Shuhei Yoshida Gives More Info on The Last Guardian, Blames Jack Tretton for Misleading Everyone

A couple weeks ago Shuhei Yoshida told Famitsu that the mysteriously disappeared PS3 title by Team Ico The Last Guardian is still in development, and today he gave more info on what’s up with the game in an interview on GamesIndustry International.

When asked if the game was still being developed in the building where the interview was taking place he confirmed:

Yeah, in this building!

He was also asked what console the game will be released on, but the response was rather obvious:

Ahh… That, I cannot talk about.

The interviewer argued that it wouldn’t make much sense to release the game on PS3 this late in the console’s lifetime, and said that the developers have PS4 DevKits in their offices because he heard them talking about it. Yoshida-san explained:

So, we’re waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian in an appropriate way. I can’t… Well, the game is in development, and it’s well staffed, and Ueda-san is here, working – even though he’s not a Sony employee, he’s dedicated to the product. But we’re not ready to update yet.

Finally, Yoshida-san was asked if the “hiatus” the game’s development was allegedly put on is now finally over.

 Hiatus, I never… It was Jack Tretton! He used that term, and I said no, hiatus is misleading. It was a hiatus in terms of releasing new information. The game has never stopped – the team has always been here. They’re going through the re-engineering of the game, so the team size is smaller, because it’s more engineering focused right now.

“Re-engineering” to me definitely sounds like moving the game to the PS4, but of course we have no way to know that for sure. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meanwhile we can all be relieved by the fact that game is still worked on by Fumito Ueda himself.

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  • Dollow Rlance

    The funny thing, I noticed Fumito Ueda had a hand in the PS3 PSN game, Rain, and in some ways it reminded me of Ico, so It seems he wasn’t only working on The Last Guardian, but I am sure he was mostly working on that.

    • pacotaco

      ya i noticed that too and was like 😀 Ueda! but i think those credits were pretty much just acknowledging everyone that worked at sony japan during its development.

  • BrianC6234

    Sounds like a hiatus to me. Maybe he doesn’t understand the word. It’s on hold for now until they decide what they’re doing.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m not exactly sure where you get that. He says he’s being actively developed right now, and that just giving information is on hold. That’s completely different from what you described.

      • Louis CK

        I have to agree with you, Giuseppe!
        Now, it seems pretty clear: They had some technical issues with the PS3. I think Ueda wasn’t satisfied with the result, back in the time when they developed it for the PS3. Then Sony came along with the PS4. Since then they are working on a new engine for the PS4 to port the game.

    • Mike Sombi

      Yoshida is a pretty smart and successful business man…

      It’s clear he know’s the meaning of the word “Hiatus” more than you.

      Lastly, if he’s says the game is being developed, it is and now. Although I’m betting it wont be released until late 2015.

  • islan

    I just hope there’s not some technical oddities in the final product due to the porting.

    • TVippy

      Continue to hope. Remember ICO? Looked like a PS1 game. Same will happen here.

      • Mike Sombi

        ummm Troll much?

        First off, ICO was and still is one of the most beautiful games realeased on PS2. End of story.

        And not only that, ICO HD is availible free for PS+ users & guess what? It looks amazing 😀

        Lastly, if you’ve read anything on the what’s going on the industry lately, you’ll find that PS3 to PS4 porting is MUCH much easier due to the simplicity of coding for PS4 in general. PS1 to PS2 porting was just as difficult as PS2 to PS3 porting so to say that PS3 to PS4 porting would create problems for The Last Gaurdian is a pretty in-accurate and completely ignorant assumption. It’s very easy for people to get confused if they don’t really read/particapate in development process of the PS4.

        • islan

          I interpreted TVippy as saying that ICO was a great game that ran well despite looking like a port from the PS1 (which I don’t agree with). Otherwise I don’t understand why he would support my hope instead of advising me to “not hold my breath”.

          • Mike Sombi

            I think when he said “Continue to hope.” He was being sarcastic, as to say “Don’t hold your breath” & I think when he said ICO looked like a PS1 port, he was referring when you spoke about your worrying of technical oddities. If devs decided to put “The Last Gaurdian” on PS4 instead of PS3 but continue to use the same engine, it wouldn’t be held back at all by any technical points. For instance, Killzone ShadowFall uses the same engine as Killzone 3 but since it’s on PS4 it was very easy to modify in order to take advantage of the next gen system’s hardware. So same will be true to The Last Gaurdian if it’s to be released on PS4 🙂

  • Jack Slater

    There are things I don’t understand in this gaming industry.
    If games is what makes consoles leave the shelves, why, for example, Sony, have to wait for this or that 1/3rd party studio to make games.

    If I were Sony or microsoft, I would just grab like 200 million $, and, for example, assuming an average/experienced engineer/designer/etc is like (maybe) 40’000-50’000$ a year, if you make a small studio with 20 guys(there are great games made by 4 or 5 guys only…), during 18 months, that’s about 1.5 million $. Add 500’000$ for localization, score, etc, we have a fully working studio with 2 million $.

    Now, with 100 million $, you can have 50 studios like this one. Sure, people can move/help other studios/productions, if x game requires 2 or 3 extra guys, for a couple of months.

    50 studios. Now, Sony can give them for free a naughty dog/guerrilla games/media mollecule/sucker punch game engine, or even a tweaked/downgraded game engine.

    So here we have, with ‘only’ 100 million $, Sony can have at least 50 great boxed games released every year, by these 50 studios. These studios could also use a common net code, and use/share many other things, so everything is much easier for everybody.

    By selling these games for 39$, even if they get 20$ net per game, with 100’000 units sold, Sony would already get their money back. Maybe some titles would only sell 50’000 units, but other would sell 150’000, at the end, they win.

    Could you guys imagine 50 games per year, and that just from those 50 studios, 50 games like Resogun on the ps4, or dragons crown, or pinball, shot them ups, games like streets of rage, or much bigger projects, running smoothly on naugthy dog/guerrilla games engines, with amazing graphics.

    Seriously, who wouldn’t buy a console, like the ps4, knowing each month, there are 5-10 new high quality games released?

    Now, imagine microsoft, with almost unlimited cash, with one billion, they could have 10 times more… like 500 studios , making 500 new games. Five.hundred. would I buy an xbox one, even if I’m a Sony fan? Of course I would. But no, microsoft prefers paying 10 or 20 millions to Activision, for securing that cod exclusive content, during 1 month.

    The same with Nintendo, instead of waiting 2 years so a new Mario kart or super smash bros is out, they could as well invest 50 millions, and get 25 new studios, so fans can have plenty of new games.

    Yeah, dear manufacturers, if you want people to spend 500$ on your consoles, please, make games. Hundreds of games.

    I don’t really understand what the hell they’re doing with then last guardian. Did they start working on a ps4 version, and dropped the ps3 version, and have been busy making the engine? Is the team too small? Is the game so f*cking huge, it requires lots of hands, brains and time? Did they simply cancel the game, and don’t dare announcing it? Is Sony keeping it like a secret weapon, like a new uncharted or god of war game, for the ps4, and are waiting for the right time to drop those bombs, for example, microsoft announces a new feature or game and all the internet collapses, and suddenly, Sony attack and announce the new uncharted, or the last guardian, and suddenly all internet almost forget the xbox one exist.

    One thing is sure, the last guardian, every ICO fan will buy could be a little marvel.
    If only it gets released one day … 🙂

    • cell989

      its a lot more complicated than that, companies cant just dump money on investments they arent sure will actually return a profit

  • Carlo

    For me I see re-engineering as rebuilding (for the PS4) hopefully from the ground up and not just a port

  • TVippy

    “The interviewer argued that it wouldn’t make much sense to release the game on PS3 this late in the console’s lifetime”

    NEVER understood that argument. It would be better for everyone if this game released on PS3. AS THEY PROMISED IT WOULD BE. Sick of Sony’s lies.

    • foureyes oni

      or simply just for the fact that there are more people who own a ps3 than a ps4.

    • Mike Sombi

      Sony lied? One game being delayed isn’t enough to hold a grudge against an industry giant which has given you plenty of great games. Sometimes a great game might get delayed or even cancelled it happens. Sometimes there are more important things that a huge company has to worry about or things just happen that we don’t know because they are only discussed behind closed doors.

      Statistics suggest that people who own a PS3 will upgrade to owning a PS4 by buying one straight up or trading in their PS3. Therefore, it wouldn’t make much sense to release The Last Gaurdian in say late 2014 or 2015 on the PS3 when plenty of people will have a PS4 by then. Also, like I said before programming is more accessable and efficient on PS4 so you can do 20x’s more developement on PS3 in the same time it would on PS3 and with no constraints for memory, ect.

      No offense but you sound like you’re just butthurt because maybe you weren’t planning on buying a PS4 or maybe you waited for The Last Gaurdian to come out on PS3 and it never showed. Do yourself a favor and buy a PS4, PS3 was an okay system but it’s very limiting for devs and had alot of cons. The PS4 has no cons 🙂

      It would be far smarter for Sony to release The Last Gaurdian on PS4, it would alsp be more fair not only to gamers in general but also to the devs to allow them to be able to create without compromising. Nobody wants to program on PS3 anymore, there is no need to, PS3 is hard to work on and very limiting with it’s 256mb of ram. Just saying.

    • Final Fantasy Fanatic

      LOL but its okay for Microsoft to remove those 360 games and put them on Xbox One.

      Didn’t Microsoft promise Ryse on the 360? Where is it?

      • You are flat out wrong

        No one wants Ryse, though.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Yeah, ironic, having that okami avatar which released on PS2 first and became popular because of it. Yeah keep bashing sony, thats what you insecure guys are good at. MGS4, the last of us, uncharted series, killzone series, Gran turisimo, heavy rain, God of war series would really want to talk to you and “SLAP” some sense in you.

  • cell989

    Yes!! at least we now know its still in production and not scrapped, very exited

  • Guest

    It’s happening!

  • kwyay

    sounds like the games is changing form , doesn’t make sense for reengineering to be a ps4 term because that would be like porting. Instead, it sounds like the game is changing. games are made on computers so making is for the ps3 vs ps4 means that more than just engine coding is happening

  • Anonymous

    Just let it come out for the PS3. I want more PS3 games.

  • ALKi1234

    engineering focused? Smells like a PS4 conversion going on there.

  • TVippy

    Oops, forgot, I’m on the Sony Defense Squad headquaters dot com…

  • Diego Santos Leao

    Its a good thing that Jack Tretton said that, people gave these guys a small break and stopped obsessing about it for at least 10% of their time. The problem was Sony talking about it so early, but I guess they didn’t expect people to be talking about it in EVERY interview.