Shuhei Yoshida on Remote Play: No need to Set up the PS4 for it, Remote Co-Op Allowed for Knack

As usual SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida proves to be a gold mine of information on anything PlayStation. This time around he shared some more details on how remote play will work.

Remember the somewhat inconvenient need to set up the PS3 for remote play before you can “turn it on” via the Vita and PSP? Forget about that. With the PS4 it won’t be necessary, probably due to the ultra-low-power secondary chip used when the console is on standby.

This by itself basically sells the PS4’s remote play to me. The idea of turning out a console remotely while being miles away always felt like “magic” to me, and doing so without even having to set it up beforehand? Pure Technomancy.

In addition to that, we also learn a spiffy detail about remote play with Knack: apparently when playing remotely via the PS Vita or Vita TV, a second player can just sit on the couch and play co-op with us on the PS4.

While the only title explicitly mentioned is Knack, I can’t help but wondering if the feature will be extended to other titles.

If it’s possible for one, there’s no reason why it can’t be possible for other, similar games (Even if I suspect it’ll be possible only for the titles that already feature couch co-op on a single screen). We’ll have to see how it’ll work, but it surely sounds very interesting.

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  • Thomas

    Megaton. That and the KZ:SF dedi servers, and the BF4 having better quality.

    Why even buy an XBONE? Unless you play FPS games EXCLUSIVELY, PS4 is just better.

    • jujubee88

      Shadow Fall has dedicated servers? Okay, I’m buying that one. It also has free DLC for life too right?

      • KuchikiSentou

        It has 6-10 multiplayer maps for free.
        But a co-op mode and co-op maps are part of a Season Pass.

      • quinten488

        No, just the maps are free not all content.

        • jujubee88

          Ah okay. Well, that’s the only part that matters. I mean, some weapons are fine to pay for but the map is the meat of the content. Thanks for the reponse every1! ^^

    • Mstrbrown

      Lol while I am more swayed towards the PS4, I find it funny that you basically call XB1 a FPS console and then choose PS4 because that system has (in your opinion) superior FPS

      • KuchikiSentou

        Ya, but CoD and BF have timed content. So XboxJuan will be preferred. Killzone is not a dude bro title like CoD.

        • quinten488

          Nah, I don;t think so. CoD have the same preorder numbers on PS4 and X1 – 250k. But BF4 has more than halt the X1 preorders on PS4.

          So early content is not really playing a part it it.

        • Michael Norris

          Killzone has been better then COD since Kz2.The MP in Killzone is awesome, enjoying the hell out of Killzone Mercenary.I can’t wait for Shadowfall.