ShockCast Ep. 146 – “Grand Theft Auto Offline”

Yes, we’re still talking about Grand Theft Auto V, however this week we delved into Grand Theft Auto Online which is finally working!

We started off first with Jorge’s concerns about David Cage’s approach to video games before getting into a discussion about 2010’s Heavy Rain and this year’s BEYOND: Two Souls (7:58), I followed that up with a bone I had to pick of my own with Rockstar Games and their design of Grand Theft Auto Online (15:23), and we followed all of that up with a rundown of the panels and booths that players can look forward to at this year’s New York Comic-Con (30:35).

This week I was joined by Jorge Jimenez (Staff Writer) and Ryan Meitzler (Staff Writer). Many thanks to El Blanco Niño for our custom intro and outro. Enjoy the show!

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  • Gareth Davies

    “however this week we delved into Grand Theft Auto Online which is finally working!”

    Aha, no. It is still very much not working.

    • David Rodriguez

      Well, compared to not being able to log on at all…

      • Jorge Jimenez

        Setting bounties on people never gets old.

      • Gareth Davies

        True but until progress saving is sorted out and player progress is no longer lost at random, I wouldn’t be as bold as to say it’s working. It’s “getting better” would be more accurate.

  • They really need to change the death cost. You cant even play around to much with someone because before you know it your down 10-20k. Also they need to put people in spectator mode automatically when coming out of a mission. I almost lost 25k when I realized I wasn’t on the correct session and somebody was right next to me gunning for me the second i loaded in.

    • David Rodriguez

      How much do you lose exactly if you have tens of thousands of dollars on you? The most I’ve gotten off people is around $500.

      • yeah I heard the same I guess the warning that you have over $5k and you need to deposit it gets me kinda freaked out thinking all of it will drop but in reality maybe just a small percentage of it does.