Mighty No. 9 Will Get PS4/Xbox One Versions and 3DS/PS Vita Versions, Official Fan Tribute Released

In the latest update, there has been some exciting news–Mighty No. 9 will be coming to next-gen consoles, as well as portables, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign reaching two more stretch goals overnight:

Mighty No. 9 (90)

The next stretch goal, at $3.7 Million, will add an all-new single-player level, including a boss fight, where you can play as Mighty No. 9’s heroine, Call. At the $3.8 Million mark, there’ll be an optional retro-style chip-tune soundtrack, which can be switched on and off throughout the game. If somehow the Kickstarter campaign reaches $4 Million, fans will get an Online Battle Race mode, which sounds very cool.

There’s, of course, been a huge amount of fanworks as well, and so the good people at comcept USA and 2PlayProductions (the ones making all these great videos) created an official fan tribute. You can watch the video below.

If you want to contribute to Mighty No. 9 directly, there’s still time. You can go here to do that (or over here for PayPal).

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  • J.R

    Just checked the official kickstarter and technically their about $5,000 away from the 3.5mil goal however that being said as I’ve posted this comment they have probably already made the extra money needed (they raised 12,000 in two hours).

    Anyways this is gonna be pretty sweet. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Allisa James

      They’re combining both the Kickstarter and PayPal fund for stretch goals, so at the time of the announcement they technically reached the goal.

      And yeah I definitely can’t wait for this game either.

      • J.R

        Ah good point. Forgot they had a paypal account for backers. After checking out the initial test video, I do hope that the graphics become a little more cell shaded. I personally don’t mind the 3d aspect of it but consider me a sucker for the classics. Either way I’m sure Inafune and team will do their fans proud.

        • Allisa James

          No problem at all 🙂

          Hopefully so, a cell-shaded approach would be better visually in my opinion. But like you said, the team will go with the best and fan-preferred approach.

  • TheExile285 ♜

    Vita version! BANZAI!!!