Check Out Watch_Dogs’ PS4 Gameplay From Sony’s Stage at Igromir: Sneaking, Driving and Blackouts

The Russian trade show Igromir has finally come to a close in Moscow, and today we get to see two interesting clips of Watch_Dogs‘ gameplay played directly on Sony’s big screen.

The first video, coutesy of YouTube user magicdevice,¬†shows a single player mission that involved a lot of sneaking around, and concludes with the use of one of Aiden’s iconic abilities, the city-wide blackout.

The second, recorded by Tim Seyfelmliukov¬†shows some driving and car hijacking, with a funny glitch: when Aiden breaks the side window of a car, the glass doesn’t actually disappear and it’s still there when the door is opened.

Check them both out below.

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  • Misha Shevkun

    It’s PC-version with DualShock 4, i was on a closed presentation of a game on October 3.

    • truthtellerdealwithit

      No it isnt you silly CNUT

      • You are flat out wrong

        lol chill out m8