The Second PS4 Batch Is Already Sold Out in Japan; It Lasted Only 14 Hours

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia surprised everyone by suddenly putting a second batch of the First Limited Pack of the PS4 (in both versions with and without the camera) up for preorder on its own store.

Looks like Japanese gamers were waiting quite eagerly for a second chance. While this batch didn’t sell in minutes like the first one, it only lasted 14 hours before Sony ran out of stock.

Interestingly enough, the version with the camera sold out a lot faster of the stand alone version, lasting little north of eight hours, indicating that either less bundles were made available, or Japanese gamers aren’t as hostile to glorified webcams as their indifference towards Kinect seems to indicate.

Below you can see a screencap of the page currently visible at the store. The red notice says that the allocated stock has run out so no more purchases will be accepted. It also encourages to check out the page again for a possible reopening of preorders in the future.


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  • Lethal_Doze

    Xbox is done, they only have a chance in the US, and I think in the worst case secanrio for Sony it’s going to be 50/50 split

    • KuchikiSentou

      I think the xbox will still outsell the ps4 in the US and probably UK

      • foureyes oni

        hmm i really don’t have a clue myself, with a halo or gears of war game for the xbox it could majorly shift the tide in Microsofts favor unless Sony has some other major game coming out at the end of next year but even then its still halo your competing with.

      • Bankai

        The US maybe – Xboxes are essentially Halo and Call of Duty machines over here – but Sony has the UK covered.

        • KuchikiSentou

          Nope, just Continental Europe.
          Not UK.

          • Bankai

            You’re free to believe that if you want.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Just facts dude.
            Check it
            Even some retailers are prioritising Xbox One over PS4, like John Lewis.

          • Yldefonso Then

            Just because some retailers are prioritizing Xbox more than PS4, does not mean Xbox will outsell it, people vote with their wallets, not retailers, do not confuse facts with false.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Retailers prioritise because it sells more. Get it? ie more excitement from the consumers

          • Lethal_Doze

            PS4 has topped XBone on Amazon UK since E3 dude, it’s 4th best selling item in video games category while XBox One is 33rd

            Today its 3:2 split for 360 in the UK, but its going to be the opposite with 3:2 split for PS4 next gen for sure, also Xbox will be destroyed on mainland Europe and it’s much bigger market combined than UK, Germany alone can almost rivail UK and its like 80% Playstation there.

          • KuchikiSentou

            At least you know that the 360 is more in the UK.
            My assumption is that there won’t be that many switches from 360 to PS4. This gen was too long and I feel the consumers are set in their ways.

            There is always the possibility of newcomers, but I doubt they will be enough to offset the balance in PS4’s favour.

            This cannot happen in the US. They love their X(shooter)box

          • Clate

            It is happening in the U.S. a lot but the Xbox will win the U.S. in the end due to MS’s connections. Probably about 55-45

            PS4 will win UK 60-40
            PS4 will win Japan 100% lol
            PS4 will win mainland Europe 60-40

            I am talking at launch so far but these numbers will hold pretty accurately through the course of this gen to I think

          • KuchikiSentou

            I think the PS4 will win US at launch but beyond that, no way.. I say Xbox wins 60 40 post launch. Maybe more
            Think about it. Xbox 360 has over 17 million more consoles in the US. All those users won’t switch over, some will but not all.

          • Clate

            It will be between 55-45 and 60-40.

            According to VGChartz


            There is 44.68 million 360s in the United States (wonder how many were RROD victims?)
            and there is 27.23 million PS3s.

            So this gen (assuming all consoles on both sides are working, obviously not true)

            the PS3 has 37.87693% of the U.S. market and the 360 has 62.12307% (not counting the wii or wii u in either scenario)’

            I think it is a given the PS4 adds 5% market share in the U.S. with the PS4 so it will be at least 57-43 for the PS4 i think

          • KuchikiSentou

            Red ring is too arbitrary to factor in.

            Either way, I know which one I’m getting, I could care less how many more or less people get it with me.

          • Clate

            And that is your right to do so. I am sticking with the PS4 as I greatly preferred my PS3 to my 360. But the market needs both consoles to keep both MS and Sony on their toes (I will probably get an Xbox One in a couple years)

          • KuchikiSentou

            I think Sony-MS competition is bad for gamers.

            The NES/PS2 eras were the best because only one console dominated. Therefore, there were more innovative ideas with the safety net of a bigger install base.
            In today’s market, a 160 million console base is split into 2. So a shooter will sell more on 360 and an RPG or racing or fighting game would sell more on PS3. Factor in problems with ports (Burnout on 360, Skyrim on PS3) and you’ll see that having 2 competing consoles is not good for anyone. Then you have 3rd party exclusives like, AC for PS and CoD for XJuan, and the entire community is divided.

            So the market is more political. The ‘Muricans favour XJuan and so on…

          • Bankai

            The competition between the 2 only benefits gamers, whereas one console dominating cuts down on innovation due to a company being afraid of negative backlash. The PS2 was successful because it didn’t try to over innovate, which kept it from being labeled gimmicky like the EyeToy.

            This time around things are changing, everything is being labeled “gimmicky” or “casual” and is being written off because of it. Even the market is changing, reports are showing that BF 4 and CoD:Ghost – games who’s predecessors did better on 360 – have far more pre-orders for their PS4 versions. Halo may still sell gangbusters, but if 3rd party FPS don’t continue the trend that was started this gen, then change is coming.

            More people are gravitating towards the cheaper/more powerful system and that’s why the PS4 has a far more likely to control the US market.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Actually it’s the opposite. The NES era is one of the periods in video games with the least innovation, while during the PS2 era monopoly allowed Sony to grow cocky and launch the PS3 overpriced and too hard to develop on.

            Pitched competition is exactly what generates the most innovation and the most advantages for users, as companies have to struggle to gain more attention from the audience instead of sitting of laurels.

          • KuchikiSentou

            No, I meant the PS2 era itself, not the transition to PS3.

            a) This is the situation now: Multiplatform titles are now getting content that the other console doesn’t get for the same game. AC/WD for PS4, FIFA for Xbox Juan. GTA4 DLC didn’t come out on PS3 for a whole 12 months.

            b) All these exclusive content only serve to divide the industry going forward. Where you have one console, the developer has the time to make the best possible game instead of being constrained by ports, which we’ve already seen as detrimental to the gamer on the less capable platform, and the developer in terms of cost and time, ask Bethesda about Skyrim on PS3.

            Now we’re hearing the PS4 is more powerful, but 3rd party devs are trying to make multiplats even across both to appease the manufacturers; in either case it’s a disservice to gamers on the PS4 or the Xbox Juan.

            There was far less innovation this generation, to my mind. Most people largely played the same games, but I think that gamers who thoroughly played games in the PS2 era will have less common games to other gamers from that era, because there were far more games, far more ideas. A game like Catherine launched, sold more on the PS3. If the console hadn’t lost sales to the 360, via competition, there would have been a larger install base and the game would have sold more; the Xbox gamer (who didn’t buy the game) would look at it and pass it off as “anime”, “niche” or what have you, but if there was no Xbox, this wouldn’t be the case; HE would be the niche. There is a clear disparity – because of the competition of these consoles between the types of games that are more successful on one platform over the other. Even David Goldfarb noticed this.


            In essence, if Killzone was exclusive to 360, it would sell more, and if Forza was on PlayStation it would sell more than it does. A single, dominant platform eliminates this disparity to ensure success of titles released, instead of relying on gamer pandering to console manufacturers.

            c) Think of the cost of bringing titles to as much as 5 platforms. This is essentially 3 times the cost of producing a single game. Then we have the politics of lead platform which serves to hurt holders of other platforms.

            I struggle to see this as beneficial to anybody. Gamer or game maker.

          • Clate

            The PS4 is smashing the XBOne in the UK. It is you who need to check facts.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Well, I’m going off the fact that the Xbox has been the top UK brand for years now and that on ShopTo, the Xbox had been on top of the PS4 before E3 and after Gamescom.

            There is a general preference for the Xbox in the UK and I think the sales will reflect this.

          • Clate

            UK will not be loyal to the Xbox like the United States is. MS does not have near as much media control in the UK so it will be the public opinion and where your friends are that will sell consoles in the UK so I still got PS4 60-40 in the UK

          • Clate

            The PS4 has consistently dominated the Xbox One
            in the UK


          • KuchikiSentou
      • Clate

        PS4 has pretty much won everywhere but the U.S. already

    • AttentionDeficitGuy

      Granted, the PS4 is doing exceptionally well in preorders, over here as well as in Japan. But really, has the Xbox brand ever done well in Japan? I don’t remember for certain, but I believe that the original Xbox and the X360 never sold well over there, most of their sales being in the US (as well as Europe). It’s also worth remembering how well the PS3 did at launch (meaning – not at all).

      Not saying that the XBONE will become TEH ULTIMATZ BST SELLAR somewhere down the line (in fact, I would bet that when all is said and done, the PS4 will do a fair bit better than the XBONE this generation), but I am saying that anything can happen.

  • RealityCheck2013

    EXCELLENT News 😛 😛 😛

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    DAMN! that’s super fast! I’m starting to think Sony should have made PS4 available in Japan first than the West.

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      Japan is an easy win.
      The real battleground is the West.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        true that

  • TheExile285 ♜


    Doesn’t even come out till February for Japan.