The Second PS4 Batch Is Already Sold Out in Japan; It Lasted Only 14 Hours

on October 9, 2013 9:25 PM

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia surprised everyone by suddenly putting a second batch of the First Limited Pack of the PS4 (in both versions with and without the camera) up for preorder on its own store.

Looks like Japanese gamers were waiting quite eagerly for a second chance. While this batch didn’t sell in minutes like the first one, it only lasted 14 hours before Sony ran out of stock.

Interestingly enough, the version with the camera sold out a lot faster of the stand alone version, lasting little north of eight hours, indicating that either less bundles were made available, or Japanese gamers aren’t as hostile to glorified webcams as their indifference towards Kinect seems to indicate.

Below you can see a screencap of the page currently visible at the store. The red notice says that the allocated stock has run out so no more purchases will be accepted. It also encourages to check out the page again for a possible reopening of preorders in the future.


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