The New PS Vita Isn’t Exactly Flying Off the Shelves in Japan, but Grand Theft Auto V is Doing Great

This morning the new lighter, slimmer and LCD screen equipped PCH-2000 went on sale in Japan, but it seems that it’s not exactly selling like hotcakes just yet.

On the Japanese branch of Amazon reception has been quite lukewarm. Here’s a list of all the available colors and their current position on the top sellers chart for games:

  1. White/Light Blue: 38th
  2. Black: 43rd
  3. Pink/Black: 54th
  4. Lime Green/White: 59th
  5. White: 72nd
  6. Khaki/Black: 85th

Looks like the most popular color combination is the white and light blue version (that does look definitely good) followed by the black, while the khaki and black version is predictably not exactly a best seller, but no color variation is exactly booming in sales.

Things are actually going quite a lot better for the Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster Vita bundle, that is currently ranked 4th.

At the bottom of the post you can see the line in front of the Yodobashi Camera store in Akihabara, Tokyo, around the opening time (courtesy of Twitter user Tripodisco), or better, you can see the line that was to be, but did not happen. Akihabara’s Yodobashi is one of the most popular shops in Japan for game hardware, so it’s a pretty good example.  Just under the first pic you can see the line that was there five days ago for the opening of preorders for the PS4 as a term of comparison.

Japanese blogger Azalyn, that works at a large video game shop, reports that he’s selling a few PS Vita units, but they’re moving slowly. On the other hand he also mentions that Grand Theft Auto V, that was released in Japan today as well, is doing great, describing “overwhelming sales”.

The situation definitely finds confirmation on Amazon Japan, where GTA5 is currently in third place, beaten only by Pokémon X and Y. Next Wednesday’s Media Create results will definitely be interesting.




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  • islan

    Do new models of consoles get big interest if they’re not simultaneously launching with a new game?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      In this case it did. It launched in the same day as Danganronpa 1.2, which is a quite big game in Japan. It also just got an anime series.

      • islan

        Oh snap.

      • Skyer Ist

        Yeah. It’s a good example. Not a super big, but good release. DSi, for example, launched with Valkyrie Profile – not a big game, too (70K first week sales), but there was huge lines for the console and it sold over 170K in 2 days. PSP-3000 sold over 150,000 in 4 days… I feel like Vita 2000 will sell just 30-40K in its 4 days… ( What a stupid idea to release it the same week as Pokemon X/Y. 3DS, on other hand, will skyrocket again… Maybe to 300K, like with Monster Hunter 4.

  • Skyer Ist

    Poor Vita… Its japanese launch sales will be the worst in history of portable consoles redesigns (excluding PSP Go).

    • Pablo Nilo

      the truth is that redesigns don’t really sell consoles .. it’s content that sells…. if they had sold the new vita alongside a new monster hunter or gravity rush 2 for example… they would be selling like hotcakes…. on another topic… I will never understand why capcom stabbed sony in the back and put monster hunter 4 exclusively on nintendo consoles… i know nintendo must have paid them millions of dollars but its a dirty move considering how popular those games became thanks to the psp

  • RealityCheck2013

    I have watched a few Videos of the New PSVita & really can’t understand why SONY dropped one of it’s best feature i.e the OLED Screen?!?!(wasn’t that one of the biggest selling points?!?!) All the Videos i have seen the OLED Screen looked much better than the New LCD one + SONY looking like they couldn’t be bothered about getting the next MH games to be on PSVita is baffling to me to?!?! 🙁 Oh well i suppose(& this is what i am more bothered about) they have(so far) got the PS4 stuff right 😛

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      they both have some pros and some cons. While the OLED is best for bright colors, new LCD screens have better blacks. Check out this comparison, it’s really good.

      • 0ut1awed

        Umm, the OLED actually has both better colors AND better blacks.

        Go to the link you posted and translate it. In the picture of the two Vita’s in the dark, the 2000 (aka slim) is on the left and the 1000 (original) is on the right.

        Evidence is right there. I actually recently sold my very expensive LCD PC monitor for a higher resolution PLS one. While not the same as th OLED, it has very similar color performance and black levels. I can swear by the immense difference offered over LCD.

        What OLED offers is better than LCD in almost any way. The only real issue is the “sploches” in the blacks. Even so these are usually only noticed during black screens with no external lighting around you. Defiantly not worth switching to LCD…

        It was a budget move by Sony. I’m not really sure why they though gamers would be excited to get a lower quality product. This Vita Slim is in it for the long run. I would expect sales to pick up around PS4 launch.

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      LCD is also a lot cheaper than OLED, which is why they’re able to sell it for less money.

      • Carlo

        If they pass on those savings again to the consumer like their recent price cut here I can see those colorful vita’s flying off the shelves

  • Stranger On The Road

    I wonder how long will Sony stick to the Vita before deciding to throw in the towel, I love my Vita, but the market has spoken; there aren’t enough of us to justify the continued support.

    • Bankai

      Sony has no plans to abandon the Vita anytime soon – I think Andrew House said it – the Vita still has a lot of life left in it, so I think it would be stupid if they did drop it.

      And there are plenty of things that justify Sony’s continued support of the Vita, sure it’s install base is lower than Sony hoped but according to Jack Tretton, the attachment rate of the Vita is phenomenal. That being the case, they would burn a lot of people if they just gave up on the little guy.

    • Pablo Nilo

      if you really owned a vita you would support it … vita owners know it’s a great system that has a huge potential if more third party publishers would support it …. a great example is ubisoft that continues to put it’s rayman games on it and they are amazing…. thanks to indie games like spelunky and fez the vita is becoming more and more relevant… i just wish games would launch on the vita alongside the consoles instead of getting ports a year after

  • Judgephoenix

    It is just silly to me how so many people support the PS4 but not the Vita. It can have the games people just need to support it. But people buy Iphones everyday -.- sheeple I sware. I mean it does try in throw in new IPs like Soul Sacrifice and Dragon Crown and yes I know it has a lot of ports, but really its supposed to be an on the Go machine. I enjoy playing any of those games during my lunch hour.

    Game Developers just need to take a chance with it. They don’t have to make to huge budget games for it. Start small and work from there. I mean really you guys gonna tell me you don’t like those games, but rather play Pokemon and Mario everyday? (Nothing wrong with this I enjoyed those series people just need to broaden their experiences)

    Just like I was glad Monster Hunter left Sony. You know why it opened other developers chances to make games on the Vita similar to that experience and to grow. My friends are perfect examples of simplicity: They will buy a game like it. Then will buy that series and stick with it. They will not touch anything else outside of that series. I have to come in and be a person who advertises these games. Now my friends were never going to get a Vita. I had to show them all these games.

    I mean try most of the Demos out and Youtube most of these games you would be surprised how well these games are made.