Randy Pitchford: Sony and Microsoft Have Nothing to Worry About With The Steam Machines

Before and after the announcement of the upcoming Steam Machines by Valve many wondered if the contents of said announcement were going to make a dent on the traditional home console market. According to Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford that’s not going to happen, as he explained as part of an interview on GamesIndustry International.

There has been some understanding for some time that Valve was looking at some angles in this direction, so I imagine there was some curiosity and, with just a few folks, perhaps some concern about what they might show up with.  I imagine that if I was in a key seat at one of the first parties, after hearing this news, I would probably exhale a bit and imagine that I don’t really have anything I have to worry myself about too much coming from this direction for a while.

If I had a seat at either Sony or Microsoft, depending on which seat I was sitting in, of course, I would probably also be feeling a tiny bit better about my own decisions when I think about how I’m feeling about what I perceive Valve’s reasons and decisions to be here.

Personally, I was a tad underwhelmed by the announcement of the Steam Machines myself, and I wonder if they’ll manage to make a real impact not only on the console industry, but even on the PC industry itself. We’ll have to wait and see about that. What do you think? Do Sony and Microsoft have any cause of concern because of the advent of the Steam Machines?

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  • Krakn3dfx

    Says the man that let Aliens: Colonial Marines leave certification and enter publication.

    Sorry Randy, you’ve lost some of your shine.

  • Koroma

    i’m quite excited for the steam controller at the very least.

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  • Guest

    Hey Randy Pitchfork, no one cares what you have to say! Your Bordemlands game is mediocre as well.

  • realmadpuppy

    Randy Pitchfork, go peddle your opinions elsewhere, After giving Aliens:Colonial Marines the green light to be released knowing full well that it was festering bat offal. you’re either a person with mental problems or an underhanded, greasy businessman up there with Steve Ballmer.

  • Robbyfishersora

    screw you randy after what you did to aliens, yeah you ruined that series.

  • David

    Do any of you know what an ad hominem attack is?

    He’s got a fair point, this tihng is unlikely to in any way affect the home console market. I would suspect that it would see very little adoption outside of dedicated PC gamers.