth.

It’s relevant to mention that optimizing polygons in invisible parts of models and retopologizing them for better performance is a very common practice in the industry. When models are created with a focus on detail, a lot of spurious vertexes end up placed in areas that are by all means invisible, while some times there are overlapping triangles that can be safely removed, this without mentioning what can be done with a higher resolution normal map.

As Yerli said, and as I explained in my related article yesterday, there’s no real evidence of any actual downgrade. The raw number of polygons never tells the whole story on a game’s visual fidelity and as a matter of fact we can definitely see a series of upgrades, especially in the shaders and normal maps used in the game. If you want to see a detailed comparison with your own eyes, you can find it here.

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  • Jeffrey Alexander

    I never understood the pixel counter demographic.
    I own everything from Gears/God of War, Metal Gear 4, Halo, whatever, yet my favorite games to play this last gen has been Pacman DX, Super Meat Boy, Super Stardust, and FIFA.
    Gameplay is what matters (and before anyone says anything about QTE’s it has been confirmed, displayed and played (personally) to prove otherwise…it’s not a QTE-fest). Wait until people PLAY these games, then judge…

    There has to be some reason people are excited about openness to indies, because they aren’t generally bring the graphical powerhouses to the table.

  • Yo Mama

    Doesn’t change the fact they have backtracked. They bragged to world months ago about it’s technical specifications and now they’re way lower than planned.

    • Megaman

      ok i no your getting a PS4…why comment???the game looks better what are you crying about???really tho???everybody including yourself has backtracked at some point more then once in your life time…..Stop acting like SONY has never BACKTRACKED before…Rumble….No more free online…and i can really go on…but my point is everybody – companies backtracks

  • Daniel Lawson

    looks like they didn’t like that DoF or LOD and they sacrificed character poly counts to remove most of it

  • dirkradke

    What matters in terms of graphics is the visual fidelity of what your looking at. If it looks better with 85k polygons instead of 150k do you really want the game to have more polygons just so you can brag about it?

  • Iain Chambers

    Still its not running at 1080p it’s been 7 years since the 360 and ps3 and the next gen cant even do what the previous gen promised you can upscale all you want but in the end it can’t do 1080p without sacrificing performance and yet PC is moving towards 4K!

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      PS4 can easily do 1080p dude.
      Ryse could do it on Xbox One too if they didn’t have to rush the game for launch.