Here’s How Best Buy Prepares for the Coming of Xbox One

The release of the Xbox One is approaching fast, and shops are starting to receive their promotional materials and to set up their aisles for the big day.

Here’s how a Best Buy store is preparing to receive Microsoft’s new console, as reported by Hawk269 on Neogaf.

Below is an image of the main aisle as you walk into the Best Buy Media area where Best Buy plans to promote in-store for the Xbox One. The first image is the main (1st) aisle in the games section, this is the one that faces guests as they enter the store, at least in my local store. Speaking with the Supervisor of the department, in this section which is 12′ long, they will be receiving an interactive set up for people to play the unit and this will be set up in the center of the 12′. On the left/right side (4′ each) they plan to have additional items.

In the other shot, this is a 8′ section they dedicated in the software aisle, they will have a separate software, accessories, consoles in this section as well.

According the Media Supervisor, they should be receiving interactive displays for the Xbox One shortly, but he had not time table as to what that meant.

Looks like the folks at Best Buy are preparing for the Xbox One. Are you?

As a bonus, since it’s good to show both sides of the battle, you can check a couple pictures of the PS4 aisle under construction here.


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  • Howard Katz


    • Jeffrey Alexander

      Why bother posting? I don’t think anyone was challenging you not to buy one…

      • Howard Katz

        because I can 😉

        • Stb Hernández

          Yup, that’s the spirit.

  • Feocart

    The image on the bottom is a tad amusing considering one of the four games advertised (Kinect Sports: Rivals) isn’t a launch title. It got pushed back to Spring 2014.
    I’m surprised they haven’t corrected that…

    • Jeffrey Alexander

      Yeah, that is strange. I keep seeing it in promo material (printed) but they’ve since removed it from online stuff

    • You are flat out wrong

      They need to pretend the Xbone has Kinect games worth the $100 premium.

      • You know, there’s lots of people out there who LIKE the Kinect games. If no one liked them, they would have ditched the Kinect project long ago. You ned to realise that people has different opinions from yourself.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Games that look and feel like real life only on Xbox One, indeed.

    Dat compensating for lesser hardware.

    • Guest

      Like a 3dfx, you’re boasting about…pffft paupers and their low-IQ.

  • Zohak Diaz

    Lol really? This post on lmfao. This website hate everything there is linked to Microsoft’ s Xbox. Anyway. I can’t wait to have my xbone at home!

    • You’re calling it the Xbone AND you want it?

      • Jason Mounce

        Quite a peculiar subject, isn’t he?

    • You are flat out wrong

      Sounding pretty defensive about your blunder of the century, there. Are you sure you really want an Xbone?

  • gamer Ned

    PS4 for me this gen.

    • Stereotypical_White_Fella

      I’m getting both consoles this gen

      • Guest

        Yews, the non-paupers can afford it.

  • mike

    erg the xbox green color has always turned me off… So ugly to me, I mean I got a 360 but why did they choose green originally? eh stupid gripe, but I still want to know why.

    • Tony McQueen

      When they were designing the original Xbox logo the artist only had a black and green marker at the time. They liked the green glow and it has been a part of the Xbox look ever since. Though I do agree they should have made these boxes black. I believe the Day One boxes will be in black and it looks nice. But as I said those are for day one orders.

      • Stuart Moulding

        yep day one boxes are black and regular are green

  • Utedude

    It doesn’t matter where they put the PS4 in their stores, I will find it and buy it….

    • Guest

      Because you’re a pauper and can’t afford anything else.

      • Utedude

        I own a 2,500 dollar PC, your idiotic argument doesn’t work and it’s immature. Congrats tool.

  • You are flat out wrong

    I love that someone in marketing thought that puke green is an attractive colour.

    • Gekko36

      Hey I love green, I’ts my favourite colour but i have to admit if I have oozing of that colour coming from any orifice I’d be down the clap clinic like that!

  • PatcherStation

    I couldn’t give a t**s about the tech between the 2 consoles and even stuff like Kinect (including Sony’s offering). It’s all about the games. Looking at the launch games, I’d much prefer Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

    • foureyes oni

      its all just a matter of opinion on games i’ve never played forza or dead rising and ryse just has to much drama concerning that title. PS4 has killzone (not interested in shooters even though i probably will buy it since it looks so pretty), knack ( was not made for the American audience but still seems interesting to me and i like platformers even though i think it really is a beatem up game), and driveclub is just another racing game.