Catch a Torchic in the Pokemon X and Y Wi-Fi Distribution

To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS RPGs Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Nintendo will be holding a special wi-fi distribution event. From October 12th, players will be able to connect to the internet and download a Torchic, the fiery Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire starter, to their copy of Pokemon X and (or)Y. Torchic will come holding a Blazikenite Stone, which can be used to evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

The event will take place from October 12th to January 15th inside the game’s Cherish Ball. Torchic will join at level 10, and it will also possess a special Speed Boost Hidden Ability, making it truly unique. So, who’s excited to evolve a Mega Blaziken?

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  • tubers

    Digi.. woops. 😛

    Looks pretty good. :)

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Yay. Didn’t know it was til Jan 15th. Glad they’re making the distro last so long.