The PS4 Sells Out Faster than Hotcakes at All Major Japanese Retailers; In Most Cases Within Minutes

This morning between 7 and 7:30 AM local time the floodgates for preorders of the PS4 opened on most Japanese major retail websites. How fast did it sell out? Very, Very Fast.

All the Japanese online stores in which the console has gone up for preorder in the window mentioned above, including Amazon Japan, Yodabashi Camera, Bic Camera, Sofmap, Edion and Rakuten Books ran out of stock extremely fast. Some within mere minutes. Amazon Japan was the one to last the longest, for about 40 minutes.

Both bundles offered, one with a voucher to download Knack, and one with the game and a PlayStation Camera,simply disappeared from the virtual shelves like they never existed.

The screencap you can see below, from Amazon Japan, is just an example of what Japanese gamers who were too late are looking at as I’m writing. They’ll have to rely on the only two retailers that are going to start preorders later, Nojima at 10 AM and Joshin at noon. Most likely their stock is going to evaporate in minutes as well.

Despite the delay of the release to February the 22nd, looks like Japan in still in love with PlayStation.

Update – 9:00 Japan Time: Amazon Japan reopened preorders, probably after receiving a further allocation of units from Sony. We’ll see how long these will last. All other retailers are still completely sold out.

Update – 9:22 Japan Time: The bundle with the camera is now sold out again on Amazon Japan.

Update – 9:26 Japan Time: The box without the camera is gone again too. The second batch lasted less than the first.

Update – 10:00 Japan Time: Nojima opened preorders, and its server imploded.


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  • Stealth

    Does not mean much until we know how much the allotment was.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It means exactly that it sold out very very fast. Nothing more, Nothing less.

      • Hi54Geezus

        Man, everybody is so damn pessimistic, right? Even it it was just a couple thousand, still pretty amazing considering the console doesn’t release there for more months

    • Jeremy

      lol did someone kick your puppy

    • AdachiTohru

      You think there wasnt enough ? Seriously ? That doesnt make any sense, because they delayed it in Japan to get enough stock !

    • Jin

      It’s ok man, Japan is a lost cause to MS. No need to be butt hurt over something you guys never had.

      • spideynut71

        Nintendo OWNS Japan, son…don’t get it twisted. Sony can’t even compete in the non-gaming electronics in Japan…or the rest of the world, for that matter.

        • Jin

          How is the Wii U faring? Last time i checked the PS2 is the best selling console of all time. YOU don’t get it twisted…sperm still in a nutsack.

          • spideynut71

            The WiiU is an extension of current gen (Nintendo just won’t admit it yet). I guarantee you they’ll have a true next-gen console release well before the end of this gen. And considering they’ve released virtually no games for the WiiU…especially their heavy-hitters….they’re doing better than should be expected. It’s hilarious to me that people are counting pre-orders like they’re sales. Hell, I’d wager about 1/3 of PS4s pre-ordered will immediately go up on eBay, the day they’re purchased. I know mine will ; no Uncharted, no LBP, and no The Last Guardian = I’ll wait for games to show up that I want, and likely double my money on my pre-order.

          • Jin

            OH and lets not forget Sony BGM and Sony Paramount pictures.

          • spideynut71

            What the hell do SonyMUSIC (BMG hasn’t been in the picture for several years now) and Sony Pictures (that rumored Paramount merger from a few years back never materialized….you should really do a bit of research before posting stupid shlt). have to do with video games? If you want to play that stupid game, MS has already won.

          • Stealth

            you both sound nuts

          • spideynut71

            Says the guy who repeats himself in the same comment section…

          • Stealth

            I needed to respond to both you maniacs

          • spideynut71

            I speak the truth, so how am I a “maniac” exactly?

          • Jin

            OK you asked what have Sony done out of the gaming industry and I repled as Sony BMG. back then it was the most successful label company in the business, Does the name Michael Jackson ring a bell?

            I misread your comment. my bad

          • Stealth

            you both sound nuts.

          • painless050

            You’re somewhat right about that. Nintendo’s main focus is video games, hence, why their games are always better than Sony’s.

          • Jin

            If there are any indication that Sony is going to rule Next-gen in Japan with an iron fist is that with Nintendo out of the picture and Microsoft who botched themselves beyond facial recognition. Who is going to win next-gen. LMAO it ain’t going to be the OUYA.

          • jonam

            Do you remember why Dreamcast was released to compete with Sony’s PS1? Pretty much the same reason if Nintendo ever decided to go forth a new console, The Sega Console had a superior hardware expecting to trounce PS1’s performance, but the Sony fan base was huge enough who were unperturbed by Sega’s latest and the last outing. Nintendo will have to struggle with Wii U or take a break off this gen. Atleast 3DS sales will continue the Nintendo stride forth.

          • painless050

            You forgot to mention PS1’s success was mainly due to Squaresoft’s FF7. Without that, no one would’ve cared for PS1 and no dev would’ve climbed to them to create games like Resident Evil.

            Nintendo owns Japan. Sony doesn’t.

  • Jack Slater

    It means alot. Sony is Japanese, and still, very few bought the ps3, when, there were billions of PS2 fans there. Even with massive price drops, bundles, amazing AAA games, Japanese simply avoided/skipped the ps3, and still today, you can offer them a ps3 bundle with 5 AAA games for 149$, not many will buy it. This gen, in japan, it was all about Nintendo. Ps3 didn’t score well, compared what it could have been, and x360, it’s like it never existed there.

    With the ps4, the entire planet is going crazy, looks like everybody wants one for Christmas, everywhere. Everywhere. Even in NA the ps4 should sell much better than the xbox one, and when we know 50-70% of the x360 owners live in america, that really means the console will be an enormous success.

    While in Europe and USA, the ps4 will do really well, like I said above, I was really sceptical about what would happen in japan: will the guys there about 8 cores, gddr5, knacks and killzone, remote plays and all that stuff, or will they just buy anything Nintendo will do, and skip the ps4, like they did with the ps3?

    Well, looks like all the guys/fans who wanted a Nintendo console, already have the ds, or 3ds, and they won’t simply get the Wii u, otherwise, they would have already bought it.
    Well, when I read this article, it looks like we have the answer: the ps4 will be a success in japan, everybody there wants one, they don’t care about Wii u’s or xbox one’s, they want a ps4.
    I think Japanese are again in love with Sony, and appreciate what it’s coming in February. Even if they haven’t bought a ps3, Japanese gamers have been following Sony behaviour, the 64 full games a psn+ gamer can get for free, every year, and the new vita TV looks like then perfect solution for those who complained about the vita not having an micro-hdmi out, me the first to complain. I will be able to play and discover many PSP/ps1 games on my vita, and play on a big LCD, for sure I will do it. And being able to play ps4 games on the vita, via WiFi, outside the house, garden, etc, will be fantastic.

    The PS vita TV is the kind of thing japan will love. The PS vita will then fly out of the shelves, and the ps4 will retrieve the love people had for the PS2.

    Looks like Japanese gamers weren’t happy with the current gaming solutions, and Nintendo must now be well aware of it.. when they see the sales numbers, their internal meetings must be really fun.. or not.
    Xbox, they don’t even want to hear about it. And steam machines, fps, fps and more fps isn’t really what they play there. I watched the full tgs conference, there are a shitload of Japanese games being made for the ps3. The kind of games people love, there. If Sony manage to lower the ps3 price to 149$ + 3 months psn+ for free + 2 games, they could easily sell 5-10 million ps3, in 2014, even if the ps4 is there. And free PS+ is just perfect, after Sony got hacked, I finally tried psn+. It was free. I found it so good, I bought 1 year. Last week, I paid for another year. It’s just insane, the amount of free stuff I get, for my vita and ps3’s. I have 32 gigas full with games, on my vita, full games, like the free uncharted golden abyss, 32 GB, and I think I haven’t bought more than 2 games for it. I will pick killzone mercenary soon.

    All this to say the ps3 could have a second life, aided by the ps4 success. And if the Japanese gamer fellows start buying ps4’s like crazy, man, it’s gonna be a global success, for sure.

    After all the anti-consummer Nazi policies microsoft wanted gamers/fans to swallow, with the unique goal of destroying the gaming industry(if we can’t be the only winners, let’s blow everything away, so nobody wins), after the hundreds 180° last-minute changes, trying to please the few fans who still believe in microsoft, after all the lies, PR stunts, tech bulshit, games already reaching the xbox one power plafond, and seeing massive downgrades in quality, resolution, polygon count, as we approach the release date,those games having its graphics look less and less like what was shown at E3, each day, all the pay wall behind 99% of the xbox one features, which 90% won’t work outside NA, or even only big cities like new York, etc, and not working in the rest of the world, that new controller done exclusively so people can’t play with the xbox 360 ones(apart visual changes and the alien tech used on the connection, it’s 99% like the x360 ones), and have to buy new ones, and people will once again have to spend cash on a battery charger, etc. Recent videos showed gameplay videos at 60fps, with a lot of lag on the controllers, when it’s supposed to be 15% faster than the x360 ones.kinekt gameplay videos have an awful lag, even a 6yo boy will notice it takes a lot of time to see the moves done with the body shown on the TV.
    Etc etc.
    After all the catch up with Sony, copying everything Sony does, and saying the xbox one can do it as well.. but even better, faster, etc, will all the stunts even fans are now aware off,mind aren’t happy at all, microsoft still has one single chance to be successful in Europe and USA.
    If the console should be delayed, or games weren’t ready on time, or worse, microsoft releases the console as announced, regardless all the qa tests were successful, or the hardware is stable and reliable, IF, they dare selling the xbox one day one, and by ‘chance’, all the fans will have huge issues, like day one firmware upgrades, etc, and forums start being flooded with people complaining about major issues/freezes, etc, microsoft, this time around, things will go so damn fast, in a matter of a week, all the planet will be aware once again, you fooled people, you lied to your biggest faithful fans and customers, and decided to release an unfinished product, like the x360, with its rrod v1. Your fans, who had their x360 replaced 3-4 times, and have bought 2-3 x360, because of cross game chat, ‘better’ network ad community, etc, they forgave you once, but won’t forgive you twice. Release a rushed xbox one,with flaws or major issues, and you will see how fast your x360 fans will stop trusting you, and won’t care anymore about exclusive cod content or halo or eyes/Titan fall/forza, and will happily grab a rock-solid +10years future proof ps4, with amazing titles as well. It won’t be 3-1 for the ps4, in NA, screw it, and it will be 10-1. People know you, fans know you, and know how far you can go, for making 10 cts.

    Though, I hope the xbox one will be amazing as well, competition is always good. But screw it once again, release a shitty designed product, there won’t be people buying a 4,5, 6th console, as they keep dying, this time around.

    Back to Japan, I hope guys there will trust Sony, and will help them winning this generation, with great devices like the ps3, ps4, PS vita and PS vita TV. Sony really deserve that success. While they did anything they could for selling consoles, like releasing many many new titles, AAA games, great offers, great PS+ offers, etc, all that to make this or that guy go out and buy a ps3, because with all the hate towards Sony, on internet, from websites like gamespot, Forbes, ign, polygon, CNN, 95% of the US press kept and still keep bashing Sony products, while praising xbox brand, even when there was the rrod issue, these websites barely talked about it, or made some articles.
    Still today, if I pick Forbes, as an example, anytime there is an article about games, there are 2 possibilities: the article headline will be like ‘why the xbox one will win’, ‘why the xbox one is the good choice’, ‘ why bla bla bla xbox one’, etc etc.
    The second possibility, is reviews of ps3/PS vita games, specially if it’s exclusive Sony titles: no matter what game is, no matter if 1 million websites gave it a 10/10, Forbes will always give a 6.5-7/10 . Microsoft pays them to give shitty scores to Sony games. We already know that, right.
    Why I say this? Because even with all the bashing from the US press, Sony managed to sell more ps3 than x360. And when we know xbox fans bought 2-3 consoles each, as they kept dying, and microsoft had 55% failure rate with the rrod issue, actually, microsoft only sold real 40-50 million consoles.

    Even with all the US media praising microsoft and xbox one like crazy, the ps4 will outsell the xbox one by a big margin, in NA. That means everything. If Sony manages to get some love from all those former haters/x360 fanboys, let’s just stop one second and imagine how many millions ps4 will be sold this year. I won’t be surprised if by march, Sony have sold 8-15 million ps4. I hope they can produce enough units, and there won’t be another Fukushima…

    Good luck Sony, you deserve it. Really.

    Sorry for the big comment, thanks for those who dared reading til the end 🙂

    • Jin

      To sum up this post. “With the ps4, the entire planet is going crazy, looks like everybody wants one for Christmas, everywhere. Everywhere.”

      • Guest

        Sony is gunning for it’s throne back.

      • painless050

        PS4 is unnecessary but the mass idiots will buy it anyway.

    • dave

      Wow, nice essay! I think the main reason Sony have such a huge hit on their hands with the PS4 is simple economics and pent up demand, they have hit that magic ‘mass market’ price point of £349/$400, a quality product offering the consumer a huge amount of performance for AAA games and exclusives at a relatively bargain price. Sony have done everything right so far, so deserve all the success they will have with the PS4. (Please note, I think Xbox1 will do very well as well, due to the pent up demand for next gen consoles.)

    • jonam

      The bottom line: PS4 is badass!

    • Dragon24680

      ” It means alot. Sony is Japanese, and still, very few bought the ps3,
      when, there were billions of PS2 fans there. Even with massive price
      drops, bundles, amazing AAA games, Japanese simply avoided/skipped the
      ps3, and still today, you can offer them a ps3 bundle with 5 AAA games
      for 149$, not many will buy it. This gen, in japan, it was all about

      Where did you get that bro? Sony sold 9 million+
      PS3s compared to 12million of wii (which were dirt cheap compared to
      ps3). Right now, PS3 enjoys a whopping 71% of home console market. So
      no, PS3 didn’t fail. Of course, earlier mishaps (pricing) did decrease
      its sales potential. 9 million isn’t a “very few” number. PS2 sold 22 million in japan, not billions.

      Handhelds are different matter of course.

      • Sushi123123

        However, The PS2 WAS released quite a while ago, while Japan’s baby boomers were coming of age. After the Baby boom in 70s and 80s, Japan has had a low birthrate problem. A lot of baby boomers have already graduated college and such, and probably aren’t as interested in buying a gaming console. So 9 million sold for the PS3 compared to 22 million sold for the PS2 might not be as big of a percentage difference of the gaming community in Japan. Hopefully the PS4 does better though, and by the looks of it, it’s on its way to being the #1 console in Japan.

      • ben

        The wii and ps3 are about the same price in Japan.. Please don’t make silly statements. The difference was nothing. around 60 dollars. I live in Japan.

    • Guest

      Cool story, PS fan boy.

      • Jack Slater

        Hope your new xbox is preordered and you will get it next 22.
        I’m sure you can’t wait to play all those games at an amazing 720p resolution.

        Wait…we’re in 2013-14, not 2005. 720p was last gen’s resolution.
        There must be a problem, coding on that second hidden GPU, on the xbox one.there’ss just too much power available.

        Anyway, since the US press has stated 1080p upscaled is better than 1080p native, there’s no need to worry.

    • ben

      Please write less.

      Japan has many niche markets, both Nintendo and Sony well sell well here. Nintendo will sell to families and young couples. Sony will sell to men and boys. A lot of sony’s biggest sellers here are hentai anime games. Says a great deal about its customer base.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Good to know that there’s still a lot of demand for consoles in Japan. That market remains important and it would be a shame if all their dev talent was restricted to phones.

  • Ritsujun

    Xbone180 – dead before arrival.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      STFU idiot played your Failstation 4 garbage yesterday it’s the biggest pile of turd I ever played and the games look like crap Bahahahhaha garbagestation 4

      • TraceSkipper


      • twinspectre

        sniff sniff i smell xboxfanboy butthurt

      • Guest

        Are all Xbottle fanboys this classy?

      • You are flat out wrong

        Hey x1ultimateloser, how’s it feel knowing that one of your triple A blockbuster exclusives still looks like ass?

        And this is supposed to be a system seller? I’ve squeezed out turds that look more appealing!

  • Maurice Wilburn

    No surprise here Japan has always been a Sony/Nintendo country.

  • RealityCheck2013

    This News makes me HAPPY!!! 😛 😛 😛

  • Jeremiah Enrile

    PS2 killed the xbox but it survived. PS4 is here to finish the job

    • Guest

      Xbox is like the monster villain where the hero(PS2) thought it died, but somehow it survived by regeneration(lots of money). Now the hero’s son (PS4) is here to finish what his father started.

  • Guest

    Wow really impressive!! Welcome back PS2!! 🙂

  • ISISSecretAgent

    the preorder thing was like a minigame here as well, i remember just when i was about to finish the transaction it was already sold out lol

    then the amazon bundles came in 😉

  • Jason Mounce

    Meanwhile it’s been spotted that there’s more tumbleweeds waiting in line for Xbox One than there are people.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Nah, not even the tumbleweed can be bothered turning out for the Xbone.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      LMFAO XD, uhm maybe some flies would come sooner waiting in line

      • Jason Mounce

        Maybe the flies came because the One person who’d wait in line for Xbox One died of boredom. Surely if there are any Xbox fans in Japan, their lives are very poor and they have disheartening tales of abuse, neglect and live in constant shame.

        • Maurice Wilburn

          Are all Sony fanboys this classy?

          • Jason Mounce

            Sony fanboy? Where?! o.o

          • equalequation

            It’s just fact that there are very, very few XBox fans in Japan, and most of them are there for Idolmaster, eroge or for shooters, which most people look upon rather dimly. Being looked upon dimly is a big deal in Japan, too, unless you seriously have no social life to lose. Not saying it’s the universal rule or that it must be true, but that’s the perception people have.

            And there’s how Microsoft shat in their face way back when the One had region locking and Japan wasn’t one of the launch territories, which means they can’t even use the console, it’d be a big black brick. You should’ve seen their reaction back then.

            So yeah, he exaggerated for comic effect, but he isn’t entirely wrong.

          • Maurice Wilburn

            Never new Japan put so much pride in products, sounds like a psychological monopoly.

  • Bright Bart

    I didn’t even know the Japanese ate hotcakes.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      yes they do, we asians eat anything westernized too yah know. plus we eat rice.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Bahahaha ya right played this garbage console yesterday and it’s pure crap games all looked like Ps3 games FFS what a Joke of a console

    • twinspectre

      i hope you’re trolling if not i’m afraid that you might have a problem…
      dude XBONE was rushed look DS3 it looks like PS2
      i bet when you go on videogames news and find out that PS4 is more powerful than XBONE you will convert the news to XBONE is more powerful than PS4
      because what i see is a lot of xbone fanboy converting news.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Garbagestation4 what a huge waste of money it needs another 10 year to catch to XboxOne

    • twinspectre

      go play xboner and stick it up your arse

  • xxSSxx

    X1ultimategamer = Xbot trolling around?? Confirmed….

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    WOW! that’s all I have to say.

  • JowGamer


  • for any folks reading this who missed the pre-orders, it’s available now at I just pre-ordered the camera pack. 🙂

  • A$AP-Flacko

    More demand in US, Less supply in Japan; that’s how capitalism works

  • Obambush

    Not all major retailers lol

    • Somebodyissilent

      Before photo huh?