Bungie’s COO on Destiny: “We Don’t Believe in a Particular Platform, But in our Universe”

Quite often you hear developers making statements “this wouldn’t be possible on any other platform” giving the idea that their game is be built around its console of choice instead of the other way around. This isn’t the case with Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny, as stated by Chief Operating Officer Pete Parson in an interview on the German website Gamepro.

First and foremost we believe in “great entertainment”. We believe in very vivid game worlds in which you can experience exciting adventures — whether alone or together with your friends. If you can achieve exceptional quality, you can also gain millions of players. However it was clear for us from the beginning that we wanted to build an universe that lives across platforms, creating as many exciting interactions as possible — no matter where you currently are. Our own community platform Bungie.net has been up since 2004, and was quite revolutionary at that time, at least in the console segment. And as previously announced we’re experimenting with mobile applications. Therefore we don’t believe in a particular platform, but in our universe. As a second step we consider how and which platform can be best part of this universe.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see someone taking a stance in this direction, as too many developers nowadays seem to be content with being this or that console’s poster boy. Of course it’s all part of the business, but great universes should live independently of the platforms they’re created for.

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  • Solkard

    “no matter where you currently are.”

    *PC stares longingly through the window, while standing outside in the snow*

  • Owl

    Microsoft owns 20% of Bungie. If Destiny does well on PS4, Microsoft wins.

    • guest

      If any game does well on xbox one, sony wins, even xbox exclusives. Sony owns part of the patent on blu-rays. They make money off of every xbox one disc sold.

      • Tim Hayes

        And MS owns a portion of Immersion, the company that puts the “shock” in Dualshock. They all own patents, and they all win.

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