Watch the First 50 Minutes of PlayStation Exclusive JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki has been released on PS3 and PS Vita last week in Japan, and since it’s going to take a long time before the game hits the western shores, if ever, here’s something to keep you entertained.

YouTube user 駿月 冬 just posted a lovely video (that quite obviously includes spoilers, you’ve been warned) showing off the first 50 minutes of the game, that starts right in the middle of the story throwing the player into the action immediately, only to go back to the beginning afterwards.

It looks lovely, and the gameplay seems a whole lot of fun. Now, if only Nihon Falcom considered a localization before the end of the century…

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  • Cliffon

    Damnit, I watch the whole thing

    • foureyes oni


  • IfnArcNum

    just a correction, nihon falcom doesn’t localize this series, it was xssed and now it’s a collab ;D

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Not necessarily. Xseed localizes the games Nihon Falcom gives them the license for. They don’t have an exclusive contract with Xseed. The ones that need to take the decision to let someone localize it is Nihon Falcom.

  • ISISSecretAgent

    do you guys think we will see more games outside of japan on the ps4? (due to it been easy to port and hence less expensive to do so?)
    i really would like a good Saint Seiya game and Drangon Ball RPG

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      possibly we’ll see more, but not because of that, just because Sony may want to encourage localization to boost the PS4’s library.

      While developing for the PS4 is easier, I doubt localizing is much different.

      • ISISSecretAgent

        at least those resources can go to localization instead!
        having my fingers crossed for “HD” collections of games that never made it out of japan!

  • Dollow Rlance

    @ISISSecretAgent And @IfnArcNum

    Michael Cunningham at RPGamer ask that same question to XSeed in the last few months, about the idea of the other Legend of Heroes games when they were talking about “Trails in the Sky SC”

    “Michael A. Cunningham (RPGamer, Editor-in-Chief): But seriously, how does XSEED plan on dealing with the continuous flood of Kiseki games from Falcom? Would there be opposition to another publisher taking on the more recent games or is everyone else afraid to touch those as well?”

    “Ken Berry (XSEED Games, Executive Vice President): We ask ourselves that every day. We would love to release all of them if we could, but most of the later Kiseki games are even bigger than Trails SC, so I just don’t see how it’s physically possible. Other publishers are free to discuss with Falcom directly if they are up to the challenge.”