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Grapes Issue Gameplay Footage Shows Off How I Always Imagined Wine Was Made

by on October 4, 2013 11:57 AM 0

Many of us may love wine, but many of us may not know how it’s made. Thanks to Equilibre Games’ upcoming game, Grapes Issue, it seems we’re finally going to get schooled on it.

Grapes Issue tasks you with getting rid of the good grapes while saving the good ones, all to bottle the best product you can for harvest. Players will accomplish this by setting traps strategically, chopping, electrocuting and bursting grapes for a mixture of simple physics gameplay and with a tower defense approach.

I knew winemaking had to be awesome.

Grapes Issue will be coming to iOS and Android devices, and to the OUYA. Check out the official Grapes Issue Facebook page for exclusive content.

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