Battlefield 4: DICE Fighting Against Drivers and CPU Usage Problems; Expects Improvements in Next Patch

The Battlefield 4 Beta Hasn’t been running in the smoothest of ways for many PC users, and the devs at EA DICE have been hard at work to solve or at least mitigate the issues, as Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson explained today on Twitter, promising improvements for the next patch.

While the above tweet may sound a bit obscure, it Andersson explained when asked:

So there you have it. Andersson believes he won the battle, but not yet the war, meaning that there’s still room for improvement.

At the very least, though, we can expect a performance increase coming with the next patch, even if those that (like me) are on Windows 7 won’t probably be able to juice the game for all it’s worth. That said, the game will work “fine”.

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  • Matt

    CPU usage is fine on my 8350 on windows 7… I’m having more problems with the servers lagging.

  • Linden

    server lag? lol
    I got i5 2500k stock + ati 7970 + ssd(game installed) and got so much fps drops even on low settings that make impossible to do any test…

    hope they fix it 😀

  • Johan

    Running i7 2600k, Nvidia GTX 580, game on SSD and Windows 8, i am on a steady 80-90 fps with almost everything maxed out with a 120hz monitor. The server lag spikes are far worse than hardware lag for me at this moment.

    • SuckMyDickLiar youre not

    • WorstikA

      rofl, do you even believe that utter bs yourself?

  • Dafix

    Less than a month till the release and so many flaws, bugs and who knows what else is wrong with the game. It seems DICE didn’t learn anything from BF3, the game what still has annoying bugs/glitches after 2 years.
    >BF4 is more optimized
    How nice to see DICE selling out to Micro$oft.
    Sorry, but that is what I see.

  • diceengineer

    Guys…time to update your CPU’s. It’s gonna be CPU intensive game so better have at least Haswell CPU or 3000-series i7 if u really wanna play this.