And Here’s How Best Buy is Preparing to Receive the PlayStation 4

Just a few minutes ago we posted showing how Best Buy is preparing to receive the Xbox One, but what about the PlayStation 4? Are the aisles for Sony’s upcoming console being prepared as well?

Of course they are, and we can catch a glimpse on them thanks to a Best Buy Employee that posted a couple pictures on Reddit, as reported by Domino792 on NeoGaf.

You can see the pictures below. Which display do you prefer?

PS4_3 PS4

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  • RealityCheck2013

    Hmm the middle bit is erm to empty LoL:D (once there are games boxes & PS4 boxes there it would look good) + i am surprised shops in the USA give any space to the PlayStation brand considering they hate SONY & the PS brand so much :-/

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Haha. Shops in the USA love your money. For whatever console you give it 😀

      Considering how well preorders seem to be going, bet that now they love Sony and the PS Brand 😀

      • KuchikiSentou

        Ya, but they promote Xbox more. Actually, albeit slightly.

      • andy

        Yeah but Microsoft’s bribes to promote Xbox more than Playstation will be larger then ever in just about all retailers.

        • cell989

          this is true, they pay stores to concentrate more on their product than their competition, they always get more exposure, dirty tactics but whatever

        • X1ultimateGamer

          STFU you fool and stop spreading false info you dam moron

          • You are flat out wrong

            You would say that, you dumb Xprick. ^_^

          • X1ultimateGame

            STFU you butthurt and stop spreading fanboyism info you dam idiot

    • QwietStorm

      Good God is this what the internet and the media has done to people. What gave you the impression that USA hates the PlayStation brand? The same brand that dominated the living room from ’95-’05. Oh I know what you’re getting at. The Xbox 360. The console that’s been the front runner in people’s mouths and in US market share. Funny thing how that works in the consumer industry, isn’t it? Cmon man be serious.

      • cell989

        lets not forget the 360 “sold” well only because of all those faulty consoles they made and forced people to buy multiple units. Microsoft gets more credit than they should

        • QwietStorm

          Still with this too? In 2013?

          • ALKi1234

            Well i had a RROD 360 and i think MS got of the hook waaaaay to easy!!!

        • BigBoner11

          Most of those were repaired under their extended warranty. Don’t forget that Sony combined PS2/PS3 sales together.

        • Chris Spencer

          yea i went through 3 xboxs just for fn halo what a waste loved sony from the get go and imma stick with em much better all around no matter how u look at it just truth…

    • Jeffrey Alexander


    • KIRBYdaDOG

      NOrth amerca bought more ps1 and ps2s than all of Europe(Europe has way more people) and almost as many ps3s. USA is playstation’s biggest market, always has been always will be.

      360 moved more software and consoles then playstation this gen in usa so it gets more attention from retailers. Im pretty sure ps4 will dominate so soon ps will be back to getting the most attention like it sis with ps1 and ps2 so you wont have to be a crybaby fanboy crazy.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Eh, shops go where the money is. And considering how much the 360 oversold the PS3 in the US, they’re lucky to be getting equal shelf space. Pre-orders must be trending very nicely.

  • Zohak Diaz

    Lol. As you know best buy is a partner of Microsoft. I can’t wait to see how best buy will prepare for the Xbox one.

    • Jeffrey Alexander

      How do you figure this? Because they are a Surface reseller? They are also an Apple reseller. And a few years back (when I was working there) Sony was the most promoted home entertainment stuff being pushed.

      • Zohak Diaz

        Good you have a new job

  • Jack Slater

    Damn, how will microsoft do to spoil the party, like they did in Paris?
    If only it was Venezia, they could send a boat with a ‘xbox loves you’, in front of each store.

    They must have a couple of low tricks left under their sleeves.
    The day before the ps4 release, in a last meeting, at microsoft, they will decide to lose 1.5 billion(by selling 10 million units, cash they will get back, with live gold subscriptions), and will announce the xbox one in NA will cost 349$.

    This is the last weapon left. They can’t make factories produce xbox one faster, they can’t release the console even one day before the ps4, the only thing left is use all those billions they have, to stop the ps4 momentum in NA. Yeah, you heard it first here, bookmark this page. The November 10, they will announce the xbox one at 349$, in NA.

    • KIRBYdaDOG

      no man, MS had a little success with the 360 and already forgot how hard it is to sell consoles. I dont think it will do as bad as it would have without all the changes, but im pretty darn sure this gen will go back to playstation domination.

      I dont think what you predict would ever happen because I dont thin MS knows how much they are going to get dominated yet. They probably think they will sell better in the us like 360, but honestly they have no chance at that at all.

      • Jack Slater

        After the huge rrod injustice, where kids, parents, young guys have saved money months and months, many almost had to sell a kidney to be able to buy an x360, with microsoft perfectly aware of the rrod issues, but still selling the flawed systems to people: my first HD console was a x360, I bought it with 5 games, spent like 800$. After 2 months, that pos started freezing. I still have the DHL box with the x360 inside, for sending to a repair center, since 2006 🙂 I was so disgusted, didn’t even mind fixing it. Then I got a ps3 fat, and the issues were over. It was time for happy gaming.until today.and tomorrow. And next. Ps4 day one for me.

        After fooling people like that, with a flawed system, charging 60 bucks a year for online gaming, and only caring about halo,gears and exclusive content for cod, they REALLY deserve being ignored by fans and most people, and deserve Sony outselling them 5-1, even in NA.

        And the ugly xbots who might answer, don’t talk about OtherOS removal, or bla bla Sony over promises and under delivers bla bla, etc.
        How many x360 bought between launch and 2010 are still working today? Maybe 10%. And ps3? Maybe 60-70% are still working flawlessly, like mine.
        That’s the difference between 2.5% and 54% failure rate.

        Many young cod x360 gamers will buy an xbox one. But most guys who had 4,5,6 different systems, as they kept dying and dying, they’re a bit tired of paying, paying, paying, all the time, everything.many will just forget forzas and ryses, and will buy a ps4. The perfect system for all the happy gamers.

        And I talked about microsoft announcing the xbox one at 349$, because they must be so desperate, when seeing the real sales/PReorders stats worldwide and NA, it must be the last thing to do, to gather a few more customers.

        • Guest

          The guy makes an admittedly corny little joke and the thread gets moist with butthurt tears. The reactions I’m seeing to this are ridiculous.

  • mike king

    This isn’t the floor…they’re obviously in the storage room preparing/setting it up

    • Jeffrey Alexander

      That’s exactly the floor. The stock room isn’t carpeted.

  • Saul Martinez

    Unlike Microsoft, Sony only needs to explain one thing only: Greatness Awaits 😀

    • X1ultimateGamer


      • marc

        xbox one fan boy you know is rigth

      • iMixMasTer


      • Lethal_Doze

        I know, I know, your favourite brand is not #1 anymore. Let it all out, the anger and frustration 😀

      • Truthbot

        I agree with Lethal_Doze, let the butthurt out. I totally saw you trolling another forum. It hurts to be a Xbone fanboy now.

      • Saul Martinez

        I took marketing and research on my first semester of college and one thing was clear: Never ever you more than one sentence to ship a product. One sentence is already risking it and boring the customer with marketing gibberish. Products must be shipped with simple, easy slogans such as: Greatness Awaits. No fanboyism here but Microsoft is missing the core fundamentals of marketing a product.

      • Jason Mounce


        Don’t even try to classify yourself as a ‘Gamer’. Your presence soils the name that many dorks, geeks and nerds worked hard to become gamers before you stopped wearing diapers.

      • X1ultimateGame


    • Mike Ampaabeng

      Hahaha really though, no need for all the extra stuff in your face! Just Greatness

  • Grammar Cop

    Please learn the difference between THEN and THAN people….America is in enough trouble already…learn the language! Correct= The PS4 will be larger THAN ever! Incorrect= The PS4 will be larger THEN ever?!?! THEN almost always denotes a place in time. Examples: “Things were better back THEN.” and “We will do our work first, THEN we will go to the bookstore and learn to command the English language.” THAN almost always shows difference. Examples: “6 is greater THAN 5.” and “I would rather own a PS4 THAN a weak Xbone.” See how that works 🙂

    • Martin Brentnall

      I completely agree with this. My writing isn’t perfect, but I often stop reading a post when I encounter such basic confusion because if the person lacks such basic understanding of written language then I find it incredibly hard to value their opinion on anything beyond a very trivial subject.

      It’s also interesting to note that it tends to be the same people who confuse THEN / THAN that usually express opinions opposed to my own, although I’m not sure what conclusion to draw from that. 😉

    • pooba

      There’s no such thing as a “place in time” :]

      • Lacarious

        shadup dooshies

  • Howard Katz

    w&e = wait and see.

  • Neil Dyson

    I really wish Playstation fans would grow up and stop knocking the Xbox One. If you only buy one console, you are going to miss out on games. FACT. Both Xbox One and PS4 look great in action FACT. To go blitzing every place that mentions the X1 yet not the PS4 just makes you juvenile and the kind of person that shouldn’t comment in the first place. Accept both consoles are good, go have a good time with it. It’s not rocket science it’s fun.

    • Guest

      Same for you giant xboners. :}

  • FireGhost90

    All fanboys suck I am still going with Xbox One it has more stuff that I like but I think PS4 is going to be a great.

  • Russell Gorall

    That store looks like a crackhouse, is that the storage area.

  • jordankid93

    My local Best Buy has had promotional materials for a while now on the sales floor…