Hideki Kamiya Would Like to Make a Hack and Slash Spin-off of The Wonderful 101 With Realistic Graphics

The Wonderful 101 has been on the shelves for a little while now, and Director Hideki Kamiya is already thinking ahead and throwing around ideas for possible future games.

This time around he’s apparently thinking about a “serious” hack and slash spin-off of the superhero title with realistic graphics and Wonder Blue as a protagonist, as he mentioned on Twitter.

I have to say, the idea doesn’t seem so farfetched when thinking about it, and judging from the last tweet of the string (that is a little more cryptic than the rest), there should still be some elements of humor in the game. Can’t imagine the hot-headed, fire-spitting and excessively proud Wonder Blue behaving in a completely serious way.

As for the platforms on which such a game could appear, the answer is the usual.

How do you feel about it? Would you buy that kind of game if Platinum Games were to really develop it?

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  • Nicholas Perry

    Yes. Yes Please.

  • IfnArcNum

    Yes!!!!! i dont even have a wii u. but yes!!!!!

  • Sergio Hidalgo


  • moecage


    • British_Otaku

      Any specific reason why not? Assuming that you have followed Kamiya, Clover and Platinum’s other works, Anarchy Reigns isn’t a MadWorld 2 or Bayonetta 2 (which is coming but yeah) and Viewitiful Joe Red Hot Rumble didn’t kill the VJ franchise.

      Your avatar seems to be from Lords of Shadow too… >_>

  • WellWisher

    Hell yeah! With similar gameplay mechanics but less filler please!

    • British_Otaku

      I get the feeling that it would be a more straight forward DMC like game featuring Blue, but we haven’t really been told anything but “hack & slash”, “Hey, it’s Blue!” and “spin off of TW101”.

      • WellWisher

        I’d be down with that. But yeah, wait and see….


    no blood please

  • foureyes oni

    stick to the current style please.

    • British_Otaku

      It’s hardly like many of his games actually get sequels… >_>
      He already made it clear that he wants it to be a spinoff and likes making new IP more than continuing franchises, we will probably still get a TW102 as well or at the least have two games from with the same roots.

      It’s just like MadWorld + Bayonetta and Anarchy Reigns.

      • foureyes oni

        a spinoff would be okay…. it just still feels off considering its origin was a quirky comedic style game. The idea of him using some sentai like heroes in a serious hack and slash does sounds awesome just not based off this game please.

  • Blugrave

    I would buy it as a first day purchase just like I did for W101. Kamiya is my favorite Vdieo Game director. I just really like this game so it’d be awesome if he actually makes this happen. Please do. Maybe some side missions as a detective, only using the Wonder Suit for boss fights? Egh I dunno.