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Enjoy 15 Minutes of The Crew’s Gameplay in Two New Videos from Igromir

by on October 7, 2013 8:42 AM 1

Ubisoft’s The Crew was showcased on the show floor at the Russian trade show Igromir, and today we got two gameplay videos giving us a rather extensive glimpse on the game.

The first, courtesy of YouTube user RusGameTactics, shows a whopping twelve minutes of driving, while the second (by миша топорский) is shorter, but has a better resolution. It also shows the fairly fictional conversion of a Nissan 370 Z from street car to off-road vehicle and the sensation of speed given by the bumper camera angle.

You can enjoy both videos below.

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  • Christian Dixon

    I hope this game has a free drive mode where you can just follow the road and explore.

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