Tales of Symphonia Chronicles to See Special Edition Release in the West

Just about every game gets a special or limited edition release in Japan. It was hardly surprising to learn that the upcoming compilation Tales of Symphonia Chronicles would see a special edition release in Japan. It is somewhat shocking to learn that the game will also be released in a special edition in the west. This reveal apparently comes via the ongoing New York Comic Con.

The special edition will include the game, a book, a soundtrack CD and four figurines, which sounds pretty similar to the Japanese special edition. No pricing has been revealed for the set. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will be available exclusively for the PS3 next year.


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  • islan

    Any chance of ever getting a functioning version of Tales of Phantasia?

    I gave Tales of Symphonia a try once and found the very beginning overwhelmingly trite. Should I bother giving it a second try?

    • Nicholas Perry

      It does get better. But don’t expect a story on par with other games in the series. It’s a great game, but the story is imo one of the weaker ones in the series.

      A proper release of ToP would be amazing, but at this point the best version of the game is on a dead platform.(PSP)

      • islan

        I was only aware of the GBA version, which was completely unplayable.
        I take it the PSP version never came to NA?

        • Nicholas Perry

          Yeah, the PSP version is an enhanced port of the PS1 version with new sprites and full voice acting (And some other things too IIRC).

          It was also included with the remake of Tales of Phantasia Nakiri Dungeon.

          The PS1 version is good, not as good as the PSP version. But perfectly playable and there are multiple Translations out there for it now by Absolute Zero and Phantasian Productions.

          • islan

            Is it that better than the SNES version? I played that with a translation patch. Kinda surprised how much sexual content it had, which probably wouldn’t make the cut even if it was localized.

          • Nicholas Perry

            It’s a LOT better than the SFC version IMO. It plays just a bit better than the original Tales of Destiny. There aren’t a ton of combos like in later Tales games. But it’s still a blast.


    I’m all over this. It’ll look nice next to my Xillia special edition 😀

  • Only 1500 copy. Guess I will miss it….