Titanfall Was on PCs with GTX 770 Cards at Eurogamer, Holding 60 FPS, Will Do the Same on Xbox One

Titanfall was playable on the show floor at EuroGamer Expo (at least for those with enough patience to bear the ginormous lines), but what kind of machines ran it? And how well?

The folks from the Japanese website Game*Spark┬átalked with Respawn’s Community Manager at the game’s booth and were told that the game ran on PCs equipped with Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 video cards, with Xbox One controllers attached.

With that kind of configuration the game achieved a smooth and stable framerate of 60 frames per seconds. The community manager also mentioned that the Xbox One version of the game will achieve the same performance. The final target resolution was not mentioned.

Considering how impressive Titanfall is looking so far, I can definitely say that my body (and my PC) is ready.

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  • Michael Norris

    Going on a limb here and say 900p/60fps.

    • foureyes oni

      i’m thinking its gonna be 720p/60fps.

    • tech

      1080p 60fps confirmed ­čśë

      • foureyes oni

        i’m pretty sure it will hit 60fps since last i heard that was their target just never heard anything on whether they were aiming for 1080p

        • furious1235

          COD GHOSTS is confirmed to run 1080p 60fps on xbox one

          • foureyes oni

            i almost forgot about cod because of all this battlefield and titanfall news lol.

    • corvusmd

      That’d be awesome, but judging by how great it looks already…honestly it would be awesome even at 720p (although higher would be better)


    I’m sure I remember seeing 360 controllers (as well as kb+m), not XBO pads.
    I wish I’d had a chance to play it, but the queues were indeed insane.

  • Yo Mama

    I will wait for it’s inevitable PS4 release.

    • Thomas


    • tech

      In 2023. Enjoy the wait.

      • Bruno Barbieri

        like bioshock and mass efect?

        • Ohlmay

          Like Left 4 Dead 2 on PS3 that went through the same Publishing Program, remember playing that on PS3? Oh wait.

        • corvumsd

          If you like waiting till all the hype is over and everyone has moved onto the next one, go for it…but with a game that is tied to MP, waiting for it to show up on PSN is a REALLY bad idea.

        • furious1235

          They were never published by ms, just like titanfall.

      • Erudito De Firenze

        Ms are good for timed exclusivity,while sony are good for real exclusives

      • kreator


    • Stereotypical_White_Fella

      It isn’t happening faggot

    • corvusmd

      Well then you’ll have to wait until PSN becomes a strong enough network with easy to access and cheap dedicated servers….have fun with that.

      • Erudito De Firenze

        Are you high? the psn has always had more dedicated servers than xbl

        • tech

          LOL, you mean the 12k servers they’ve used for the past 10 years? While MS is using around 300k?

          A little research goes a long way…

          • Erudito De Firenze

            where did you get those numbers? I have a 360 and a ps3 and play many games online on both and i have more issues with lag etc with my 360.

          • dunno

            Just like the cloud servers on the Xbox 360 that it’s also coming out for. Yeah, that power of the cloud, only can be on Xbox One thanks to the cloud my ass.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Just get it on PC. Out on the same day, user moddable and you won’t have to put up with the insufferable XBL community.

    • Brandon Cruickshank

      Hate to break it to you but no it will never release on ps4 as respawn is making a game exclusive to the ps4 when they were asked why it was not coming to that console so if anything it will be a sweet exclusive too as i own a ps4 and a high end pc so i can get the best of both worlds when it comes to companies doing so but in the long run it does upset me not to see a wonderfull game come to the system such as it will be the same for the exclusive game they make for the ps4 not coming to pc as of Xbox one meh too me it would just be like having a third pc in the house that would collect dust and be a paper weight lol not a huge Microsoft fan have to use windows os (shit except Windows 7) but one day Linux might shine to run all games and when it does here i come

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  • Krakn3dfx

    Will do the same on the Xbox One…at 720p.

    • corvusmd

      Thanks for crying

      • Krakn3dfx

        Hah, only one of us seems to be crying here. I praised the game.

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  • Megaman

    Considering how impressive Titanfall is looking so far, I can definitely say that my body (and my X1) is ready.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    pissshit3.5 kiddies be jelly

    • Patrick

      Pisshit? Good one retard. It’s fun to watch you show others how socially and mentally inept you are.

  • guest

    Oh…this looks somewhat cool…..


    Eh, no thanks. I’ll pass.

  • Josiah Grey

    It wouldn’t be that hard to believe this game would run 60fps on anything since it’s not even that visually impressive, it’s basically a COD with mechs and jet packs and a sorta better polished copy engine used for COD. Not hyped for this game, but I would give it a shot on PC.

  • maroon1

    “The community manager also mentioned that the Xbox One version of the game will achieve the same performance”

    Same performance ! OK. What about resolution and graphics details ?

  • Nevermind

    I’ll be getting it on xb1 …and when the superior PS4 versions gets released I’ll trade it in for that

  • HiDeffy

    Maybe we were at different Expo’s but they were 100% Xbox 360 pads, and the rep overseeing was quite open about the fact that it was current gen Xbox 360 version that was running and not a next gen build. If you’re gonna use high spec PC’s then surely they would pretend it’s next gen??

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Not necessarily. High end PCs are often necessary to run unoptimized code, especially for long periods. As for the pads, the source states Xbox One, but it doesn’t really matter, as Respawn has always been very open about the fact that the game is demoed on PCs both at Eurogamer and at TGS, so it’s not like they were trying to “pretend” anything at all.

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  • guest

    I saw it at E3 and one the machines had crashed to windows, and the guy beside was lagging so much that one of the staff fixed it by attaching a mouse to the machine

  • Vimpe

    The Xbox One will never have the performance of a GTX 770 PC. Nowhere near it. I’m pretty sure those PCs were running the game in 1080p or 1440p and the visual quality of the PC version is far superior, too. So yeah, the Xbox one will achieve 60 fps, sacrificing a lot of pixels, visual effects and probably even elements of the maps in game.