Check Out Four Minutes of Battlefield 4 Xbox One Gameplay, Showing the New Zavod 311 Map

Xbox One footage of Battlefield 4 is sure hard to come by nowadays (even because Electronic Arts tends to swat it down as soon as it gets uploaded), but the game is being showcased on the upcoming next gen console at Microsoft’s booth at the Igromir trade show in Russia, and we finally got a good, fairly long video of its gameplay.

The clip, recorded by YouTube user Godallc, gives us a rather extensive glimpse on the new map that debuted at Eurogamer Expo — Zavod 311 — which is quite appropriate because it’s set in a Russian tank factory.

You can check it out just below. From what we can see it should be the same build showcased at Eurogamer. That’s not very surprising considering that it was last week.

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  • theodor70941

    Who’s the clown/n00b playing BF4?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Bet you someone that wasn’t used to play with a controller. In Russia a ton of people play exclusively on PC.

      You see it by how jerky the camera motion is.

      • jake x

        Tell the retard that’s filming this to Hold still FFS

  • Bright Bart

    Can’t tell anything by a crappy 480p YouTube video.