Phantasy Star Online 2 Won’t Be Compatible with PS Vita TV

If you hoped to play Phantasy Star Online 2 on the upcoming PS Vita TV (which is very likely to come west much before the game does, mind you), you’re in for a cold shower.

Sega just made a brief announcement stating that the game won’t be compatible with PS Vita TV. There’s also no word on future support, just the usual apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding.

Considering that the game is also on PC, I guess those that want to play on a monitor are pretty much set, but doesn’t that mean that implementing an interface that doesn’t make use of the touch features shouldn’t be too hard?

This sure comes as unexpected news, considering that Sony and Sega jointly advertised the game for quite a while during the summer.

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  • foureyes oni

    i really hate sega nowadays.

  • Balalaika

    To think that this is the company that owns Atlus and all its IP’s like Persona.

  • Galen Nycroft

    Does Phantasy Star do well in Japan? I feel like it’s a huge dud now in the U.S. Sega needs to just mercy kill Phantasy Star because it really destroyed what could have been its flagship RPG series.

    Just kill it!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It does extremely well in Japan, yes.

    • Submissus

      I played Phantasy Star Portable 2 on my PSP back when it was released, and that was fairly popular.